Prepping For Evac - Part 55 - Days Gone - Lets Play Walkthrough Gameplay

hey everybody welcome back today's gone it looks like this we are like this has got to be the end shadow of death the accident story will walk you out from southern regions I think we're ready we're gonna try and escape out of here in a helicopter no less I have a so Brian's help a revelation last night a new group of recruits joined our ranks and have already been sworn in they have traveled far from the east west south and north they're coming to this place at this time is no accident they bring word of more camps like the one to the south which we have purged camps filled with degenerates these drug addicts and murders we are threatened all of us every day we live in the shadow of death yeah but that shadow is not crushed by rabid freaks that surround us right they are part of God's plan hey a part of God's punishment no no it is not the freaks who threatened to destroy us like Noah before us we have built an ark to save mankind to save all the knowledge until another flood waters recede we may rebuild here at the end of the world God is not sending the oceans from their beds to rise up and sweep away the Damned there will be new baptism of water No in this last stage we are the flood we are sent for took baptize the world oh we're doing a holy war now okay I hope you're ready because we're doing this we're doing this right now get us this incredible like wizard island militia camp we say that like it's something we forgot it seems like a pretty big thing to forget did you disable those RPGs ah God I knew there was something I was missing god damn it there's got to be the tower yeah right don't mind me I've gotta get this arrow locked hmm Sarah lieutenant Whitaker come in David I swear to God if after all of this she just not make it you expect some fireworks not the celebratory kind can't you stand guard or do whatever it is you're doing out there Colonels orders got to keep eyes on you at all times I will fuck the Colonel's orders Hey that's creepy you watch your mouth things are changing over here and if you don't follow the or sleep tight make sure we're clear okay you're clear okay that's the plan I need you to pack your stuff we're leaving how are we gonna get out of here they're guards everywhere do you trust me well Brian we're heading up to the cone we got one shot at this who's there Brian where we going time to explain you got everything oh that's yeah that's interesting actually see you thank you see didn't read my note you read it but some who's our bread how's he getting us out of here I told you O'Brien is how I found you he was the nearest soldier who was there that night the night that I put you on that chopper hero yep shit Weaver no no no that was the canister right private are you paying attention eyes on your work man that canister right there shit let's go Weaver let us go oh he was distracting them from seeing us okay yeah look it's a long story I'll tell you all about it once we get clear yep yeah I'm sure they do look you can ask O'Brien when you see him another guard I'll be careful soldier what are you doing I'm sorry man whose area is off-limits how dare you talk back to me do you know the penalty for disobeying an order do you know sleeve well done another guard see if I can get I'll be careful Oh bottom already well done come on we're almost there when I first met the colonel you want to go with me it's a lost lake I mean I mean I thought we were going to Cloverdale we first met the colonel I didn't think we'd be going like full religion just bananas see David come on we're almost out yeah ok this is it we're at the color okay we made it where's it where's he where's it right he'll be here he'll be here we just gentleman this is the top of the cone where you can see all amazing brave fellow tonight I've just been giving this group of new recruits a tour of the island we're just about to go down into the arc you should join us gentlemen this is lieutenant Whitaker she heads up part of the research team that's exploring ways to use poison to defeat whoa look who it is no way all this bad timing you gotta be freaking kidding me you've got to be kidding me no the leader of that camp Lost Lake since you polish it I've never met this mother fertile you've got to believe me all right I'm listening I am Telling You he is a spy Matt this guy's crazy you've never seen him before he comes out of nowhere I'm not lying have him show us you back well show us you know for now that's my last warning now we will get to the truth of this matter thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor captain Corey I forget is at the eighth of the ninth commandment I don't rightly recall sir at Lost Lake and he attacked a woman what the fuck he wasn't wearing a shirt son of a bitch has a tattoo covering his back some satanic shit it's some kind of dog a dead dog she went through a chain or something like it was nothing I pulled him off her he was drunken we fought like hell there who knows it wouldn't have happened if I had what'd you make him show him us his back and you will see who's lying I'm sorry colonel this shit is just so you wear the image of servers the Hound of Hades how fitting that you were discovered ascending from the underworld but you're not Cerberus are you you hide behind what about you lieutenant how convenient that you were with the drifter when the Nero helicopter came by Colonel I do not know what you're talking about you weren't a Nero captains of a run how long have you been spying on us holy Frick don't you dare this from drifters do not ah it was me colonel I lied if you look at my pocket you're gonna find a radio because I called them I called him and I lied I lied to the lieutenant I told her that uh I needed her to help me check shipment but truth is I just [Applause] I'm sorry corporal st. John is unavailable right now Oh God okay never mind sometimes in this search for truth the blood of innocents is get that finger off the trigger dude release private Sikorski was yeah and Cory take this drifter to lock up tomorrow at oh 700 he will stand trial and he will hang lieutenant enough of this we have work to do tell me more about this lost like yes yes sir anything you want to know lieutenant come on get up good I thought I heard you breathing fuck you that's what I want to hear means that shit hadn't broken you yet why sat on your back a dead dog chewing through its chains not something you see every day did some digging before we freed you I was trying to make sense out of it this was taken from the lieutenant when she came into the camp yes it was my guess is it's yours that's correct yeah it's mine and your wife's name it ain't that no it isn't and you've been out here all this time trying to find you just asked me why pretty simple really way I figure it any man who goes who God knows what to find his old lady does not deserve to die the end of a rope he's letting me go you're helping me that just means you're all gonna hang we're not going back the colonel is batshit crazy okay thank God or genocide I mean what the fuck is that yeah hold on what's the plan what are you gonna do going east yeah hopefully we can make it to Reno you should come with us nope you can't go back the militia will show not leaving without her huh then I gotta ride north I got a warrant hi everybody it's way too late for that now why they spent all night clearing the Santee impasse what a convoy rolled out early this morning heading north oh shit you sure you don't want to come with us yeah sure good luck – damn he's in John hey Cory when I told the colonel about my military service I told him I hated every goddamn minute of it but uh maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if if I'd served under someone like you you know maybe it's not too late nice looks like they left us a nice little selection of guns to look at this lowly idea hop little stubby sidearm okay so what's lots of these taken up we can go the shotgun here sniper yeah I think this is okay I wish we had a bit more ammo but that's fine let's go Ripper Club got to get back to La Salette get the hell out of here horse I'm gonna save Boozer I can't save can't save Sara but I can save that I'm sorry sir not giving up Sandia highway it's clear down yeah that's passed away Oh No I thought we're gonna find a shortcut but it's like that ain't happening said you this way no way around it oh we would have went down there ah he's quick what I was like not hitting her all that was lucky oh shit that'll do let's go are you serious oh my god we're in a goddamn deathtrap I guess we got it cleared Oh what Oh clear Oh what he said God something behind us obviously whoops pretty appropriate loading screen tip as well thank you where'd you walk out yeah all right we're just gonna have to fight it Oh one for the helmet get in there he's taking a pretty interesting path now it's whoa where the hell did he go did he run back here was that him damn anybody else better take what we can get here oh cool look at this script No nice find is that all of them huh where'd you walk oh yeah but nothing behind us blew up there we must have it must been a grenade or something they hit us how far are we yeah whoa whoa Oh Frick me down Oh God [Applause] helmet or lucky like so cool so all of these all of these towers seem to have explosive barrel conveniently located right underneath [Applause] oh here we go nice easy let's make as many of these as we can it's kerosene that we're light on panos clearance most clear heads Thank You schism and they're right by it infested nests to well I don't have a silencer so it's game on are we just leaving our bike back oh here we go hey what the of areas you panicked ultimately his cause of death I know the feeling movies other like Road cones kind of who should be there come back booze man come back I'm coming buddy come oppose our Mobile's there schism schism he's there bruiser he's coming for you Papa home loser losers probably loving this Ricky lost leg camp come in Ricky you're white come in [Applause] what the what's going on what the hell's what what what hmm I'm not sure if we went through something oh we're dead though that is sure we are dead still dead come back oh we're not done with man come back covet miserables back schism schism he's there Boozer he's coming for you loser Ricky lost leg can't commit Ricky your flight you come in like midweek let's go to the ground there or something yeah we know we know you

  1. Please don't cut the radio conversation before it ends by entering the mission site, Mr. Odd. Now we don't know the rest of Rikki's conversation with Deek, ugh

  2. @10:56 That nastiness of a man saw Deacon's back when Rikki was patching his wounds. That nasty "peeping tom" of an ingrate. SMH

  3. I was so wrapped up in the game that all of this caught me so off guard. I went into rage mode and murdered everything in my path after all this took place.

  4. Kouri is the freaking man! I figured he was going to be on your side for two reasons. 1) since he lost his wife too, he 100% gets Deacon's goal to rescue Sarah. Had it been him and he was looking for his wife, he'd have done the same thing. 2) You could tell he was not always on the Colonels side and when he got all religious nutty that sealed it. Plus I'm sure with some of these settlements that were attacked that were just living and thriving, ( the ones that weren't marauders, anarchists , etc) Kouri did not like the militia killing them. How I see it.

    Colonel was right about there being far worst out there than the infected. He's his own definition of what he was talking about. Although some of those infected are pretty terrifying.

    Man I cannot wait until we get our hands on Skizzo. That little zit needs to be popped. I hope you feed him to a Rager or horde.

  5. Oh my.. Last time we had a mad man distrusting the fellow man/women we had 5 years of world war… the Colonel a class madman.. he beats tucker with miles.

  6. I guess that's what death's like then – endless loading, coupled with countless useless repeating tips.

  7. Glad to see not every officer in the Militia are batsh*t kookoopuffs. That said, Iron Mike's benevolence really bit Deacon in the arse. Hopefully he gets done in by a Freak. Also glitches galore! 😀

  8. Gosh you drown pretty fast in this game lol… Bridge as object was probably not loaded proper. ^^

  9. SKIZZOOOOOOOOOOO! OMG I hate his guts!! And the Colonel is beyond crazy… ugh!!! Kouri and Weaver are good guys and definitely the most sane guys in that Militia! 😀 Thanks Chris for another two great episodes!! 🙂 Oh man, can't believe you dropped your BFG .50… 17:29 🙁

  10. I thought Tucker was the worst until I met the colonel. And yet the one that angered me the most was Iron Mike with the typical "all lives matter". No, not all lives matter. Skizzo proved it and a lot of actual innocent people paid the price because of Iron Mike and his stupidity.
    At least Tucker knows that she's a piece of shit.
    The colonel is completely insane.
    But Iron Mike is a hypocrite.

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