President Moon to talk global economy, denuclearization on first day of G20 Summit

our top story this morning a hectic day
of diplomacy lies ahead for South Korean president moon jae-in as the g20 summit
in Osaka officially kicks off in the coming hours later on this Friday
president moon will take part in a leader session where the member states
will discuss the global economy and international trade he will also hold
talks with a handful of his global counterparts including a crunch meeting
with Russian President Vladimir Putin a key player in efforts to denuclearize
North Korea Park Jun has his report from Osaka on the opening day of the g20
Osaka summit on Friday president mundane will engage in economic discussions
focused on addressing the global uncertainties brought about by the
us-china trade conflicts a session will be held on the global economy trade and
investment one of the four themes of the 14th g20 meeting president moon is
expected to share his government's fiscal policies including his push for a
supplementary budget bill he is also expected to call for joint diplomatic
efforts among the g20 nations in addressing global economic issues
including trade tensions with the g20 being one of the first parties to take
action in combating the global financial crisis in 2008 active discussions will
be held to prevent such a meltdown from happening again president one will also
be occupied with a scheduled summit with Indonesia and policy talks with India
and another lens but attention mainly focuses on president moon meeting a key
player in the North Korea denuclearization talks Russia this is
perhaps the most important discussion of the day in terms of furthering his peace
drive on the Korean Peninsula president moon is expected to learn of North
Korean leader Kim jong-un's thoughts from Kim's bilateral summit with
Vladimir Putin in April and as for Russia's continued support for his peace
drive on the kree Peninsula and besides a series of talks there's the question
of whether president moon will be able to hold talks with Japanese Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe a president moon has made it clear that he's willing to meet
to resolve the labor dispute between the two countries and he's open to a
last-minute meeting but there's appears to depend entirely on Japan
kakouton Arirang news Osaka


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