Profane & Vile Communist Students vs. Former Soviet Citizen, Part 1 of 5

and so much here they but what's what's the connection what's the connection between Gaza and Baltimore do there anything in common I'm sorry what's the connection I say Gaza all Baltimore is regular in connection between thousand Baltimore well yes african-americans are an oppressed nation inside the United States the same way the Palestinians are oppressed nation inside the Zionist colonial settler state of Israel state so you don't think that Israel has the right to exist I'm just curious that depends what's your opinion on Saturday I mean I'm just trying to understand you know you'll fuzzy so I'm kind of little surprised by this kind of connection I understand you know Baltimore gossip and two separate issues but putting them together the same flag I'm not sure I see the disconnect I mean basically if you oppose settler colonialism and if you oppose the oppression of nations of people then that's a worldwide thing it's not a some relative in one country so you think that the that the african-americans are yes how are they oppressing specifically well let's see african-americans are disproportionately targeted by the police harassment arrest imprisonment African Americans comprise I'm not exactly sure how big a section of the population yet they've in relation to the proportion of the actual population that they are of the United States they form a disproportionate portion of the prison population that's true as far as numbers are concerned as economic if I'm not mistaken about 13 percent mm-hmm general population is close to 50 percent priests interpolation exactly yeah but maybe that's because they just happens to commit more crimes I mean are you second to big you know what was that you don't mind that do you actually yes yes no you mind you filming this oh I'm sorry because I was always so good for myself my memory you know what's really interesting I'll tell you yeah what was that tell me what you're gonna put an a so I can search it up sure I'll tell you later that you intend on posting that online I do you mind that I don't okay okay okay I'm not be receiving any more not a problem no I'm saying just no don't no no go ahead you know take me if you want to no I have nothing to hide all I'm to have you just trying to apply common sense conversation that's it and in fact I come from use to start regional that's what caught my attention actually the most when it's a hammer and sickle that reminds me the part of the world that I originally came from on the regular basis of course I'm like feature that's that's true power as a baby with you USSR oh yeah you want to talk to me yeah sure I'm Cameron you don't like that problem okay sure if you don't well like specifically hammer and sickle the connection between Gaza your communists and the recently your communist is because you like the ideals of Carbineers the reason I'm a communist is because

  1. I hope the young zealous know-nothing communists get their way one day (by moving to a communist country), have to live through the hell of communism, escape to a free country, and then as they try to warn belligerent young zealous know-nothing communists half their age, they have to put up with the same ignorant bullshit they gave Vladimir.

    Keep up the good work Vladimir. I see you are having some success with some of the more intelligent youngsters.

  2. Here is the problem all kidding aside 'Socialism and Communism' are
    oppressive forms of government they take away from some to give to
    others. When you as a society take away it pisses people off. Then you
    must 'oppress' them to maintain your perfect society. This usually
    happens (and has happened almost always) by shooting and killing or
    imprisoning those that are oppressed and may disagree. The reason it
    never works and never will is because you will never get everyone to
    agree on any issue. Sooner or later that form of government is going to
    piss enough people off the whole damn thing is going to fall apart. That
    my friends is the lesson of history. You know it, I know it. Get over
    it and quite frankly quit trying to screw it up just for reasons of
    personal notoriety. .

  3. Almost everyone I've met in the former Soviet Union misses the Soviet Union. Present day Eastern Europe is an impoverished shithole.

  4. Well, I'd be willing to bet that the fat guy in the black shirt with the hammer and cycle on it will drastically loose a whole lot of that beer belly once he ever gets the opportunity to live a few years under a 100% true socialist gov't run country !!! Looks like he's had it pretty good – that will all change under true/full socialism !

  5. both of my parents are from the soviet union. this fat, vile pig should be thrown out of a helicopter. Death to communism!

  6. People can wear communist emblems, but freak out over a Trump hat. These people are poorly educated. Aside from learning to read and write they would have been better off not having been 'educated' (aka programmed).

  7. So having a political debate/discussion with half a dozen opponents who don't share your views, somehow constitutes "harassment or bullying" by you? I saw no harassment or bullying… just someone who actually knows a lot about Communism from personal experience, attempting to find out why people who have never lived under Communism are embracing it. I've viewed your archived copy of part 2/5, and YouTube's reaction to your video is arbitrary, capricious, and grossly biased.

    It's time for the Government to step in and start holding social media accountable for violating the First Amendment rights of users to freely express their views in a polite and respectful manner… as you attempted to do. I'm not a big fan of governmental regulation in general, but it's apparent that social media giants have become so big and powerful, that they can promote or suppress the views of an entire population, simply by impressing their own bias on the free exchange of ideas. Those who worry about Russian intervention in American politics, need to take a closer look at what's happening right here at home with tech giants controlling what we can say or hear. By the way, many of my comments on YouTube get shadow-banned, so I'm hoping this one doesn't.

  8. He's protesting in a public place to bring attention to himself, yet he thinks you need his consent to film him. Why is it that none of these Neo-Socialists have any idea what it is that they're protesting? They're too ignorant to run a lemonade stand, much less a country.

  9. Blacks make 13% of the population and make 55% of all violent murder and drug crimes. Statistics will show we whites are the oppressed one. Fact!

  10. Why doesnt the kid live as a communist? Give away all your income and private possessions,freedoms and liberties.. His problem is he just hates God.

  11. What Democratic party needs to get rid of are the democratic socialist, before they kill thousands just like they have in every other country they took over or tried to.

  12. ah…communist pussies….Too lazy to work so he would rather get a food ration card and a stipend check from his daddy the government. Lazy fat fucker!!

  13. not sure how the words block me got in my text. I was unintentional and probably my wife talking in the background

  14. what a dumbass with that t-shirt! it's funny but I haven't heard one intelligent argument from any of these people on all your videos. at least for now block me or you're able to walk around videoing these people with your camera. keep up the good work or that may not always be the case!

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