hello and welcome to atomic society this is a bit of a sort of emergency backup video because our empyrion server is down and has been down for nearly 24 hours now making it slightly difficult to record content so this is one of the games that I bought in the steam summer sale this week Tomic society has been on my wish list for a while he's now at a sort of reasonable price for an early access game in my opinion anyway so I've never played this before I'm not even much gameplay of it before them no idea what to expect you're gonna go into a new game it's a briefing the war destroyed everything law or an order became a distant memory you were fortunate enough to avoid the carnage in a government bunker after many years right in radiation levels dropped making a meeting possible but the bunker leadership became fearful what if it was still chaos up there in the end the majority voted it was too risky to leave then you volunteered to go if just a few engineers would come with you with the supplies they could carry you would prove it was possible to rebuild society the majority laughed at you but agreed if you succeeded in building a large town with a stable population they might come up – and if you fail who cares you and a few engineers prepared to leave the bulk of the first time knowing the others will lock the hatch after you the future of society is in your hands ok let's let's go back for a second because I think I need to turn some audio down there's no staff that – something like that there we go yes is that better that's better as much better ok so ok on the right hand side here we've got first name and then sponge spend gee no sir age I know 23 I'll always be 23 yes I just got to be the gin Chozen it Oh God who's this guy yeah I'll have that one oh I'll take a big knitted sweater and a very much a white guy because I've been locked in a bunker for years so let's do that and that's Kate yeah there we go they're gay so spam spongy no a 23 atomic cultist okay belief system right well we got back I don't know how to pronounce that Buddhist Catholic Church of Jesus Christ Hindi Jane Jehovah Jew Muslim new-age Orthodox okay pretty much every the Satanist awesome Shinzo sieves be retiree unknown agnostic yeah enough don't know ancestral beliefs atheist or atomic culture so there you'll go with atomic cultist because I'm atomic baby the town leader is your character in the game can perform optional tasks belief is purely personal cosmetic choice both our names and age must be entered before you can proceed to Tory assistance is on I'm gonna need that and we're gonna stick with moderate difficulty let's accept oh we've got different maps that's pretty cool Tundras valleys flood plains forests wastelands canyon dunes each one has got its own little description that lets own a wasteland after leaving the bunker you stumble across a secluded and rocky desert with a decent number of nearby ribbons there is an eerie calm here and a chance to start anew there is water there so that's good there is water in the canyon escaping week-long storms that ravaged the country you seek shelter in a deep isolated Canyon the location contains a few ruins remember dis use an unworkable mining operation that perhaps you can strip down the dunes this arid region has been blasted to sand by a nuclear detonation to deep canyon divides area by two however the spacious desert will provide plenty of space to grow and there are a few ruins from an old military testing site ooh I might be quite good as military testing site presumably is gonna have some guns and stuff I don't know if there is even combat in this game to be honest Nature has slowly start to reclaim this region since the war trees choke in irradiated soil as a howling wind sweets cause toxic lakes but the least not everything in the country has turned to ash I think I'm gonna go with Canyon I I'll check out these other ones maybe another time so Canyon begin your mission on a randomly selected map that might be quite fun but less there I used to be Canyon let's go with Canyon okay oh right welcome to atomic society this tutorial will explain how to build your first town and set your first law click on the orange arrow to the right of this textbox to proceed blah blah blah blah blah brace yourself a lot of survivors will die awesome as you make your town life is harsh in the wasteland the only thing you can do for them is keep going and eventually if you lead wisely you will have a settlement where everybody could survive ok bit of prologue after leaving the bunker you have traveled to a remote era of area avoiding the dangerous cities most of the survivors have gathered in isolated safe regions like this even as you hiked here a large group of sick and hungry survivors join you curious to see if a bunker dweller had anything to offer they have little faith in your vision of a new town but they will reluctantly work if you provide jobs and lead by example the engineers with you are wary these people look dangerous they say you can tell some of the survivors have grown used to Anarchy in the wasteland it won't be easy turning this group of idle strangers into a community and some of them look like they're ready to drop dead from the long hike here doesn't matter no matter how many died you won't let the people who the bunker be proven right society can be rebuilt survivors with you say word has already spread across the region others will come to see what you have to your upcoming town will prove civilization is still possible or not dan dan dan and closed all right we've got Zuma jizz we can move the map around cool we got some stuff over here from water okay cool cool cool cool cool cool cool and my little saw horde of people these guys hello are you all very well-dressed and I say force or nucleus survivors well done brace yourself maybe you should pause this let's just pause it so if you're not moving forward a lot supposed to die brother blah blah we've read that one already at the start of a new game you will be in the overview mode this lets you get a higher look at the area hold down the right mouse button to look around you can zoom in and stuff very nice controls can be rebound up about you can move the camera WCD left mouse button and drag the landscape around yeah we did that get my left-right mixed up through the camera near the filter bubble okay we know how to move the camera now let's try town leader mode to do this click on the circular icon in the bottom right of the screen space this is the optional camera mode that lets you get closer look at the world well look at that here we go very nice while in town leader mode you can move the camera but it was just left clicking your mouse on a free spot ground to tell the leader to go there I mean I didn't even know where my leader is he's one of these guys look for the guy that looks like me wait can everybody see and I hope me where I did you at and where's my purple knitted jumper I wasn't home to put everybody's in a purple knitted jumper wait there I am there's me I could tell me to go somewhere I might the only one with a beard how are you locked like fresh shaven seriously is this any way cool I can perform a number of actions first of all let's choose where to found your town to do this it must convert one of the large building rubens on the landscape into a storehouse you want to pick an area with good amount of open flat space I mean lots of nearby ruins for loot is also worth considering well the only ruin here is that thing there it's a ruin over there as some more there's another house thing here oh hey there's a whole whole slew of stuff over here actually yeah cool this map is quite big actually I wasn't expecting it to be so large and how do we get back now I've kind of gone and run amok this is pretty cool we got some stuff over here a random cargo crate house house on a hill how did this landscape form okay so this one you want one near war I don't mean I'm thinking over here right because you got all these like pylons things I'm thinking this this dude here would make a good first store house so let's try and find our way back to our dudes because right here is not good I don't think we've got this tiny little whatever that is there's a little billboard kind of thing that's not gonna make a good store house so we've got convert one of the buildings to ruin and I was getting stores you want to pick an area with good amount blah blah blah blah press space to the circuit button right to leave town in a mode and return to Overman look around for a large ruin in a decent area to make the center of your having sentiment which we've done it's over there when you found a spot right click on that ruin and press square shaped orange what it converts a storehouse but ignore the construction menu that pops up take anywhere on the ground close to it okay so we need to go back over there Liyana me know maybe get higher here we go we move we move quicker than higher we are white so here we are this guy here this guy old petrol station guy convert this really into standard sized storehouses please okay you can all the construction menu which is this thing here and click anywhere on the ground to close it cool well they're good while they are going off to convert that ruin let's use the spare time to gather supplies to build a town you will need three resources lumber metal and masonry it's a way to gather these roses scavenge the various wounds around the map not all ruins contain all three roses and resources you won't find wood in vehicles for example cool later on we will employ citizens to gather these supplies for us right right now let's gather some in person left click on any of the ruins vehicles or man-made objects you see around you the option to salvage will pop up click on this it's only the world now automatically run off and salvage this ruin you can speed up this process by using the time controls in the info bar bla bla bla bla ok so let's let's maybe unpause then and go to 1 times speed we can click on this dude and send town either Salvage here so let's see oh yeah there we go I'm running off really really la where do you care in boss we need you follow the man with a very neatly stone sweater the knitted sweater man coming back oh wow ok Spanish man Gino in salvaging rare great items the leader can sometimes be found if you salvatorians manually very nice very nice 73% fruit cool speed up time shortcut keypad use the various full all right well done leader wait if your engine is to finish converting your first doors when they have finished repairing the ruined a box will pop up where you can enter a name for your settlement right ok so we need to speed up time all right we can go 2 3 4 times because these guys these guys are are a bit of a walk don't worry about it oh yeah just wear it six times as fast as we can go it might take a while you gather around this billboard hey knitted sweater man's gonna say something alright they've started covering that thing I might I don't know how to get everybody over here you design rent arrears for I can't get everybody over here I think I presume they'll sort of wander around the more I kind of set things to salvage or whatever this is not doing anything help construct this yeah there we go yeah because it's a zero percent so I'm guessing that well I don't know actually they sue it six times speed yeah because we're like things are dropping like terribly this is a zero percent why is this zero percent why am i my guys not even here yet and I'll be why oh whoa what just happened there I press spacebar and something weird strange happened where are my dudes they're my dudes I'll be Y zero percent then they don't even arrived yet I'm getting ahead of myself come on dudes yeah we're talking bingo or should we call outta town spange annapolis it's bad oh well oh we got DNS and spange in that Paulists i love it announce smell you hapless now you named your town you can build brand-new structures to do this click on the hammer barn in the bottom right at the screen this will bring up a list of all available structures right click inventory fool clicker to return town cool explore the structures that are available in this version of the game and when ready continue to the next step cool to help build things you should deposit the items your town need at your salvage left click on the restore house then click on the round icon that pops up to deposit items your leader will go and do this when it has happened right click on your storehouse to see what resources you have okay well he's a way off he's over there anything he's running nobody else runs here we go here's a lot of building stuff cool we kind of need a water well first of all not enough resources to collect and deposit them which requires Salvage matron savage male salvaged lumber which we now have okay we have a water well like there please is that is that good is that a good place to put water I didn't even know it didn't really change me for much advice on it dig down into the barren ground and seek war this building with regularly wind shucks trickle water heapify them although they unforgiving produces three well water cycle or good drink resource time to read APA requires three workers from maximum output okay oh right hang on what's going on here these guys dead avoid just have I'd lost some people return people serious disease is spreading oh good well that's always fun cause of death die over here oh boy can you salvage that please one the rest of the town saw catch up click to hire workers here vacant employ leaders inventory is full well going on MD then I think we need to slow down time because things are happening a little bit too fast for me at the moment ok with the storehouse open look closer the orange boxes beside some of the resources if you tick one of these your leader and citizen scavenge focus on getting the item very useful if you're missing something we now hire some scavengers okay oh sweet look at this stuff right okay well we need we need that and that we need all of it where you can only do one at a time food and drinks just everything just I can only do one it to one thing at a time right okay well find some water box cuz we need some more apparently these how do I get rid of bodies okay maybe we need to build like a mortuary or something elder elders end a thick dream Crematory right working in pairs employees at the Crematory will pick up courses carry them back to burn we need we need a crematorium we need a can I rotate buildings oh I can't seem to rotate them oh yeah I can't Q and E right well we probably won this a little bit further away from you know the rest of the town right so something like back here nice crematorium front lout there right go build that because otherwise we're gonna have disease everywhere our bodies have no disappeared well GG good job what well is it 0% serious disease it's spreading latrines of course we need toilets latrines again probably a little bit outside of town has a lake here we're going to get water from the lake a messager arise while you're hard at work a small group of strangers in as the town you've seen many unusual people since leaving the bunker but this group stands out the other citizens seem nervous of them and keep their distance it appears the strangers are slaves as their eyelids have been removed oh my god Arisa shackled together yet they appear confident even arrogant they claim to be the voice of the true ruler and tell you this is not your land the true ruler of this area has one law all settlements that seek to grow above 250 souls or last a full three years will be considered a threat they must submit this is all they will tell you you try to invite them in but they simply walk back into the waist and fade away your people are alarmed there have been rumors of tyrant of a tyrant out there far away perhaps you will meet this person one day yay conflict let's get some toilets in here next to the crematorium or something well yes the Trine's are wonderful bodies and poop go in the same place there you go whereas Alma dudes dudes they've all been dying along the way that dad lost – Jesus look at the fucking body just litter the landscape what are you doing hey you must be like my web my wife dad okay Badu did alright we're losing people like crazy death its feature above this point oh right yeah they're all fucking dying from water and stuff the well I think we might need several of these oh it's broken repair it repairing why is it not serious disease yeah you know I'm making toilets keep calm and keep pooing alright it's good good I helped construct this literally I'm the only one constructing it those are my other people that can build our just lazing about all over the shop alright hang on what are we all Christ's we don't have much in the way of this try and get some salvaged metal here and somebody I don't want to send the leader to do it can I get like other people to do it alright poop machines are almost ready the crematorium is almost ready and then we kind of need to stop feeding people the water situations diabolical though it's why is it well water here we go we got in water yes 95 96 I think we need several of these I don't know can we place them in those proximity well water did my water like go up like a Mitch annex might why we got toilets people oh well they stopped building that as well did they die they did actually died building it building roads employee get some people to work there let's start mopping up all these bodies oh Jesus law weaponsmith morale food and drink food and drink or not we need a do collector alright let's get a do collect not enough resources we need salvage mail can you just go and salvage that this is a ridiculous man matter than that go leader man this guy is like on something and I always got all that energy good man I play could somebody start mopping these bodies up please well I thought I what I think has gone up a little bit and we are gonna need another well we're definitely gonna need another well let's get a do collector here we go who are my chroma Torian guys who are these people outsiders just burn the bodies burn the bodies just fine lots of salvage mail now while searching this ruin discovered a rail right and they can boost your abilities mouse over to see what you found click quit with it how do I do that build a scavengers hurt which is in the function of riot chaos – new medium backpack equipped sweet Co Mike deposit your stuff great now we make a do collector this let's make a do collector the other side of the storehouse right there I don't know why just reasons we really need someone to deal with these bodies Michael macaca little Cochran goes Spanish goodness Mangino help my leader is literally the only one that's gonna crap he's on some kind of Bunker speed what people are writhing this is good this is good from everywhere look at these sons of bitches you'll come in here for my water that's what you're doing in it go off my war I need it for the little rabble of people that followed me here in the first place 50% make it oh geez death yeah having the dreams for 78% great okay so just go back to reading this stuff here okay so notice coming to the heart which is in functional section in the build menu before placing it you can rotate the building Q&E which everybody found left click and a building is read the game it explain why you cannot build that once place your engineers will now go off to build the structure as the leader you can help them build to do this left click on the circular construction percentage blah blah blah blah blah press the large orange help construct button at the bottom and this will ultimately put you in town leader mode and your leader will go off to help speed up the building process employ people okay scavenger Hut which one is that under then that's the cog scavenger hunt Oh what do we need we are short on salvaged lumber okay we need salvaged lumber please people there's more just bodies just falling everywhere although our death thing our death thing has gone above death right but morale is pretty bloody low an engineer bring in my engineers engineers have died where can I get lumber from the trees maybe no okay I can't do that one how about you masonry and metal crap lumber one oh Jesus lumber Salvage luck there's nothing else to salvage this thing is literally orders metal which is great got lots of metal I need there yeah you know scavengers hunt look at these guys right water is no longer an issue for now okay any non poop latrines but Jesus the bodies are mounting up the crematoriums gonna be working overtime and to turn it over to help repair well you mean why is it why is it returning with a body seeking drink the opening lumber all right cool my dude Madhu Don speed is on the lumber mish you found a special item you found a large hiking backpack or place medium right increase it yeah cool sweet imagery full click to return give me that lumber I need shows how happy people generally are with a food quality in a town where there is no bloody food and I was really death is now killing people because of the food so we got the water sorted now I need the food but we need we need items in order to build everything and just all the while more and more bodies are piling up oh Jesus latrines 478 serious diseases are spreading I need more latrines it's like bloody Glastonbury around here everybody's right okay let's get a scavenger hunt now punishment centre like that that's the wrong one scavengers hurt all right let's just put you I don't know there ish yeah do that go help spongy no you're literally the hope of this town run yeah you think in your life and not really doing a very good job is everybody's dead Dave everybody's dead oh Jesus any of these people have like names or anything you may not open to Town Hall stats open Town Hall issues Sokol through buildings that have locked worker slots population get to 350 citizens to complete a goal town size is unlimited after that okay sweet all right go all right can I do anything with that okay so once placer engineers will go up a bra help you strapped bonus will ultimately put you in town leader mode let's just pause it for a second when your scavenger hat is finished being built right click on it to open employees take the employees box return hire the maximum amount but only if you can what hang huh so the survivors who have tagged along with you will work hard for you but only if you give them jobs sure citizens will now go and start working the scavenger hunt scavenger automatically search for the surrounding area for vital new building materials and additional food and water if you want to fire a worker right-click on any work place and click the padlock button to stop anybody being hired okay fine now you've started a settlement word will soon spread across the wasteland desperate survivors may start arriving at your town and they will have needs in the bottom left of the screen you can see the average happiness 500 plus the average happiness is going down if you right-click on the citizens you can also gain more information on the issues and problems about this guy unemployed homeless and homosexual is that a personal issue brilliant alright fine yeah a lot of these guys with the same issues current problems I should eat something soon yeah good luck with that I mean it's pretty body's around so you can eat those maybe take a look at the new tab in the bottom left of the screen news tab okay there we go well Emma Stewart caught the plague from her corpse well Emma what are you doing with that corpse in the first place seriously what is wrong with you you'll also see a goals tab this tells you what you must do to create proper settlement that can survive for generations that's a lot of ticks town Hope rating at 25% down fully protected construed as an act at least six laws all five town needs above 50% will divert 60% to your belief system ah yes the cultists so we cool and citizens need food water a place to sleep medical aid and a place to boost their morale let's place a townhall structure first social ethical category goon if your engine is die you should help build a builder's yard and employ sits and to build for you right okay sure maybe food should be the top of the priority list here build a town hall remember you can help construct it as your leader as you wish okay well fine there's a gazillion things to do Russ rusty rusty statute artwork burning stuff right food livestock ranch salvage masonry let's let's start with maybe a greenhouse but again we need to salvage masonry so can't build that builders yard can't built that we need we need salvaged masonry so let's maybe go for salvaged masonry now please chaps and play ok well that's going to take a while so I'm going to end this episode there we have dead bodies everywhere we've got lots of people arriving only 62 people percent of people can poo at the moment so that's a serious issue and people are dying from starvation as as you can see and and the plague apparently is back which is great but nevertheless super sponge is running around like a headless chicken trying to fix everything because he's a hero anyway thank you very much for watching have you enjoyed and hopefully I'll see you next time so then take care bye bye

  1. If enough people die the food bars bound to go up due to the current food been shared around less. lol, Hmmm maybe I wouldn't make a great town leader

  2. Interesting concept and mash up of games and genres.

    Sadly the graphics dont work for it's unwatcheable.(not the videos fault) Ah well 😈
    Hope you get your EGS server woes fixed soon.

  3. not even 2 minutes in and i can smell a fallout ripoff, so many slightly modified sentences straight out of fallout 4, still looks interesting

  4. okay.. had to make another comment. 'Everyone is dead Dave, their dead Dave'. Love the Red Dwarf comment.

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