Profane & Vile Communist Students vs. Former Soviet Citizen, Part 3 of 5

actually let me return I want to return to something you said earlier sorry when when you were talking on well don't get him but we were talking him about um about the numbers for black people in the prison system in this country right yes and you agree the numbers were disproportionately low erupted and then your next question was could it just be that black people commit more alright so there's two ways to answer this question right either black people are naturally predisposed to commit more crimes or this is accurate there is a socio-economic reason for them ending up in these private prisons manufacturing goods intermissions so what do you think is more likely because the one answer sounds racist to me and you don't want to put a label on yourself but I think that's what you're doing with that answer me erase this whole part so far I was I was I was giving you these statistics how can you did I answer this question not here I am about to but so far say after I quoted you just the statistics you called me a racist let me think about it well think about it but I I is the neutral complete solution I will I will I will give me one second did I say that gee did I say that no do this I'll answer that any minute but we all because because I want our one the regime is speaking those to use me yeah I'm sorry but black people are disproportionately arrested for nonviolent drug offenses how do you explain that as far as this particular segment maybe that's the case I really don't know that particular segment of all the time you're not willing to admit the u.s. is a settler colonial terrorist state subjugate it's a foreign this Empire so by me saying by missing I'm giving you just the numbers hardcore statistics that you you can you can brand me a racist right did you do okay okay now now now bring it back now we were talking about let's say me let's talk about you now if I punch you okay if I steal your wallet so do you think it'll make me any difference you know you look a little different than me maybe because your phobia and they don't I mean hypothetically so let's say at the level of the individual why are we talking about let's do that of course well I mean we're jumping from one something to appear socialist necessity a communism that's a way where capitalism is destroying the world how do you explain the fact life expectancy doubled from about 30 35 years of age to about 65 68 years of age between the years 1949 1976 also the population doubled from about 400 million to about 800 million in the same time carry if there wasn't if there wasn't the necessary infrastructure to support that kind of population growth and if there wasn't enough food and medical care and infrastructure like to support like a doubling of the life expectancy then how do you explain their famines actually killed off a higher percentage of people whereas in China it was much more limited because of social be able to do you're not even compare those facts because you're already ideological Peter suppose mean anti-communist it is and you know you know the answer that but it just reminds me of this slogans that we were exposed to virtually I'm slogans that we were they were exposed to make a new socialist slogans mind you which which which read as the teachings of Lenin are eternal because they are true okay so but but but it's about so there say communism there's a revisionist comments but tell me of any form of current communism socialism whatever actually worked in 100 years because the concept join the word war let's not be forced to do reproductive labels so this is how it works if you think and face me it's not gonna work because I know how I'm not trying to phase II because but the thing is look you're an American citizen right you're an American citizen in you're an American citizen in I'm an American citizen okay so so this is Vista this is my country and this is not even not even this is not even your country a we have a choice of living it be my choice of changing it no you don't actually have a choice I don't why you're here don't tell me that I have a choice to go where I want I'm an American of course I'm not Bangladeshi person forced into the heart all right I'll take this back fine I'll take it back this line of train of thought so I mean it so that reflects on our relationship here because if your goal is to change the system that your ultimate goal I mean there is a New York here the reason we are wearing you know the peel of Mao Zedong did the hammer and sickle is the it is to change the system right so all of us all of us are American citizens I don't wants to switch I'm happy with the system which yes no look the difference in this original and we compare it by the way Nazi before we talked about in our Hitler there's a fundament fundamental difference between the two and even though me and me me me been Jewish I would still say I would I would still say that Hitler was better than Stalin

  1. These kids need to be euthanized. They should all be sent to communist countries to see their beloved ideology in practice.

  2. Fair play for staying calm, is of been arrested for three counts of fucking shit up with a British flag on my right shoulder and an American flag on my left.

  3. Why the hell these fucking people want to be a Communist do they know that they won't have these fucking protest rallys and freedom of speech. I'm thinking why don't we send them to north Korea and see if they'll survive

  4. I like how they keep asking him to answer questions, telling him to not talk over others, then talking over him, and then keep asking more questions. The guy on the far left is hella combative. Like just chill out and have a conversation…

  5. To the Laying out some facts dude. Did you know there has never been a famine in a functioning democracy.

  6. Big mouth Asian shithead should learn to shut his big badass mouth and listen.stupid is is stupid does.

  7. For fucks sake these people are stupid. Capitalism absolutely is a system that can sustain the doubling population.

  8. Couldn't even watch the full video. Typical libitards interrupting and talking over him every time he tries to answer because they know they won't like the answer.

  9. They never lived one single day in communism. They're young…and stupid. And they don't have any idea what the fuck they are talking about. Is beyond their knowledge.
    I suggest them to move to North Korea or China and leave U.S.A. for good. They don't deserve to be free. Some people on other corners of the world, unfortunately are not that lucky as they are. Ungrateful bastards!

  10. I love how he is 1 person but it takes 3 just to have a converasion. What a DISREPECT little ASS. This man lived it but they know more then he and they have never lived it. WHAT IDIOTS!!! RUN UR MOUTH AND THOSE DUMBASS ARE IGNORANT LIVE A MILE IN SOMEONES SHOES BEFORE U TELL PPL HOW TO LIVE!

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