1. Game about communism supported by capitalist means.

    We are truly evolving as a species

  2. "Which pretty much gives you access to fun new features like…. losing your savegame of 15 hours" fell off my chair from laughter

  3. Yeaaah 199 workers for State labour. Keep up the fight guys we should gather more.

    Like comment to promote Recruitment to Libertards… I mean State officials

  4. I hope AdVenture Nazi next i like germany because too many G O S H D A R N P E O P L E hate tem

  5. It dosen't makes sense…

    Communism means more focus on industrial than agriculture…


    This was made by a capitalist!

  6. Wow. I've played the mobile version up to Rank 25… it's an entirely different beast.

    Except for part about losing save game, ehhh… that happen too. Usually from not being able to log into Google Play Games and so it resets your Kongregate ID.

  7. Wow I didn’t realize just how different the game was back then. They‘ve redone it since and it works way better now

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