President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Association of Attorneys General

The President: Thank you. (applause)
Please. Thank you very much. I’m very honored to welcome
our State Attorneys General back to the White House.
We were together last year, and I said,
“I’m inviting you back.” And a lot things have been done,
a lot of progress has been made. And, Vice President, thank you
very much for being here. You were here last year
and we’re here again, Mike. Let me begin by saying
our hearts go out to everyone affected by
the devastating storms in Alabama, Georgia,
and the surrounding states, and especially
to the families of those who have tragically
lost their lives. I’ve spoken with Governor Ivey, and we’re working closely with
officials throughout the region to get our communities
back on their feet. Attorney General Marshall
and Attorney General Carr, when you get home,
please tell the people of the great states
of Alabama and Georgia that America has their backs.
We have a call in to Brian Kemp, and we let them know and —
the Governor and everybody — that we’re with you 100 percent.
Thank you very much. One hundred percent,
we’ll be there. Thank you. I want to thank your
National Association President, Louisiana Attorney
General Jeff Landry — a friend of mine.
We’re also grateful to be joined by our fantastic new Attorney
General, Bill Barr. Bill, thank you. Today, we join together
to reaffirm and strengthen the vital
partnership among state, local,
and federal law enforcement. Only by working together
can we ensure security for every community and deliver
justice for every citizen. I want to take a moment to send
a message this afternoon, on behalf of everyone
in this room, to all law enforcement
personnel across America: You are loved, you are cherished
and respected by the American people
more than you will ever know. So true.
More than you will ever know. When I took office
two years ago, one of my highest priorities
was to reduce violent crime. In the two years
before my inauguration, violent crime was up
substantially — very substantially — and murders had increased
by more than 20 percent. For this reason, my administration resurrected
Project Safe Neighborhoods — bringing together citizens
groups, sheriffs, and police departments to put
dangerous offenders behind bars, while supporting crime
prevention and reentry programs. Part of the reason
we’re doing well is that people
are getting jobs because the economy may be
the strongest it’s ever been. I mean, all of your states
are doing very well. I think we have the strongest
economy, perhaps, ever. The lowest unemployment
rate we’ve ever had — you could say “51 years”
or you could say “ever.” But groups — if you look
at African American, Asian American,
Hispanic American — the lowest unemployment rate,
historically, ever. So that helps a lot
with what you do. We deployed 200 new violent
crime prosecutors. We charged a record number
of firearms offenders. And last year, we prosecuted
the most violent criminals ever. The most ever
in our history, also. With your help and leadership,
violent crime is now going down for
the first time in a long time. Murders in America’s
largest cities dropped by 7 percent
between 2016 and 2017. Last year, we passed
historic legislation to combat the devastating
opioid and drug crisis. And I’m dealing with China right
now on a very big trade deal, as you probably
have read, heard. Some of you are
a little bit involved. But I can tell you,
I said to President Xi that we cannot let fentanyl
into our country. Almost 100 percent
comes from China. It’s devastating. As you know, better than I do,
it’s devastating. And he has promised to — and they’re in
the process of doing — so when I take him
for his word — make it a criminal act
at the highest level, which, in China,
means the death penalty. That should have
a massive impact on fentanyl coming into our country
from China. This legislation expands
lifesaving treatment and authorizes funding
for local law enforcement to help those badly addicted
get the treatment they need. Our State Attorneys General
are launching bold initiatives to fight this epidemic. In Arkansas, Attorney General
Leslie Rutledge — thank you. Where is Leslie?
Thank you. Thank you, Leslie, very much.
Great job you’re doing too. Has taken on
the drug companies, launched a groundbreaking
education program and trained local
law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those responsible
for the opioid epidemic. So, Leslie, I want to
thank you very much. Everyone is talking about it.
Great job. But to defeat
this deadly epidemic, America’s southern border
must be urgently and very strongly secured.
We fight wars 6,000 miles away, we spend billions
and billions of dollars, but we don’t control
our own border. Drug trafficking
and human traffickers exploit our porous border to finance
their ruthless operations across our hemisphere. One in three migrant women
is sexually assaulted on the very dangerous
journey north. Criminal cartels
terrorize innocent people on both sides of the border. Thousands of our citizens
are killed by lethal narcotics — 88,000 people, just with
certain types of drugs — most of which come
through the southern border. Eighty-eight thousand people die and that’s just
a small portion of it. Hardworking people of every
background pay the price for a lack of border control
and security. In the last two years,
ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens
with criminal records, including those charged
or convicted of approximately
100,000 assaults — and these are new numbers,
hard to believe — 30,000 sex crimes,
and 4,000 murders. Every day, our brave ICE
officers are on the front lines protecting our communities. We must always support
the heroes of law enforcement, and we all support
law enforcement in every way. Sanctuary cities that release
known criminal aliens put all Americans at risk.
I urge everyone here today to make sure that your states
and cities are fully cooperating with the Department
of Homeland Security in their lifesaving mission. We all share
the same righteous goal: to build a future
where every American — both immigrant and U.S.-born — can thrive in safety,
dignity, harmony, and peace. Before Christmas,
I was proud to sign historic, bipartisan criminal justice
reform into law. And I want to thank the National
Association of Attorneys General for everything you did
to help pass this FIRST STEP Act. And a special thanks to Attorney
General Karl Racine. Where’s Karl?
Karl? Karl? Karl? Hi, Karl. Great job.
Thank you very much. You were very helpful.
Everybody said “Karl.” I feel like you’re —
like I know you. (laughter)
That’s pretty good. State Attorney General Racine:
I feel like I know
you as well, Mr. President. (laughter) The President: Karl is —
really was fantastic, from the District of Columbia. Attorney General Josh Stein. Josh, thank you very much.
Thank you, Josh. Josh, Josh. Stand up, Josh.
Go ahead. Come on. That’s great. From a great place —
from North Carolina. And Attorney General, my friend
Ken Paxton, from Texas. Thanks, Ken. Thanks.
Great. Great job. Together, we’re making
our communities safer, our future brighter, and our people more prosperous
than ever before. This is what our state
and federal partnership is all about:
putting the American Dream within reach
of all of our citizens. And that’s happening
more and more, and we’re very proud of it. Thank you all for
your friendship and your partnership
and leadership. Extraordinary
leadership, really. Thank you all for the incredible
service to your states, your citizens, and your nation.
You are very special people and doing a very special
and important job. And everybody
very much appreciates it, and I want to lead that list.
Great job. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. (applause)

  1. May Almighty God ABUNDANTLY bless our President, his family, cabinet and every American who stands for the freedoms God gives us in this nation!!!

  2. Never forget the police officer who moved here legally from Fiji to be murdered by a Criminal Alien God bless his family God bless his family and blue and may all of them hold The Thin Blue Line

  3. This is great news Mr. President, Since crime is going down that means the government is going to stop stepping own our rights with these gun laws against legal gun owners correct? If at all possible can you help the United States People get some of many rights the Democrats has already made us lose. Thank you for your consideration to these matters and Thank you for your service Sir and God Bless!!!

  4. Not a damn thing changed when Trump took office. My daughter was murdered and the FBI made money off her death. They didn’t tell me anything. I had to find Jeff Sessions talking about MY DAUGHTER on my own. Tell me how victims are being taken care of. They aren’t. The drug cartel got citizenship after the investigation into them started. PLEASE tell me what has gotten better. Pres Trump has no idea what is going on in our country.

  5. Man he looks so worn down and defeated. After Cohen and Mueller closing the noose, this is a dead man walking. Primed and ready for impeachment

  6. ​trump didnt put in the right people he listened to the swamp
    ​and appointed more swamp
    ​never thought rand paul would become a RINO… wheres the new AG bill barr? hes MIA like jeff sessions? i said it when he was appointed hes not gonna investigate the real criminals the DEMOCRATS
    bill barr was recommended by the swamp.. the swamp is not gonna let trump appoint anyone thats gonna investigate them
    ​trump should of appointed joe digenova

  7. Thank you President Trump for saving America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Our ICE agents are the best.❤️👍 President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is literally eliminating the drug cartel and dealers in his country. 👍

  8. Stay well Mr. President #DonaldJohnTrump sir, safe, #God bless, and #GodBlessAmerica. #Godspeed for #TheRepublic. #ForWhichItStands. One nation under #God. Indivisible with #liberty and #justice for all. #TheJointStaff #USAGov #TheWhiteHouse

    Sincerely And Respectfully,

    Paul Mason Ranck us

  9. Donald J Trump is an illegitimate president, owned and operated by the Russian Federation. His illegal occupancy in our White House is coming to an end! Tick-tock Trump!

  10. This gutless wonder can not even accept blame for his own failings at the 'Summit'… America this coward is what you voted in as President lol hasnt the guts, like a real man to stand and take the blame for his own failings… real men do
    My God even small children will stand there, and have more guts than this old man, and take the blame for their wrong doings…..

  11. Thank you for not killing us! You are by far the best President! Thank you President Trump for all you do! 💜🇺🇸💡🙏

  12. I like Presidents when they ARE NOT CRIMINALS 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇺🇸🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  13. Man buys dollar store collar for loving dog, cheap collar comes loose, dog dies, man kills himself. Another country made a profit though, that's all that matters, we are out of the red, or are we?????

  14. Maybe the DOJ will get after the FCC and make the American media great again?
    Really tired of the game.
    An American disabled veteran who cannot trust the V.A. for anything……🤔🤨
    Cheerleading has its place until the game is 165,749 to 0
    Time to get tough has come and gone. Conservative CONSTITUTIONALISTS are the only way to save this country, and most likely, humanity.

  15. End the drug war. Abolish Citizens United. Drain the swamp. Get that drug money and corporate cash out of the hands of the beuracrats who are suppose to represent the people. Instead of perpetuating the addiction and using it for speechs. Decriminalize them all so that addicts can get treatment without being ostracized and cut out of society. That's the only way for an actual solution. Take away the criminals income and actually use prisons for violent offenders. Putting someone who needs help fighting an addiction in the same confined spaces with someone who committed rape, Armed robbery, and even murderer is perpetuating the problem. Don't even get me started on private prisons bribing politicians to make more laws to lock more people up.

  16. The democrats knew about sept 11 in 1998 and did nothing to stop the murder of all of those people they have fought the president on a wall.who lacks security .Democrats or republicans.

  17. Trump extending sanctions on Russia, cited threats to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity and “actions and policies of the Government of the Russian Federation, including its purported annexation of Crimea and its use of force in Ukraine” as continuing to present “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security and foreign policy.

    The extension enables Washington to maintain the sanctions against Russia imposed over its alleged conduct regarding Ukraine since the February 2014 US-backed coup in Kiev.

    So in other words, the US / West created this mess in Ukraine, just as they did in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and of course Venezuela, supporting another illegal regime change, and because it hasn't gone to plan, Russia is being sanctioned for it. That's what the US is all about, illegal despotic globalism, and when it fails, they throw a tantrum and cry. What a pathetic country!
    You must be running out of time, money and friends, as you burn them with everything you do. Sad sick country. I would flee if i lived there, this is not going to end well for US citizens.

  18. Skim the Froth. Maryland AG is a Joke, Racist, Scumbag. Hogan not much better.
    MD Deplorable 👌🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👌

  19. Everyone today it seems is promoting diversity and multiculturalism.
    But did you ever notice that these things are being promoted in ALL White countries and ONLY in White countries?
    Did you ever wonder why that was the case?
    Diversity and multiculturalism, if allowed to continue, will turn every White country on earth into a non-White country within a few decades. There will still be plenty of Black countries and Asian countries. Under international law, this is genocide.
    Diversity and multiculturalism are codewords for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  20. I'm subscribed and have the bell clicked. I NEVER receive these videos in my notifications. Fucking google propaganda machine. "Don't be evil" my ass.

  21. Children Protection Service lies in reports to get money for state.
    This agency is not legal and nor is it a court.
    This agency needs to be gone.
    Innocent parents are losing their Children base on lies and fabricated stories through Child custody battle and social workers to get brownie points for cash.
    Theses cases need to be dismissed asap.
    Please do something about this.
    Americans 10 Amendment Right is being ignored.
    Parents are teaming up to sue the government.
    States are receiving Billions.
    And lying to get cash.
    Also they are connected also through human trafficking.
    Case workers on Youtube speaks of this.
    Theses children and parents are victims
    They are keeping kids from Dads mostly even if State didnt make no Charges.
    This cases need to be free of continue abuse by CPS


  23. Until the US stops doing the bidding of the Jews, America will never be "great again." We must purge these psychotics from our government.

  24. the republicans are gutless cowards they deserve to lose in 2020….democrats abuse power they are lawless criminals and nothing is being done about it..where is new AG bill barr i thought he was gonna investigate the real criminals the DEMOCRATS? hes MIA hes another jeff sessions the swamp that surround trump recommended bill barr you think the swamp is gonna allow trump to appoint a rule n law AG to investigate them? HELL NO…..trump should of appointed joe digenova but we will see if this bill barr does anything

  25. the gutless republicans should take lessons from the criminal democrats at least they know how to investigate

  26. Debate for the comments: Should The White House include Live Chat on their livestreams? (They currently do not.)

    Let me preface by addressing my first thoughts on both sides.

    If we are to say that they SHOULD include it, it would be as a perpetuation of how Washington feels on free speech, and not including it would reflect negatively on that notion.

    If we are to say they SHOULD NOT, it would be in defense of their right to not provide a platform of speech, and to create a more neutral perception of the content free of uninformed opinions (of which, there are many, and by uninformed, I mean they haven’t watched the video, they’re spreading misinformation before it can be challenged, etc.)

    I’m actually not sure what to think, but if you give a shit, gimme a reply

  27. I wouldn't use the term, "delivers". Instead, I'd say "spews forth as he perspires with great intensity".

  28. Why are bus loads of illegals being transported from the border to a church in San Diego by DHS?

  29. The camera work savatage continues, & it is happening far to often (video jiggling & red-light behind Presidents head; flashing red light = subliminal symbol for stop)! The videoing person should be taken off this duty. The person/s does/do this to often during crucial coverage. The President & the American People do not need it.

  30. President Trump is a uniter. Democrats represent cartels and special interests and continue to divide OUR nation. Trump is US!
    Elect a congress of The People in 2020. NO DEMS!

  31. Does everyone here get chill bumps knowing that our POTUS is a real live SuperHero!! Im so proud of you TRUMP!!

  32. YOU FREEK,SNAKE OIL SALESMEN,and what the religisim lovers”ferasees”shan’t him to beTHE ANTICHRIST. WHERES HARVY AT GOD DAMIT !

  33. FOX NEWS ALERT; 53% of Americans Polled DISAPPROVE of trump's Job as President

    Read it and weep,

  34. I wonder if our hateful AG from MA Maura Healy is there. She has at least 13 lawsuits against our president.

  35. 1st 3 words of the title say it all:




  37. If our President is forced to hand over his tax returns then we need Congress to be transparent & governors too as well as prior presidents. We must pass laws on the state level & start with California, New York. Petition to get it on the ballot. Demand it be retroactive so we see Pelosi's tax returns & Feinstein's.

  38. Off Topic!!

    Mr. President, PLEASE send ALL House And Senate Republicans to the southern border for a three day evaluation of our embattled border condition!!! PLEASE!

  39. Maybe some of our President's common sense will rub off on Washington State's attorney general. Regretfully, it's probably not going to happen.

  40. President Trump is my President proud to have him as my President love this man, the Don is the man, he will put those evil democrats in their places in the 2020 election. they are losing ratings because of their resist and obstruct and their evil demonic ways, baby killers baby killers baby killers murders and sick deranged hypocrites traitors racists bigots impeach all the democrats common people vote these demonic devils slave drivers out. in 2020. President Trump gets my vote in 2020, democrats baby killers, devils make me sick to my stomach,

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  42. To those looking at my comments, I don't need people telling me I'm right to know I'm right. Nor do I say I'm perfect, but I've dam sure climbed enough bottom mountains to be perfected almost like no other out there. (in many ways like them sayings– I never said I know it all, but I sure do know what I know) (I never said I can f*** everyone up, but you best believe I know I can knock out a good 35-40% and with my health problems)

  43. American workers FIRST
    We need an immigration moratorium. We have all the workers we need right here in America already, no need to import more people.
    Americans can and will fill these jobs.

  44. How close America was to the edge of that cliff, but the job will never be done entirely. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

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    These IOWA STATE BAR Associates TAMPERED WITH THE JURY by planting in it S.Ct. Justice Tom Waterman’s Corporate Board partner TATE FEATHERSTONE.
    Featherstone admitted testimony in the later that he led to convict based solely on inadmissible Hearsay!
    For exposing the Fraud, they fabricated a Charge Of Jury Tampering Against me, the Whistle Blower.
    “ACCUSE THE WHISTLE BLOWER of what you are doing, to create confusion and inculcate jurists Against Evidence Of your own guilt.”- Saul Alinsky, RUL S FOR RADICALS.
    Evidence TOM MILLER IS UNFIT; You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police
    Watch: Cancer Patient On Trial for Cannabis, Mike Wise Show.
    Read: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment.
    After decades of sexually abusing children, Iowa Judge Marlita Greve fined paedophile Priest James Jannsen $750….Unconscionable or Professional Courtesy ?
    UPDATE: CLERK OF COURT JULIE CARLIN & DONNA HUMPAL REFUSE to File our Applications for Post-Conviction Relief, sent by US CERT MAIL. Where is the Accountability ?
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