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hello and welcome to the trash can of ideology this new series is devoted to critically analyzing current political and socio-economic viewpoints and content from a far left perspective I was originally gonna make this pilot about Prager used video on Venezuela but thankfully base Dennis seems to pump out the best ideological fodder at the best of times today we have before us their latest upload titled if you hate poverty you should love capitalism let's get into it the next time you hear someone complain about capitalism consider this the percentage of people living at starvation level poverty has fallen eighty percent since 1970 poverty will never really be saw that there's always some class of people at the bottom level of society the meaning of extreme poverty will only change to fit new conditions regardless of whether or not some arbitrary threshold is met how did this remarkable transformation come to pass was it the fabulous success of the United Nations the generosity of US foreign aid it is not only possible but probable that in the course of this process many people's will fall for varying periods under the influence of Moscow whose ideology has a great earlier for such people's and probably greater reality than anything we could oppose to it in the face of this situation we would be better off to dispense now with the number of the concepts which have underlined our thinking with regard to the Far East we should cease to talk about vagin for the Far East unreal objectives such as human rights the raising of the living standards and democratization the day is not far ROC when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts the brilliant policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank the IMF agreed to loan Yugoslavia money but required a series of reforms which worsened unemployment decentralized the Communist Party and helped fuel nationalism stimulus spending government redistribution hmm no it was none of those things it was capitalism billions of souls around the world have been able to pull themselves out of poverty thanks to opportunities targeted toward impoverished people willing to work longer hours for Less wages than the inhabitants of an employers original region of operation globalization free trade property rights the rule of law and entrepreneurship globalization means the ever-increasing ability to move goods people and ideas from one distant location to another it realistically means the damaging of domestic job markets within developed nations for the acquisition of cheap labor elsewhere at the expense of those nation's people one could make the argument that this practice does raise people from poverty due to the increased amount of work opportunities but it does not mean that the wages for these jobs are in any way much better than what's already available there unless we're talking about careers requiring a significant level of expertise a quality that is far and few between for most people living in poor conditions free trade is open access to markets and people from all over the world with few if any barriers yes it is easier access to cheap labor through dirt poor workers willing to exploit themselves for the sake of feeding their starving families but remember the freer the market the freer the people property rights is ensuring that what belongs to you can't be taken away on a whim by the state when in reality it's the current capitalist state structure that does better to protect a person from the volatile nature of capitalism than it does to harm them this protection also applies to the property rights of the wealthy ruling class that puppeteer is the current state apparatus in the first place the rule of law safeguards contracts assuring that they will be respected and lived up to whether the deal is made in Peru or Poland basically saying no matter where you are in the world you can never escape local capitalism an entrepreneurship is the creativity of free people to dream up new products that we never knew we wanted or needed entrepreneurs themselves that are becoming the same people that outsource jobs to impoverished countries in order to get a fatter paycheck for themselves these five things were all made possible by the historic peace after World War two that resulted from America's global diplomatic and military presence here it sounds like the Soviet Union in the Cold War never existed or all the democratic governments that were replaced by right-wing dictators backed by the United States or the 20 million people that the u.s. killed and almost 40 nations over the past 70 years or the countless proxy wars fought between it in the Soviets definitely sounds like an example of an historic piece the ideals of free enterprise and global leadership central to capitalism and American conservatism are responsible for the greatest reduction in human misery since mankind began its long climb from the swamp to the Stars also how exactly is human misery defined here you'd think conservative ideas would be gaining strength every single day no everywhere no and not just gaining strength among conservatives but also among young idealists no immigrants no minorities no and advocates for the poor No all embracing the principles of free enterprise and unleashing its power on behalf of the vulnerable but this hasn't happened maybe this doesn't happen because these people are too busy trying to make ends meet and a dysfunctional socio-economic landscape to care the jobs that people do managed to get today are requiring an ever-increasing amount of work just to sustain oneself to the contrary capitalism is struggling to attract new followers indeed some believe is destined to fade away yes as it has in much of Europe why does capitalism get such a bad rap one answer is simple the defenders of free enterprise have done a terrible job of telling people how much good the system has done around the world I'm just gonna skip this garbage this ignorance has consequences because there's no substitute for capitalism and the five innovations that make it work you're right because there is no other system but capitalism that can fit the conditions for capitalism to work years of economic research tell us no other system comes close are you going to give a source for those users of economic research or my communism not even socialism you need a system that works while you sleep which is why businesses and stock markets have opening and closing times one that creates the foundations of human prosperity last time I checked the Great Depression and the 2008 recession aren't examples of human prosperity if I recall correctly the Great Depression brought the Nazis and a lot of poor starving people that could be provided for because the free market economy wasn't motivated to provide for their needs sounds quite prosperous to me without central planning or benevolent bureaucrats I don't see any real argument against central planning here other than its central planning I would take a benevolent bureaucrat that remotely cares about my needs and interests over a shallow but out politician that answers only to the highest bidder any day more capitalism more growth more capitalism more growth the formula might seem deceptively simple but it works so how do we lift up the next billion the answer should be clear if you really want to help the poor stand up for capitalism I'm Arthur Brooks president of the American Enterprise Institute for Prager University

  1. "Embrace the principles of free enterprise"
    My country, which used to be part of USSR, in 90's became crime syndicate haven and pro-US libertarian "paradise" with 1/3rd of people leaving country, most major industry shut down. Streets were literally taken over by real estate, protection and loansharking gangs, police was corrupt and bought by richest – only solution government did was by making new police units to combat former.

  2. 0:48 Okay that is totally BS. By your logic even if %99 of people owns a planet as long there is a %1 owning galaxies there would be a poverty in universe.

  3. The only thing you said I actually agree with is being against out sourcing work to other countries, that won't help the country succeed.

  4. There is no system in the world that has been more successful in improving the quality and chances of humanity as a species more than what Capitalism has. To say this is untrue is wilfully throwing a basic truth out the window. Besides, its only due to capitalism that this technology was made available for you to post your leftist videos and its only in capitalist countries you're allowed to actually have the freedom to do that in the first place.

  5. relatively simple in concept, and idea for a papering over of a capitalist economy and naturally transitioning it over to socialism, arranged neatly into a few steps:

    1. gain the power to pass laws, via political party and executive or equivalents in targeted country( this process is designed around the US Gov. and Economy)

    2. Close the Stock market, return all stock to it's original company.

    3. enact a law mandating all companies to hold elections for their boards of directors(give a 3 month time period for this to be done before punitive actions are taken), preferably making sure valid candidates are people who have worked at the company for a long time. ( example; 5 years)

    4. forgive or pay all debt held by citizens and small companies. paying is preferred to limit economic impacts, but if the government cannot afford it forgiving is a better option.

    5. establish state provided healthcare and education if they do not already exist, nationalize public utilities such as water, gas, electricity, roads, internet, sewage etc., buying out these companies is preferred to limit economic impact, but one again outright seizure should not be ruled out if the government cannot afford to buy.

    6. if the last 5 steps put the country in a deficit, or if the tax system is unequal, raise taxes on the rich and large companies and lower taxes on low income groups and small companies. if the deficit persists, institute no more than a 10% All-Imports tariff. if the deficit STILL persists consider budget cuts to the military within reason so as to not cripple it's defensive capability. if deficit STILL persists begin exploitation and sale of natural resources or consider a new currency (these last 2 are drastic and dangerous steps that are not recommended)

  6. Historic peace after WWII?
    Did you hear something called COLD WAR?!

  7. As a nationalist, i actually agree with a fair bit of this. Particularly, your comments on globalization. The beneficiaries of this process are not the people but a handful of (((globalist elites))).

  8. cool bro. first man in space.
    but the US had been sending men to the moon from 1969 (from Apollo 11) to 1972 (Apollo 17). and Russia still could fucking do it. To this day. the US is the only country to have its people on the moon.

    But so forth, i agree with everything else youre trying to tell us in the vid :/

  9. I think capitalism is so "good" of a system, that It will eventually give way to communism whether it likes it or not. The same way evolution created a species that was capable of republic and escape its hierarchy based nature

  10. PragerU adds give me fucking cancer. They annoy me so much I typed in prager u sucks and watched the first video.

  11. I used to believe a lot of the crap that Prager U spouted. But holy shit, when you look deeper at the nuance you realize just what a load of bunk their 'free market capitalism' shit is. I think that once upon a time, not too long ago, even conservative outlets actually did state that the US economy was built around protectionism and not free market capitalism, but they've ditched that introspection for a while now.

  12. "If you dont pull yourself out of poverty, it's your own fault, because capitalism is fucking awsome" – PargerU

  13. And it makes one Wonder , how did that sperm win and evolved to a youtuber, socialism has never worked and only the ones who want others to support and work for him, aka lazy basement dwellers. You sir are a stupid lazy moron.

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