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because of you that we are here so god bless you mm-hmm then thank you to all of our motivator I know but did you have some of those people that get upset when you mention God you know what we'll talk about a little bit later cuz I heard something on the debate stage that I didn't like and I'm gonna hop that dress go ahead on in the dress let's get down to let's get down I feel like I got stuff in my teeth excuse me you know how'd you got in you I don't know okay for me you know I try to floss and keep things clean did you eat well I had me a delicious salmon cake that I made oh god it was so good with the onions and the bell peppers and the red peppers and a little chicken powder and some breadcrumb I took two eggs girl and at first I saw take the vegetables and then I took it all and I put it all in there and mushed it all up and I made him like a little burger laughs mm oh and they were so delicious fried well I didn't eat them all yesterday so I decided to eat one for dinner today today uh-huh and I thought I've got it all out but you think it's something would you do you pulled your paper up like this right here here and then you just do what you need to do and then protect your paper down and if y'all don't believe I'm a philosopher I keep these those I have to because I just can't take it yeah I can tell you what I ate for dinner what I ate a good old-fashioned pot pie oh yes and and here's the trick to the pot pies you all you want to make it nice golden brown and crisp and then whenever you take a pot pie you take and turn it upside down hi little man you're golden brown and crisp because they don't want to know well then what you do is I always started at the bottom and let it cook up to the top and whenever the top is golden brown and crisp that lets me know my bottom is golden brown and crisp all right and then when I put the top part in the plate I don't just sit it straight in a plate I turn it upside down and take it out of the container so then whenever you go to you know going to it with your fork or your spoon it's like you're eating a crossing and all of the stuff in between it's delicious okay so that's what I ate a good old fashioned pot pie a turkey one okay all right okay thank you for explaining look then we eat okay tell you something when I am home I am a home girl okay cuz we're out we eat out all the time I love making me that maybe why I sometimes be still cuz I love a lot of seafood now meaning crab cakes and mm-hmm all cause I'm a seafood grocer I will make me up something okay ciao and be right yes whoever ever married diamond we won't be eating a lot of seafood that's right so don't they allergic to fish all right speaking of the president yeah was at the g20 summit he looked amazing on the world stage yeah he was over there in China they agreed to start to uh okay so you know we are in this people want to call it a trade war is not a trade war we just not playing with China that's right so they're you know working those things out mm-hmm but I restarting there we starting to talk for the tray yeah but I'm going to tell you what I was so most exciting excited about mm-hmm when the Trump tweeted out about wanting to meet with the North Korean leader Kim Jong ah haha whatever his name is we say Kim I love him big Kim looking back you and and it happened they met on the line yes and then the president crossed over into his country because then he was you know he invited them all who know and I thought you are I think we got it I think we got a clip take a look at this yah I've never expected to meet you over you'll be the first u.s. president you know they can say whatever they want about our president yeah the thing is there's a saying that with love and kindness have I draw D yes and I when I woke up the next morning because I was talking to my daddy on the phone yarn our daddy daddy and he was telling me that he stayed up for it so he said its alarm clock because I guess they was English this matter and so he saw it but I didn't see it until like the very next morning mm-hmm and I was just like oh my god this president is what we call a boss yes a straight line and that was a boss move thank you I didn't get her name that was a boss move that non resident of the United States D that's right no other president has ever done that and then when I listen to some on the left they feel some kind of way because he didn't know arm I guess it wasn't scheduled or this or that I don't care if it wasn't scheduled right I don't care if it wasn't on the books the deal is he tweeted it out BAM it had it happen I love the new way that we do things in this contrast right I think a lot of times when you're so bar down and the way it needs to be because this is the way about the way that they are familiar with the politically correct and I nothing has gotten done that's exactly why that's why I listen you are I loved it I love you thank you miss Novak she said there's a lot of problem oh thank you baby okay Wow oh thank you for letting us know that okay thank you um you know I'm always I got to read everything but but I was so up listen our president makes me so he makes me proud you know what I most love about this president is love here I'm not scared to poke the bear and don't who say what about it let's go see mm-hmm you can't sit there and tell him that's hot over there he gonna go investigate mm-hmm is this why they keep taking all of them let's see how we can get our money back over here to this country Melissa he became the first u.s. president to step into North Korea on Sunday reaching across the demarcation line to shake hands with the North Korean leader Kim Jong on yeah okay our president Trump acts a Kim if he wanted him to cross our president Trump took ten steps into North and to the and to the north of Kim at his side then escorted came back to the south for talks at Freedom House where they've agreed to revive the stall negotiations yes here is the thing people want us to bring up the fact that this man is rule that that Kim Jong are as ruthless mm-hmm well there's a lot of dictators out there that's ruthless mm-hmm but if we want these people to do what we want them to do you go have to have a conversation just right you go have to invite them to the table you gonna have to calm yourself down so that they can hear what you want and you have these people eating out of your hand but we do get a dictator that's right here in the United States of America that's a Democrat whole Democrat Party straight dictators anytime you want to take all money mm-hmm and just give it away just give no I have nothing to the American people something wrong with you go ahead President Trump asked Kim if he wanted to cross hey there listen Kim called Trump's decision to visit him and his country a courageous and determined act that's right courageous because I believe that Obama he just looked in with some with a little bag to fire glass President Trump was boat I've seen a picture I don't know if it's true though President Trump was bold enough to okay let's meet and we did and they be a dad you know for Democrats to criticize the president for meeting with Kim you know why they criticized him because they know they can't do it that's right they know they ain't done nothing enough they know they not gonna do nothing hey daddy they scared ask any kids what they ask and so anytime somebody didn't do something that they can't do right they're not courageous like you then they wanna call that person out and deem them as if oh he was wrong for doing the know I'm glad that the president met with Kim jong-il mm-hmm because we need this man to D nuclear what rice okay get rid of all that nuke yeah and then it's people over there in his country that's dying a lot of times he's a dictator he was dealt to sit listen he was given a hand and his daddy was dealt did that nanny was that this is all they know and I was looking at the Saturday mm-hmm and um Brett gutfeld I love how he said that because he said the same thing I was thinking huh don't criticize our president for this I will prefer my president to be in talks with this man that's why i hated this man trying to do some new pen stuff yeah that's right there you go there you go so listen when I woke up the next morning and I saw that I was at all I call silk I said you know what President Trump is a boss he is a straight boss yeah that's what you call a ball up a shot-caller a boss yes yes look at him in the shoulders yeah yeah yeah it's gonna be a lot of things and then the Democrats and these other people watch well let's go see that you ain't never seen before right because we gonna get some things done so we can move things forward and smell you know we always and talks or we always man then somebody want to go to war yeah the one thing I love about President Trump he has a heart that's right because we could have been at war with Iran the other – right president said how many people mm-hmm I'm gonna lose their life that's right they told him 150 mm that's not equivalent to a plane mm-hmm being shot down that's right I think that plane was a hundred one point I mean a hundred alone if it was if the plane was a one point eight billion dollars right that's wrong that was shot down then I believe that Iran need to be made to pay for that I'm wrong but but the president people innocent people yeah could have gotten killed and and another thing is you don't know who if nobody ordered anybody to shoot down that drunk you don't know if somebody was being silly you know how people do just being silly I'm speaking of our rain you know they violated on an agreement mmm the other day today were yesterday okay deliberately okay and see you got to remember what Obama did honey he gave 150 billion in cash okay see that's why if he gave him my husband and 50 billion they need to take 1.8 billion and play for that draw and they better be glad mm-hmm they better be glad and America was not on the inside of that draw that's right oh it would have been real different today these would have been real different today yes all I know but I love this president because he has a heart he's trying to get he's trying to hey world there is no need for us to be like this okay I'm high he's right to get rid of the chaos and the confusion and bring order not just here in the United States right around the world that's where you all like to see a world where we're not always big green and it's back and forth and we going out whoa everybody got to try to flex their muscles hmm hmm I love it Thank You mr. president well speaking of President and lasting muscles the socialist Democrats debate d'etat see the debates well at one time I said I was gonna look at him cuz I know I was gonna be my spirit was gonna be Beck's okay didn't I said well it's my job I have to look at this stuff I have to look at this here and so I watched it the first night I was so bored I was bored to tears on the first night yes and what nunim do I forgot who was the only one I could remember up there on the stage and that's not about by because of what she said it's because I just remember her being up there Elizabeth Warren and Lisbon who officer Cory Booker was up there edge edge Buddha I thought he was on the second night was he the second night no I thought he was – okay I thought he was hell I don't know but the deal is none of them did I won't say they didn't say nothing cuz they said a whole lot the American people needed to know mm-hmm and well he they said is that we're gonna have to fit the bill since the BS yeah well you know the Democrats are so out of touch yeah hard-working American people yeah we watch them bash Trump for two days yes and you know we caught what were our conclusion was after looking at them are we not gonna take a nosedive we're gonna stick with President 45 that's right yeah because here you have a group of people these Democrats advocating for illegal aliens and not advocating for the American people now there was one on there her name was Mary Ann Thompson or Tom Mary Ann William Mary I don't know why I want to call a Thompson I'm thinking of her as a Sunday school teacher she need to run to be the head of the Sunday School Teacher Association and if that ain't one if that's not something making I get up and go run some water here cuz she don't need to be no president no I know that rephrase the reason why she was the most Google because we have we never heard of it before Mira I think she was over something with Oprah's Book Club if I'm not mistaken I'll say a legend oh I told you what the one from Gilligan I know that not that Mary Ann oh not that one not that one child not that one huh but the dams you know what I looked at them all on the stage okay you had Bernie Sanders look like he still caught up in the Revolutionary War I mean you are he was aging right before my very eyes I said kids get older yeah I just looked at him he all everything is about the revolution the revolution I said don't he know that we are in the evolution America is evolving we are truly becoming greater than we've ever been before yes but he's so stuck in the revolution go ahead girl I was just gonna say I actually saw his skin running from him see just accepting what's going on yeah sucked it was literally yeah I looked at his hair hmm well he didn't have much he didn't have much that looks like that's running away stated yeah I don't think he go I listen I'm hoping that he even make it I think I need to get him a wig party it don't look good for you as don't look good for you it's like you aged in five years from your age every time we see you're overlooking just your older look and still now I was telling you what took the cake for me what took the cake when Coppola Harris was able to get one up Oh Biden talking about race mm-hmm what I could not believe for the life of me was why wasn't bite and prepare for old caramel of Eros cuz Coppola Harris Walker SS around here uh-huh like she can do no wrong huh where she have a problem with race too and if you don't believe me you go run and you go axe black folk the black folk don't like Kamala Harris mm-hmm oh the old baton couldn't use that because Biden wasn't prepared because by is so arrogant he think he just gonna walk his way walk into the White House not walk because he will yeah because he was Obama Vice President mm-hmm well since the show is old and I might as well get some stuff on off my chest yeah at all so you let me say this say it Kamala Harris thinks she gonna walk up behind to in the White House hmm check it out Carla come Obama Obama was biracial biracial Carmela she's biracial Obama was a Senator for what how many years a few years you Carla a senator for a few years so she thinks she's gonna use that same effect that Obama did to wash herself into the White House whoa remembered now on Obama ran so hoping we walked around with no hope he made out with a lot of change Carla yeah you need to stop playing the race car before it backfire in your face mmm cuz you know you can talk about Biden all day and do I think binds the races I think that he is out of touch yeah and he is tone-deaf yeah when it comes to some of the things that he say it's insensitive and it sound like what a racist would say and I think the whole Democrat Party is a racist now they erase bad said he reached across the aisle that what he said to these segregation is a list but here's the deal uh what's the deal you didn't have to reach five I know you do they was in your part that's right right there in your part I love it how the Democrats continue to play the race card mm-hmm do we got a clip no I don't have a clip of the actual debate okay but I do have a clip of our response okay well let's give them a clip take a look and see what we had to say Wow something never seen that before meanwhile Kamala Harris grilling former Vice President Joe Biden on his race record in one of the most talked about moments and passages from last night's democratic debate well here to react to all of it is Fox Nation personalities diamond and so so his base President Joe Biden vulnerable on issues of race well yes he is because if you look at his past his history and hits a record especially when he gave a Senate floor speech back in 1993 about the crime bill echo the sentiments of bigotry and racism huh but when I don't understand is who is advising Joe body because why didn't he hit Camilla Harris back on her record when it comes to race how she's had droves of black men locked up and the prosecutor she didn't defend him why didn't he hit her back cuz she don't have a pretty pass hers is just as ugly if you hold it so who's the threat to black people it is comely hair so a prosecutor that had black men locked up for the same thing she was doing smoking weed she does not have a good record that's wrong okay so I'm looking at Joe Biden should have hit her back her record is not clean either and then I was Camilla supporting the same party that segregated her and her family she's in support of the same party it's not just Joe button is the party the Democrats are the party of segregation and she supports it well right she not only went after Joe Biden she went after Donald Trump and Donald Trump's economy as well and I believe we have a soundbite let's go ahead and go to that right now we don't have a soundbite she said this president walks around talking about and flouting the great economy right and what she claimed was that people are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet under Trump's economy wait why did she say that under Obama's economy when people were working two and three jobs shame on Kamala Harris because if she believed in income equality then what about the people that live out there with the say that she represents the homelessness that's on the streets most people watching right now I've had two jobs at points in their life I never blamed the president whoever it was at the time I think on some level diamond the Democrats don't want this argument for the main reason is they're the ones who gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan it was a Republican that Abraham Lincoln's party that up into the 1960s that would fall push back against racism and somehow that narrative flipped and people are forced to go back to remember what senator Byrd was and even though every road is named after him in every hallway has a plaque with his face on it that's right and not to mention if you look at everybody all of those Democrats up there look like they was auditioning to be the President of Mexico not of America because I see that they're going to get illegal aliens everything for free but they want the good thing they want to give to citizens US citizens it's higher taxes I don't understand that and there was no winners or none of these days they were advocating for illegal aliens and not advocating for America that's right all right diamond and silicon joining us on this Friday morning from diamond and silk world headquarters lady thank you very much have a good weekend thank you so you know that was our interview after the debate on Fox & Friends the following morning yeah and that was our assessment in our analysis of it but you know when we look at everything the only thing that I heard directed towards Americans was higher taxes yeah you know I when I look at the Democrats all I see is baby killers and gun Stiller's that's right I see baby killers and guns and Silver's they want to take they want to advocate for illegal aliens crossing our borders now I want they want the American people to fit the bill that's right and I'm hired to do if they take our guns there's no they can force us to do a lot of stuff that we don't really want to do and pay for illegal aliens health care when American citizens you have some American elderly how about the elderly and lettuces some people can't even pay for their manicures right okay so what happens there and why is it that American tax dollars it's not government money it's American tax dollars is what it is being wasted to find stuff that we don't want that's right I don't want to take care of illegal aliens how about we take care of America's well when you break in my window you are a burglar and I'm not taking care of you hmm and you ain't taking on my legs no no no so all of these Democrats they were up there advocating more illegal aliens and how to help them but we have America's around here that needs help and the thing that there was dangling is to were free and if you think about it especially my black people you notice they didn't say nothing about what they want to do for African American not even table no even when cobbler hit bad no race didn't say what she wanted to do for the that's not but that was the same thinking about Obama ran as if he was Pro black yeah and what you'll see with Carmela here's the imitation of Obama that's black people feel ease in the female form do not be fooled do not be fooled you have the Democrat party back in the day the thing that they Bingle in front of our black people it's the word free that's right you're gonna get bitch for free you don't get that for free free free free free free now today that's fast for the same were free going to illegal aliens and there's somebody want to tell me no that was a party switch well if it was a party switch then why are they talking the same agenda from back then right now and when did they switch please give me the date in the time and why didn't nobody tell Joe Biden at the head switch throw he said I reached across the aisle the segregationist that was in his party listen what y'all don't do is y'all not gonna take and think y'all gonna play us that we're not Taco Bell dumbest hey no we're not okay Democrats you all are so nasty yeah you're vicious game you are fine and we know everyone and there was one of them and I thought it was booted is that Mitch's something about Christianity then I was really appalled by and let me just say this here believe whatever you want to but what you ain't gonna do is you not gonna attack Christianity because you have your own issues with God I'm not gonna attack Christianity and when I heard him speak about Christianity I got offended because I felt like he was attacking it you ain't thing to do that always tryna attack Christianity and attack God that's right I'm tired of so we tweeted out mm-hmm majority of homeless Americans resides in states cities and districts run by Democrat that's right now they are advocating to add to the problem with illegal aliens and pimp out the American taxpayers to fill fit the bill hmm are they crazy they went with all this here on the taxpayers that's what they want to do uh-huh and then somebody got to be getting a kickback paddywhack uh-huh by leaving the board is all then we would always say if the Democrats want to decriminalize illegal crossings at the border mm-hm then they shouldn't have a problem opening up every prison in this country and letting out all the prisoners because the last I check yeah when you come in a crime like that they give you three hots a cops behind a lock sell buy big fake that's not gonna change and that's after you've taken your money and your chocha girl and comely she won the breakout with the race car let's go back right yeah see what kabbala did to Joe Biden Joe Biden did the same thing the president's run uh-huh that's right I gonna hit Kabul of ten times hard that's right and Carmela we can't let you forget about what you did the break have enough no we can we will never let you live it down hmm so you think you gonna wash yo let me be quiet but I can't say this yes it's just really really sad that especially majority of our black Americans that are Democrats have been right there supporting Democrats their values for all of these years been upset been in pissed-off City Mo can't have nothing can't get nothing this one's racist that one's racist all of these different anger issues because they keep you stuck in the pain of your ancestors when they when they show all of these old movies from back in the day paint they're trying to exploit the pain of your ancestor now and don't get good we can bamboozled by that yeah and get poured and by that that's right look at all of those two not one of them is advocating for or benefiting you but the same people that's not even thinking about you it's the same people you continue to serve you continue to support and vote for yeah thank you upset when don't nobody wanna vote for them or do anything so you know nobody want to do nothing for the Democrat Party are you afraid for the Democrat Party don't want to do nothing for it is the new is what I'm telling you all is that you keep voting for this same system the system that have people in Jim Crow yeah the system that was the party of KKK the system that was the party of segregation the system that's the party of inequality yeah because we went up there about our First Amendment right and they ignored us this same Democrat artyom but you said thank your web and hatin yeah and hip-hip her and for him and get mad with somebody won't vote for this that's right hey and one of them on that stage gonna be able to be President Trump y'all can booze caramel ahead up all y'all walk to because I hear the political chatter yeah and the political streets are talking they're talking they think that she's the best one to go up against President Trump well she's a seasoned prosecutor I heard right and she's a seasoned politician uh-huh yeah a lighter is what I think President Trump will chew her up and spit her out like a tick because the one thing that the president did was in matter two years mm-hmm gay people are second chance Oh how many second chances have you given to any bus right you still running around talking about you want to prosecute somebody you gonna prosecute the president y'all better get another look rule use another page from your PlayBook don't play the race car during this election y'all don't get embarrassed that's right straight in there cuz ain't nobody gonna let you live that down ain't nobody gonna let you live and their plan with the same the enemy and listen they called the Democrat Party not the Democratic Party that's what I think they're trying to rebrand themselves that's Democrats it yes uh-uh they are the Democrat that's high uh-huh see that's why they want to remove the statues disrespect the flag I push reparations yeah they're trying to erase their history talk about the party swish the party ain't never switch it's still the same you got old sleepy creepy sloppy slow Jojo don't even realize some of the insensitive things that you say when it comes to race he's so arrogant he think it sounds okay they think it sounds okay because that's when it's party been doing here sucks back in a day okay and even down to the way these journalists like these stories they want to make sure they keep us divided oh yeah right we long right all of this different stuff and derogatory stuff that they do all of these Danna bow groups like the KKK and the neo-nazis and the white supremacist all of these different school they want to attach it to conservatives yeah to make that's white supremacist and we play listen I'm a black woman I'm conservative I'm patriotic yeah and I vote a Republican because of President Donald J Trump that's right but you are Democrats you're not gonna be able to hide your history you are Democrats not democratic you are nasty man or fine that's right and the mere fact anyone of you are and you know what Bernie you gonna stop calling my president all racist just straight up no am I the one that's you all right you said show behind a pillar bushes you're racist that's right your braces and you wanna go back to the days of slavery why don't you look at Venice wait that's right stop pushing all that beer style now that's right because that's what socialism is it's nothing but a form of slavery do we have so many immigrants legal immigrants that ran away from countries you need that was socialist and communist to come here are you trying to push this man deep down there they don't come or something when we talk about slavery slavery was mostly in the south but a lot of the legislators were the ones that owned slaves right every white person did owners leg oh do the history hey go go to the library or read a book don't even google it cuz Google now mess with a snowgo and go to our library go walking one sit down to read our book alright yeah speaking of who need to read a book or more groups from the Democrat Party mmm aunt isa auntie fur is a terrorist group you are I listen they are a terrorist group that's so let me tell you all what happened it's happened over the weekend a journalist by the name of Andy want me Angie Nam was attacked by a democrat support a hate-filled group named and Tifa now Andy is a journalist who exposes different-aged hoax and auntie for violence attacks their weapons of choice of any of their premeditated plans to target anyone like the cars of law enforcement so what they want to do they want to attack you by any means necessary yeah there was an event held importantly and auntie four members were told to participate in the event and target journalists and II know and so you know what they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law right Andy tweeted out he said I'm I am nervous about tomorrow's Portland antepers rally they're promising physical confrontation and have singled me out to be assaulted I went on top of Carson last year to explain why I think they're doing this they're seeking meaning through violence they targeted him begin circling him they threw quick-drying cement on him and stole his camera equipment beating him in the face hit him in the head multiple times yeah and no police intervene until after it was all over every police that suck their asses out there mm-hmm then let that go down no they need to be a resident make an example out of like you did that sheriff in Florida didn't go in there yeah that shit who there's a sheriff down near in Florida where I think they pressed charges against him because he did not go in there and do his job protect and serve that's when it came to those kids getting killed and then oh they should make an example out of these police right there in Portland and the mayor he need to step his lily made behind down that's what even allowing that to go down you don't let somebody see that's what they did back in the day you don't let somebody get pummeled like that you are supposed to be there to protect and serve and you know how I feel about that all right I love my police but when you around your own the police officers was wrong in Portland if they did not step in and intervene and stop this here man from being beat that's right that's right and see Andy no he wasn't the only one it appears that two more guys will also left bloody after the violent attack yeah it's the so silly it was disgusting but let me tell you all not a left they advocate mm-hmm for an Tifa mm-hmm I remember Don Lemon raising the group antiva McHenry y'all mm-hmm ja remember DN C deputy a chair Keith Allison he had a picture with an T for holding up a sign he quietly you all he quietly took that down off of social media without anybody noticing it so he but you know not one word of condemnation from the Democrat leaned on one word nobody is saying nothing and I'm hearing that Portland mayor Ted wheeler has repeatedly told the police to test stand down for and T for the hell do ant people think they are they need to be deemed as a terrorist organization then I tell you something back in the day they were white hood yes aha yeah and they will call the KKK the day they wearing black mac that's right all them teeth is the same script different man yeah different man yeah all you all do is manipulate intimidate in order to dominate that's right Ted Cruz tweeted out okay I can now I looked at the video I looked at the disturbing it so it was so disturbing we said no I don't even want to show it oh yeah I can't sing oh my don't beat like that it's so just disturbing whoa whoa whoa two of the biggest Mami's on the planet where my hug you look like you need a hug you really look nasty is that you in a bowtie what you can do is you can stop trolling our YouTube and get off of our stuff is what you can do that's right and if you want to talk about somebody's mammy look at yours first cuz you came out a whole body hmm anyhoo go ahead self don't do it laughs here what I want to say is that I looked at the video I really looked at it now if this was a large group of blacks black boy come on be real with a real with the sass peanut people like that mm-hmm that Liberal Democrat mayor would have called in the SWAT team every police officer he had with tankers mm-hmm huh militarized weapons smoke bombs remains while dressed in tactical gear that's what that liberal would a Democrat would have done if this would have been black boys doing this right here and I'm trying to but you got these white men boys Democrats that's Democrats that's got these black mass on ya to intimidate this journalist yeah and y'all sittin let that go down but if that was a group of black boys out of there that would not have happen oh they would help I want y'all to see the double standards that happen when it comes to the Democrats you black sauce tickets Republicans is a party you'll continue to follow that's right it's these Democrat that's right yeah that's right they would align each and every one of your heart they would have been in there some people would have gotten shot and killed mm-hmm y'all know we telling the truth and then y'all would have been in the street where else shopping today marching no justice no peace who I'm voting for the same party that gives your black ass no justice no no please well I shall treat it out again back in the day they were white who's known as the KKK today they were black mass mm-hmm known as antifa yes you want to intimidate manipulate in order to dominate an ante for they need to be deemed a terrorist organization that's right and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the all the law and also Ted Cruz tweeted out to federal law enforcement investigate and bring legal action against a mayor who has for political reasons ordered his police officers to let citizens be attack by domestic terrorists that's right he is absolutely right about that you are yes this is wrong yeah this is wrong but who's doing it doing this and if you notice every Democrat has been silent I think today they've been telling very quiet about and Tifa is mostly made up of privileged white dudes hmm many in the media tree and Tifa as a diverse group of warriors against fascism and racist no you're not no Wars yes yeah oh we are don't hide a face but I kind were covered up stay safe so nobody on senior you ain't nothing but a coward what you are that's what the media need to be told because the media is the one that say okay to this group and T some huh actor that was on a verge of demon this fool I tell and you would think you know you had Facebook take down a nori Loomer my oh eun-ah please have some mo people you would think they would make sure that anything faint Oh none of these platforms yep yep yeah and there's any combo else I won't no better to take away people's fries freedom of speech freedom of thought if you don't do it the way I think you should do they're like a mob y'all that's like a mob we came out of that mess like that in this country it is time for people to stand yo Brown mm-hmm it's it's time now I did really look I did read a little message I thought I you know we posted something and this black guy said well you see they don't come here to the hood no that's right my auntie that well here's the deal you are in the hood let me just tell you all this to my black brothers you know you can't go out there and you can't do anything like that meanness you take on the police is gonna deal with you mm-hmm but the same way the police will deal with somebody that goes out there a black man that goes out black boys that goes out there and do some stuff like that uh-huh they should also deal with these white boys that cowardly face yeah and maliciously beat somebody down or pulp for no reason because you don't like their ideology you don't like their patriotism you don't like the fact that they are journalists and that they're conservative yeah and even coming to an event with your face Robert up and you throw cement you're in a Ciccone soldiers yes no that should not have been a line there was a video somebody had a video where the police said give me the back you can't have that here do you think that empty for God gave you didn't know so they scared of anything right on down well Derek somebody Derek I can't give your last name but they're sitting there said nobody coming in jumping on nobody that's right listen don't bring that stuff to the Joe Jordan to me playing now they gonna beat you for all I knew and what the answers are that's right don't come up in there with that but I'm praying for this journalist I hope that he'd be okay but this here baby to deem these people as an organization eros organization all them I'll prosecute every last and they are they are Democrat base yes they are and because you don't hear no Democrats not talking about it yeah you don't hear no Democrats hell denouncing them or anything like that but they were the ones praising yeah praising aunty uh-huh yeah and a day ago to heal you wrote this article but I want to read the title of that read you something it says three arrested after far-right comma and Tifa groups clash in Portland the hill you know dr. hill so we're done putting the word far right in front of auntie for group what you're trying to do is make it look like this group its far-right you miss conservative element three arrested out the far right okay well wait wait wait you see the chief it's not far right and Tifa is so far another they've all been off the cliff that's right it's like with the rest of those Democrats that's right so when they write it like that and write it in that particular tone now because of who I am and I'm a little technical I know what they're really talking about but the average person will look right over that and that's a they're put an Tisa KKK neo-nazi white supremacist and all of these other groups that's been made up by the running crime as conservative groups and now you don't see no conservatives out there beating up fault right what you see is these these hate-filled of not leaning groups beaten up folks but you're gonna run up on the wrong oh you're a meet your mail because our on the wrong one I don't want to hear it that's what it happened call me I ain't gonna have nothing good to say huh don't even tell me to pray mm-hmm LC says Ibaka is not qualified a qualified diplomat you know AOC tweeted and she said it may be shocking to some but being someone's daughter actually is it a career qualification it hurts our diplomatic standing when the president phones it in and the world moves on you know I am so sick of LC yeah I even can't stand talking about it she's so ignorant well I hope she went down there to the border today and she made claims that people women were drinking out of the toilet I don't know if it's true that's what she she says okay that's what she made but guess what if they were taken up because you know she was a bartender ha ha so I I doubt I highly thought doubts that she is even qualified to be Congress and never let me know and let us know why nothing has been written oh god I've gotten done because she ain't even quality a shit you don't talk about Ivanka Trump ends right period Wow thank you I won't let me tell you something these people gave up their lives to serve icon just right and so when I see the Ivanka Trump's and Jared Kushner over see how fragile what they don't know huh I'll see you shut your Lillie Mae behind up that's like you take your ass go back to bartending you never gonna need to do this make some drinks and you'll have your drink yeah as a matter of fact drink – you can't drink no matter oh that's right that's what you can do for I want to say to a toaster that if you were right is that if you will stop the loophole okay if you were right the right legislation enforced the laws and forced the rules okay and stop pushing all of these different loopholes for these people to come over here then you wouldn't see whatever you thought you saw huh it would be no crisis at the border that's wrong before I got you know every you know when we do I actually do get ready or whatever whatever and I was getting ready and I'm always listening to the news as I'm getting ready and I heard on the news that there were group a group out there they claimed that consist or made up with Border Patrol agents that's laughing marking and picking act on illegal aliens and so I said I hope that has been vetted and verified because anybody can make up a group name it whatever they name and then go and write and troll it and write salacious nasty things and the group who's making a picture make it appear a certain way so I said once that hit the news I hope that they vetted it and verified it before they put that gossip out there and it may not be no truth to it that's why I'm so glad that we do at least have a blue checkmark because there are so many groups on Twitter on Facebook that that uses diamond itself name and people think that that's actually us so you don't know what they're writing a lot of those groups and you can't hold us responsible right so what other people get that's made up the group and has gone in and right and sometime you can be added to a group and don't even realize somebody added you if not even you don't have to just click on something to be added toward us so if you don't know how media attention if you don't know how Facebook work before you open your mouth please make sure you verify that and there huh before you open up your mouth and start running off into my real quick I look at how they even tell how they even take and they they pushes this story about our president and the central part side right stand that he put something in the newspaper and calls for all of this different stuff against these fire boys and you know what I had the opportunity to actually read what they have out there and you came nobody showed me where he called for these boys to be Tucker all of this BS okay but see that's what the last dude yeah they want to push something to make it up here like way that's why I said to somebody mm-hmm if then Donald Trump would have echoed the words that Joe Biden would've echo yeah there Joe by the echoed in 1993 yeah we will never hear the end of you the Democrat parties are straight hypocrites yeah they are hypocritical and they're straight hypocrisy a number line yeah well let me give you update on Obama they don't see sad woman think she said it's ironic that legal migrants opposes illegal immigration but first thing I want to let her know that there's no such thing of illegal immigration there's no such thing of illegal aliens let me tell you the difference between an immigrant and an alien y'all won't get this twist yeah yeah yeah I immigrated do it the right way that's right get in line they wait their turn and they become a u.s. citizen hey yeah an illegal aliens break into the windows of America and we give them everything for free the house they don't know they know the sanctuary city that's what we do okay that's what the not we but that's what they do okay just like if somebody come through the window of my house and did not go my daughter they're not a guest they are a burglar and I'm not taking their owner that's why I'm not taking care of both that's not so imagine being illegal mm-hmm okay legal immigrant you you came to this country legally okay you paid your fees you did what you needed to do just real quick imagine going to school to be a doctor come on let's just break it on come on I'll be late you you go to school to be a doctor you spend thousands of dollars countless of hours test after test night after night eat no odors or noodles and after all of your sweat blood and tears you land your dream job hmm at the hospital that you wanted to be in and then all of a sudden our illegal alien that's not even supposed to be in this country coming to the hospital put in an application and get a job mm-hmm as a doctor just like you the same position the same work hours get paid the same of money never been to school never took a test then eat one odors a mood because the taxpayers pay for them to eat food good food let's say it like that so you imagined that how would that make you feel you don't put in all this money right here to become a doctor and now somebody stand right here next to you that ain't even supposed to be in this country and it's also a doctor didn't even put their time in oh it's also a doctor and guess what down the way cuz they're gonna do it for them then that means I'm out of a job heyo see stop acting ignorant girl I know you're smarter than me I know she's really ignorant she didn't even know what a garbage disposal she oh let me give you a baller game of ding okay so listen here real quick you all Robert Mueller agrees to testify before Congress on July 17 mm-hmm Louie Gohmert Jim Jordan and Matt gates are preparing to fully go out the Robert Mueller with a lightning round of questions yeah we look forward to that yes I we posed a question to our supporters an accident if they had the opportunity to ask Mueller a question what would the question be for example when did you know that Russian witch-hunt was a hoax and why did you continue to waste our tax dollars out the noise mm-hmm we're here with some responses okay Ruth English said did you meet with Nadler or anyone on committee about questions that they would ask mm-hmm rage in Dirac's why was it Christopher steel interview right questions yes if you're investigating Russia collusion and election interference why didn't you investigate the Clinton campaign and it still dossier why nobody named Raymond Keith said why don't you go outside of your scope of the investigation to entrap president Trump's associates hmm and Tamara Kirk said why did you not inform the public about the illegal FISA warrants and spying on an American citizen candidate by our own government hmm this is gonna be juicy it's gonna be juicy in here sitting I have a bag of popcorn sitting now so I can watch it on because I hope they have it all playing out yeah okay so listen you all listen let me comment down don't forget every day we pray we pray for our country we pray for our president we believe that prayer changes things yes we do okay I'm not gonna stop believing in the power to stop it hmm so pray you all pray for our country pray for our president he's doing a magnificent job always great for everybody yes thanks dad don't forget to head over there to either chitchat or calm or diamond a sitcom to get your chit chat tour tickets we want to see your face in the place in California yeah that's going to be our next day go get your tickets oh I'm so excited about station okay don't forget five snakes you come out on tomorrow go over their head over there and see what we're talking about population calm you can sign up and they also give you a free trial offer so you can test it and try it out I did it yes I did anything else a minute I think we got it the eyes and cross did we got the i's and cross the t's so listen you all for friend you like the forfeit you live man okay so what you ought to have a good time do your little fireworks Sophie out there drinking and you don't got stop for drunk driving and all that kinda stuff you all know that Monday we will not be on but we'll be back on the following week so we want you to have a blast lovely what we won't we won't be back on the following week neither so we are a two-week high that's a possibility it's gonna try to dip in if you can uh-huh we're on the to hit two-week hiatus we try to dip in when we can okay all right so listen we was just coming to give you on a two-on-one we caused it to one one because to a fire we're the ones give it to me so in the meantime in between time we'll see you all next time right here on a diamond and silk chit chat live good night everybody

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