Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Supporters Search For Common Ground

my name is patty and I am pro-life, I had two abortions. I know what happens to the emotional and psychological part of women My name is John and I’m pro-choice I did six years of the planned parenthood of Golden Gate My name is Marie and I am pro-life and I help women Reverse their abortion once they’ve started them if they would like to do so Nooo, don’t do it I’m the only one? Uh well a sandwich is just something between two pieces of bread and that’s what a hot dog is I disagree because … *laughter* A sandwich is two pieces of bread, right? But a hot dog bun isn’t two pieces of bread. A hot dog is it’s own thing It’s just the way it’s eaten is different If you had a hot dog bun and you put like deli meats in there, would that be still a hot dog? Would it be a sandwich then? that would be a hotdog though Are we gonna solve world peace here? Oh right, we start talking Yeah, because you hear the other person’s perspective and you’re like, okay that makes sense Yeah, no, I think I question mine often because I could imagine that if I wasn’t living my life based on my christianity, I would want women to have that choice as well I used to be a pro-life feminist Really? Yes, until I had an abortion Actually I had two And after I realized what I had done, I knew I had made the biggest mistake in my life I realized it wasn’t my.. I shouldn’t be taking the life of a child So after that I struggled with it for 35 years with my abortions So I have no doubts, I am all the way Pro-life! But I believe, fundamentally, that the woman should have that right to make the decision and I’ve never been anybody who’s pro-abortion and oftentimes they don’t have good choices and they’re picking the lesser of the bad choices yeah I just feel like I’m very certain of my views because I want to respect that everyone has that option and I think that if you take that away, you endanger children more than if you allow them to make that choice for themselves, so But a woman can choose for herself but She doesn’t have the right to choose for someone else because if a child is inconvenient as a toddler, are you going to kill that child as a toddler? No. I think we’re talking about a completely different thing though But no we’re talking science And I’m saying like a lot of times women have to have abortions because of medical reasons That’s like .001% Right Time? Oh, you got us Right in the thick of it My sister had an abortion Almost two years ago, I found out I was pregnant and had an abortion forced on me by a man twice my age Who made a ton of money and I felt like i had no other choice If I wasn’t a christian and if I didn’t believe the things that I believe, I would be pro-choice, like 100%, but at the end of the day, like to my core, I believe that all human life is so sacred and it’s not our choice, it’s never been our choice I realized that I shouldn’t have had that choice because I was choosing life and death over another human being, it’s taking a life But I do understand, definitely understand, where you guys came from The only difference we have is when that fetus becomes a human life If that’s a human being, then my tonsils a human being I think there are very great.. That’s a scary grey area And in the bible, you didn’t say, you know, I don’t know what part of christianity but Jesus says before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you and not a sparrow falls from the sky without my knowing I feel like I really respect you and your faith I respect that that’s your feeling and that you all feel that way, but I also feel like one can feel that way regardless of the Bible, regardless of Christianity, you know it’s one of those things that happens and has happened, actually for decades, you know for a while and people make that decision and it is their decision, they make that decision for whatever reasons. You know? Again, you help people who have taken a pill first then change their mind and I think that’s great But if you have one and you feel regretful then deal with it. If you have one, you don’t really feel regretful or you feel like it really truly was the best decision for you, then that’s what happens and I just think we all know people like that or I’d just don’t feel like we have any right to force a particular way and you know, I think it’s great to try to just be open, you know? Pretty judged around my beliefs Hey guys How you been? It’s been a long time I think we all feel that way because because it’s an emotional, very emotional topic I’ve actually been verbally attacked by a lot of the pro-choice people you know about what I went through, with the regret, the alcoholism, and all of that stuff that tied into the abortion For me, something that Marie said a little bit while ago about her Christian faith and implicit in that is that someone who’s pro-choice isn’t Christian I was raised a Roman Catholic. I consider myself a Christian. I don’t believe that there’s anything in Christianity, as I understand it, that requires me to believe that abortion is murder I grew up in a Christian home, my mom’s a pastor, but they also respect that they know that it’s my ultimate decision and they know that what it is that I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna choose for my life, they don’t have control over and that I am an adult Sometimes in the argument, between the two sides there’s a lack of respect for the fact that, like, I don’t have to agree with you You live your life the way that you want you and I’ll live it the way I want to, as long as you’re not stopping… Aw Sorry you guys I have two kids, one a son who’s 30 and then a daughter who’s 28 I have one son, who is 36, he’s adopted I couldn’t have children biologically I convinced a doctor to give me a tubal ligation because I didn’t feel I punished myself for having the abortions I have a daughter, she’s a year old, and she’s in heaven To me in my experience at planned parenthood, almost everybody had kids and the slogan, if you will, of Planned Parenthood was “no child an unwanted child” And we wanted our children and that’s why we chose to have them What about all the people that would gladly take care of that child, that cannot have a pregnancy to save their life? Well because a woman has to go through.. Nine months for a whole life that a child could have? I think one of the things that I really immediately reacted to is that Okay, nine months, whatever, but there are so many children, not just in America, but the world over that don’t have loving parents, that are not in a loving situation, that are not cared for, fed, clothed, loved! And I think that is the most important thing, to care about our children, because they are our future So the child in the womb has no value whatsoever? No, I don’t think so at all. I’m not saying that, I never said that Okay, I’m just asking, yeah I’m just saying that to me that’s unclear whether it’s you know, this or that or this or that, and despite the fact that you say there are people out there that want to adopt this child or want to take care of this child, there are still so many that are not And that’s horrible I don’t think that wrong makes this right though No, I understand that, I’m not saying that, I’m only responding to your comment My view is I don’t want to, personally, want to have kids. I want to adopt all my children because of that reason And because I lived with a family that took me in, when my family didn’t want me And so I understand that One, the foster system and adoption is not that easy and if we’re making it about taking care of the child, yeah, let’s do that, let’s take care of the children But we need to make sure that there are opportunities in place for all the children to be successful so that that child has a world to come into that’s actually gonna be good to it because we don’t live in that world right now We don’t offer those things to our children You should talk to a lot of the people that came from a ton of adversity who’ve now made it in this world We’re not talking about that, we’re not talking about the success We’re talking about kids today that do not have a home Yeah, and their worth, that worth, in my opinion, is exactly equal to a twenty week baby in a womb I totally understand and I respect that I’m only saying, my only comment was I feel like it’s unfair to be, like “Well, Blah, blah, blah! Nine months, why can’t you just have a kid for nine months and they give it up?” Ohhhh cool It is getting cooler in here, though, isn’t it? It is Um I wasn’t expecting to hear some of the stories about people’s lives and their experiences, who’ve had abortions and like, I can only imagine the pain that is associated to making that decision and I have a lot of compassion and sympathy for people who go through that I wasn’t expecting, i wasn’t expecting, it to be as calm as it was I think that there were moments, but I think, for the most part, we were respectful of each other and I still think that you guys are awesome people, I mean, outside of this situation I wasn’t surprised at how this has gone because when we were all talking outside it didn’t make any difference whose side was on whose side and we all bonded right away, you know, Sometimes, our levels got a little bit raised but, you know what, we all respect each other No matter what you do, you’ve heard all the arguments there’s not gonna be one argument where you’re like “Oh my gosh, you just changed my mind” No, it’s never gonna, you know, people are who they are and it usually takes a certain situation happening, but I think it’s healthy to have the dialogue. I think it doesn’t happen enough, it happens too much behind our computers Oh ok It’s cool Sorry dog Nice meeting you! Nice meeting you! It was great Great meeting you, sweet thing

  1. can someone tell the pro life girl in the green shirt that you can’t govern on religious beliefs lmao separation of church and state plz & thx

  2. Here's what I think. Pro-life if the act is consensual. If the woman did not consent, which means rape, she should have the right to abort, especially if her body is not fit to give birth.

  3. If you consent to having sex and you get pregnant, then you shouldn't have the right to abort. If you get raped and your body is not capable to have a child, thats the only case where you should abort.

  4. Your body is your body, and your life is your life. You do what you want and what you think is best for you.

  5. What made me mad was that the pro choice people made such good arguments while the pro life people made such biased ones. Every person is different and just because you regret your decision of having an abortion doesn’t mean everyone else will. If you think abortion is wrong that’s fine that is your opinion but mind your business and let others do what they want with their bodies.

  6. Hello everyone…

    As I've watched this video… I've realised this topic about abortion is a really emotional and heartbreaking one. I'm a pro-life, but most of all I want to hear more about pro-choice point of view.
    Maybe I'm an idealist person but we can be pro-life and speaking our point of view with love and understanding. We have different experiences and the more we hear about them the more understanding and compassionate we can be.

  7. I think that, when debating, people forget that other people have had different experiences and that they have different opinions and not everyone will agree with them

  8. My thing is abortion should’ve allowed if a person was raped or if they know that he baby or them will not survive the birth for the sake of terminating the pregnancy for the benefit of not having the child suffer or the mother dying but it should never be used as a birth control

  9. All that getting up was annoying. They could’ve had much more time sitting down and talking instead of getting up😂😂😂😂

  10. Yes, I believe the worth and value of one child born into a poor family has the same worth and value as one born into a wealthy family.

  11. So when you're saying that you can give birth to a child and then let another family adopt it you are being selfish, because basically this child is going to grow with the family, knowing it's not his biological family, and that his real family gave him up…. and that really affects the emotional side of a person and their choices in life.
    I think that once you know that you're not going to take care of the kids you gave birth to and you don't want this kid , i think you should get an abortion because why create more mental illnesses in the world … do we really need more?

  12. I can respect if you wouldn't personally want one, or even if someone is genuinely anti abortion. What I cant respect is when you make it illegal for me and thousands of other women to have one, causing people to have dangerous home-done abortions and make the foster care system grow more then it needs to. I can respect opinions, just keep your opinions out my pussy

  13. As long as a fetus isn't sentient, it's not hurt when aborted. There is no pain caused, as long as the abortion is the right choice for the woman. Life isn't inherently valuable. Why would it? Being human doesn't give us value or worth, it's our sentience that matters, our ability to feel emotions. That's what we ARE. Take that away and we aren't worth anything. A fetus in its early stages is more like a plant than a human. Once a fetus developes sentience, abortions are cruel tho (imo)

  14. As a mother today, I would have destroyed my 1st pregnancy's life in an unnecessarily horrific way, as I see happening today with sooooo many dysfunctional guardian/child relationship. I realized that I actually saved that child from the mother I would have been and the person I would have given this world. People say what you like, as I have made my peace and learned a much need lesson for motherhood. 💗

  15. Okay. Here are my two cents. If the baby has a heart and a brain it is shouldn’t be aborted. If it is a zygote or unable to survive (with support) outside of the mother, it can be. I say this as a girl who wants to grow up to take care of all the children left behind by our government, who wants them be accepted no matter how different they are, and who wants to reach out to those women who are considering abortion.

  16. The person monitoring the time is annoying… Finding common ground can't be acheived in 15s… we only get to hear 1 and a half arguments/question… that's ridiculous! I'd love for you to do the subject again…

    Some of the arguments were interesting but no debate is possible within the 15-30s allowed/question…

  17. Being pro-choice is different than being pro-abortion, being pro-choice is about being open to every option available, including abortion!

    Where pro-choice & pro-life differ the most is about defining the beginning of life… then again, abortion is a personal choice based on personal beliefs. Not all people believe that life begins at conception, we should respect that belief as well as the choice being made!

    A lot of people are talking about the child's life and that a 9 months pregnancy is nothing compared to a lifespan but they are significant, especially considering the fact that a lot can happen during these 9 months, complications, death, etc. Being pregnant is always talked about as something wonderful but it's also pretty risky, for the mother & the baby…

    At the end of the day, if we can all agree that: 
    – The choice made is incredibly personal & emotional 
    – Abortion is a valid choice that should be accessible safely & freely (the same way other valid choices are like adoption or keeping the baby)
    – No matter the choice made, every person should be respected & helped to go through with whatever the decision is (including the aftermaths of that decision)
    we would have achieved common ground!

  18. How can that blonde chick say she’s had an abortion but doesn’t believe in them cause she’s Christian… huh ?! “Forced on you by an older man” get real. I’m pro choice btw.

  19. yeah I’m sorry but that blonde chick sounded ridiculous. I’m pro choice but I do not understand her logic I think she had sex with an older man fell pregnant and was ashamed she wasn’t married so had an abortion and uses her faith as an excuse to make what she did fine in her mind….

  20. When I hear most of pro-choice arguments I want to throw myself of the balcony. Still, I cliked it, so it's my fault.

  21. I hated it when the pro choice guy compared a fetus also known as a human being to tonsils. Tonsils is a body part, a fetus is a unborn human!!😣😒

  22. The blonde girl is what pisses me off about religion; It takes away the ability to reason for yourself, based on your own values.

  23. If you want to take the life of a baby due to your lack of responsibility, and also asking for a choice to do it, even tho you never give it a chance to the baby, the most innocent human form, then do it!

  24. I think it should all come down to the circumstances. Pro choice can be used as an excuse for bad sexual decisions. If its incest or rape, abortion need not be questioned. But if you grant the choice of abortion to every pregnant woman, ppl are just gonna treat abortion as a new means of contraceptive. "Oops, i got pregnant by mistake. I will just abort it. No big deal."

  25. I hate that they said “she doesn’t have the right to choose for someone else” because I see no one complaining about parents choosing what their kids do before they’re old enough to legally choose without their parents consent plus it’s a fetus not a child

  26. Listen, not every woman 'suffered' after an abortion – I had two, I have NEVER regretted it, I have no PTSD, I barely ever remember it….those things are specific to each woman and is more a reflection of her mental state than an abortion itself.

  27. My problem with pro life is the fact they would rather make a teenage girl that isn’t ready, have a baby and most likely have to give it up due to school work, parents, etc. Adoption is not bad. It’s the fact that the system is filled with children already. And then adding all of the teen pregnancies and the people that just aren’t ready makes the rates skyrocket. Many kids get adopted and have a great life. But that’s not the case for everyone. Since there is less desire for older kids, some kids end up in the system till they are adults. Having no real personal connection with a parent. And that to me is not fair. Pro choice means you have the choice to abort or to keep your child.

  28. I think it is a women’s body at the end of a day and a women’s choice our bodies (man and women) should not be controlled by another person ever we should have the right to decide what is best for us (if we are in the right mind or capable to) imagine not having control over your own body or me having a power over you to make decisions for your body

  29. I just wonder why they usually talk about a woman getting pregnant as if only people who are a couple or married are doing it especially since sex these days is such a casual thing making pregnancy such a higher risk even with protection(things happen condoms break, girls forget to take their pills) and I get the every life is valuable point of view but no one wants to have a baby with virtually a stranger. Sex isn’t just a let make a baby thing anymore.Yes it is a risk but that’s not what it’s about anymore. Also yes people consent to sex but that not saying they’re trying to have a baby they just want fun not a life commitment. Pro-choice ppl always talk about about the help but it’s limited help there’s emotional ,physical, and financial strain having a baby. Those organizations aren’t going to come to your house at night when that baby won’t stop crying and you just feel like jumping out a window. People always making pregnancy and raising a child seem like it’s all happy and easy times but there days were you just have these breakdowns. So if someone decides that’s not for them I don’t really see the issue of someone saying yes I did decide to have sex but no I don’t want to be a parent. As far as guys having a say if the couple are married or are in a long-term committed relationship then yes but if not then they don’t get a final say because guys get to get out so easily they can literally at any second decide that being a father isn’t for them but when a woman does it she’s a bad person. At the end of day if a fetus can’t survive out of the womb a woman should always have a choice whether she wants it or not bc the fetus is surviving off of the woman and she shouldn’t be forced to do something she’s not into it. When they talk about bad situation the things they talk about are just the tip of the iceberg what about the people in abusive relationships, people who are on drugs, or are so financially unstable that that child wouldn’t have a great quality or safe life too look forward to. So having an abortion vs having a baby grow up in really messed up circumstances isn’t a great choice either. And yeah there’s always adoption but if you’re not one of those ppl who are lucky enough to have parents picked out before the birth it’s not great most kids end up in the foster care system that puts kids in not always the best situations and always leave the kids a little messed. Some people make it seem like a woman deciding or getting an abortion is like as easy as deciding what to eat for lunch or going thru a drive thru or something.

  30. Guys! Abortion should be legal. Do you know why? Some little kids are raped, should they keep the baby? Say something about that.

  31. That woman Patty is such a hypocrite. You were able to have the choice and regretted it so now no one else gets to have the same choice?

  32. “There are so many people who would take care of your children” then why is adoption such a lengthy, expensive process? Why don’t we make it easier if we actually care about life?

  33. You'll never stop abortions, just safe ones. Making abortions illegal will not stop the well-off from getting them (quick trip to Canada or lots of other med procedures will cause abortions as a side effects) and the poor will do unsafe methods. So if you want women to start dying for no reason outlawing abortion is a good way to do it.

  34. No offence to that lady, but Jesus didn’t say he knew us before we were knit together in our mother’s womb… it was in a Psalm 139, written my King David hundreds of years before Jesus walked this earth

  35. Every body has right to make a choice. We all make them everyday. We make good choices, we make bad choices. We make right choices we make wrong choices. Abortion is a wrong choice……very simple really.

  36. If there's extreme situations that's one thing. But just cuz you don't want it? IDK.. You made another human knowing the risks, it's no longer just your body, it's both of y'alls

  37. Most people don't even care about other people. When there is a homeless man asking for money or a lady standing next to the supermarket trying to raise for charity, like 90% of people pass by quickly and not even look at them, trying to pretend they don't see them. And now those people are trying to look like superheroes fighting for innocent lives? I mean, there are people DYING because of wars, hunger, dictatorships, homelessness and we don't care, why do you feel entitled to act like you are a saint saving just those unborn fetuses?

  38. Found it kinda irritating how some of the pro life people have had the choice to have an abortion and they regret it so therefor they want to take that choice away from other people… everyone has different experiences

  39. The only reason I’ve disliked the video is because there’s a time constraint for answers. I liked the video I just wish I could get peoples opinions fully before they’re cut off.

  40. Honestly I get that Patty is pro-life after having abortions, and she probably has a much more intimate perspective on it than others, but her understanding of the abortions, only that her own understanding. Every situation is individual so she only knows how she feels. Having regrets about your choices doesn't mean that other people in that situation would have those regrets or that you should be allowed to make those decisions for another pregnant individual.

  41. The lady with the glasses needs healing she says she's Christian but if she should know God will forgive her if she repents. She says she has guilt of what she did but somehow I just can't understand that. I think her problem is more than regretting or she's using this as an excuse for her real problems

  42. I don’t like the bell how are you going to talk for a short period of time and understand how people feel?

  43. If you don’t want to have an abortion, then DON’T have one, but why care about what other women do with their bodies? Unplanned pregnancies happen even if you use protection, and a baby shouldn’t be born if the mother doesn’t want the child… Also, stop shouting abstinence, should you stay a virgin for life if you don’t want kids? Sure

  44. The blond girl just shows that the government is making laws based off religion and not science. Religion and law should not be mixed.

  45. Wow no the lady who’s a new Christian is problematic. She’s literally just living on doctrine and has less logical knowledge

  46. For the pro choicers, who believe everyone should have the right to do what they want with their own body. I would be curious to ask how they feel about legal and illegal drug use and abuse?

  47. She's reciting the Bible but forgets when it tells that a woman who has an affair is to give herself an abortion and if she miscarries, the fetus was illigitimate. 🐸🍵

  48. The women that had 2 abortions is now pro life because she had 2 abortions. Those 2 time she had a choice to get rid of her fetus for whatever reason, why would she want that choice to be took away from other women because she felt bad afterwards….

  49. I find it very ironic that a lot of prolife people themselves had an abortion, so they didn't even live by the rigorous rules they're trying to force on those who can get pregnant. The blond woman also made me a bit angry, where she keeps bringing up her Christian beliefs. Ok, you have your right to religious beliefs, but you don't have the right to force your religious beliefs on other people. Stop bringing religion up, other people's choice to have an abortion has nothing to do with your religious/personal beliefs.

  50. Girl in the green shirt can’t speak on being pro-life because her faith when she had an abortion and makes some sad excuse of a rich man pressuring her…PLEASE like the rest of the Republican men, they only want it when it benefits them.

  51. I am an atheist.. I don't get why people hate on the blond girl because she says her choice is because of her religion… Religion is a big part for some so is her reason… Your life can be very different if you was born in other country and other religion

  52. Blacks were not considered human life not long ago in this country. Back then it was "not if it's on my own land." Now it's "not if it's in my body." Is it life or not, very simple, yet very similar to then.

  53. Most Pro-lifers argument: I had an abortion and felt super super guilty about doing it so I'm going to push for others to consider my feelings about my experience… Sounds legit. Do they really really ignore the fact that some women end up pregnant due to rape and incest? WTF, y'all, come on!

  54. I know this is a super old video but I'm wondering what would pro-life folks say about people who are pregnant because of rape
    Edit: oh I see there's a newer video, gotta watch it

  55. Dead people have choice over their organs. You guys want to give a grown woman not only less rights than an unborn baby but also than a DEAD CORPSE? Okay wow

  56. I don’t think that other people should be able to make decisions about your life. Like let’s say you are having a kid but you aren’t ready or aren’t financially ready etc. Then you should do what your gut tells you to do, and we shouldn’t be forced to have a life that we know we can’t take care of.

  57. "it's their decision" so if I decide to start murdering people that annoy me, then that's MY DECISION as well? I don't understand that argument.

  58. 9 months of being imprisoned and body held captive with risk of tearing apart your body is kinda a big deal

  59. Sometimes things are not black and white. Both sides will bring examples to prove their point like trans in sports and bathrooms. There are rape victims who should get her abortions, otherwise it will cause more suffering to her, or teens who are raised in conservative families will seek dangerous underground abortions. However, there are careless irresponsible women who do that out of convenience or to hurt the fathers. The liberals argue it's her body, it's her decision. But the conservatives argue if a person kills a pregnant lady, that person will be charged with double homicides so why is the baby not considered a life if he/she gets killed by his/her own mother?

  60. First off, religious beliefs should be out of the conversation. This is a legal topic and not everyone believes or has the same ideals as everyone else. Assuming so or attempting to make that so is a COMPLETELY different conversation. Second, pro-choice does NOT mean pro-abortion. Pro-choice supports and defends the right of a woman to make a personal choice for HERSELF and her body. And what frustrates me is that so many pro-life people genuinely believe that they actually have the right to an opinion about what a woman does with her body. IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU. AT ALL. IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE. You may not personally want to have an abortion, but no one should be allowed to take that decision away from someone else.
    Third, let's say a child has a disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. The only person with the ability to provide this bone marrow is a woman. Without this bone marrow, the child will die. There are laws preventing, in fact, the CONSTITUTION prevents the government from legally forcing the woman to give this child her bone marrow. But no one talks about this. No one is saying that it's murder if the child dies. A womb is the same situation. A woman's uterus is an organ, A BODY PART, that provides life. The woman and only the woman herself should be allowed to make the decision to utilize or not. However you would like to define it, the same rules still apply. The situation is the same.
    Fourth, If you want to talk about murder and how the children who are aborted COULD have had a good life and COULD have positively affected the world in some way, (like discovering the cure for cancer or some other monumental addition to the world) let's talk about all the children in the screwed up hell hole of a foster care system that we have who COULD have cured cancer, but destroy themselves with drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma of their childhoods; The immigrant children at the border who COULD have significantly benefitted society, but are ripped away from their families and most often end up dead or severely traumatized. Let's talk about the teenagers who MIGHT have found the solution to homelessness, but commit suicide because they are bullied or are being abused every day and no one cares enough to help.
    Let's talk about all the mothers who COULD have cured cancer, but are too busy living off of food stamps and working twelve-hour shifts to go to medical school because they have to provide for the child they were forced to keep at sixteen because they, too, were children and made a mistake. They weren't responsible enough or financially/emotionally prepared to take care of a child.
    To have the opinion and to make the argument that the aborted fetuses COULD have done something to solve problems in our world today is ignorant, not to mention selfish in its own right. Instead of focusing on hypotheticals, let's focus on how we can respect the choices that women make and the rights that women have over their bodies. Let's focus on loving and having compassion for the lives that already exist, instead of judging and criticizing their personal decisions.
    Let's focus on fixing the thousands of other issues that affect so many people and might eventually begin to affect everyone.
    Because after all, I GUARANTEE that you wouldn't want your own rights taken away from you if the situation was your own.
    So get out of your own opinions, LISTEN to people, and have some compassion because it goes a long way.

  61. church and state are separated for a reason!!! you cannot use religion to justify your pro life argument!!! i don't even understand how this is an issue! someone please give me a non-religious anti-abortion argument!!!

  62. There's a simple answer to this problem . Use a condom !!!!!!! If u don't wanna have kids use protection how many damn times do they teach it in school .as for rape cases I feel you should do what YOUR religion teaches you and but if u don't have one get one!!!

  63. Don't need middle ground need a solution to the problem your opinion is ur opinion but it won't solve the problem by trying to find something to agree on by using protection and lowering crime rates (rape) we can move on and there won't be unwanted children

  64. “If that’s a human being then my tonsils are human beings.” Does your tonsils have their own blood type and heart beat? That’s mad bro you should probably tell someone about that. Maybe they’ll tear them out limb by limb for you.

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