Portugal: OECD Report and Socialist Corruption

let's talk about corruption and I know I already talked about corruption a lot but Portugal is such a deeply corrupt country that it's impossible to ignore unless of course you are in government at that point then you will do your best to ignore pretty much everything related with corruption because you are one of the main facilitators of corruption every single party and especially the Socialist Party when they go into government their main goal is of course to have access to the taxpayer money and also the ability to change or create laws to facilitate corruption that's why you see these politicians that have absolutely nothing when they go into government and when they get out they are extremely rich they would not be able to do any of that with just their salary as a minister or prime minister or whatever they achieve that level of richness due to corruption and corruption is pretty much a daily thing in Portugal in fact ever since this government took power in 2015 we are witnessing an increase of cases related with corruption in this country specifically in cases of corruption in city halls we even have data that shows that out of 15 cases that are going to trial or are already in trial eleven of those involve socialists so this is not a conspiracy theory against the Socialists they are in fact the main driving force of corruption in this country and it's not a surprise when you consider the fact that they have been in power for far longer than any other party in this country so I wanted to talk about something that I already mentioned briefly in a previous video which is related with an organization called au ECD which is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Portugal is part of this organization and it's subject to all sorts of statistics and data that this organization will collect about Portugal and then compiled a report where they make all sorts of recommendations to improve whatever is not working very well so the last report of oacd about portugal contained a very important chapter about corruption this was quite problematic for the Portuguese government because they are the left and far left coalition and of course they only wants to push for the narrative that Portugal is amazing everything is doing fine there are no issues they have ended austerity and all that crap all those lies when of course the reality is quite different it's usually the opposite of what they're saying and so if the report was claiming that Portugal had many problems related with corruption the Portuguese government wasn't really happy about it so they wanted to censor the report and they went as far as trying to ban the person responsible for the report which is Alvaro Sancho Pereira and he was going to be the presenter of the report but he was banned he was censured by the Portuguese government and apparently the head of the OECD caved to the demands let's say of the Portuguese government which as far as I'm concerned means that the OECD is a very bad organization of course because they don't even stand behind the conclusions that they took for the reports that they produce they cave very easily to the pressures of the Portuguese government for example so I can only imagine that they also cave to the pressures of a more powerful government of a more powerful country so the main person behind this report was Alvaro Sancho parada and to give you some context Alvers sanch Pereira was actually the Minister of Economy of pale Pasquale huge government between 2011 and 2015 and he actually did a pretty good job why as far as I'm concerned because he was an independent he was not a career politician and he was actually fighting the lobbies in this country he did such a good job that he was removed from his position he was clearly stepping on so many toes that lots of pressures were made and he was removed from his position so of course the far left and left coalition that we have in government right now when they saw that this report was produced and one of the main guys behind this report was a minister of the previous government they didn't like it the main thing that they didn't like was a chapter about corruption but because aalverson sh Breda was involved then the government claimed that the conclusions were biased because if you've seen my previous videos álvaro sonship Rader was part of centre and center left government between 2011 and 2015 and as I explained in Portugal centre and center left is considered right leaning only in Portugal of course every other country in the world the Social Democrats for example they are Center left but in Portugal even though they are Center left the left that controls the media wants to push the narrative that they are right leaning if Albert Shanker Aida was part of a government the center and center-left coalition between 2011 and 2015 so he is part of the right and if he is part of the right then he has to be demonized he has to be criticized he has to be censured and that's exactly what the government did again they tried to censor and in fact they didn't just try they actually achieved that goal because the head Oh a CD actually caved to the pressure of the Portuguese government we are talking about totalitarian policies we are talking about a government the Portuguese government is trying to censor people from showing the conclusions that they have in regards to our country this organization takes all sorts of data produces a report and then presents their conclusions and also their recommendations the Portuguese government wanted to censor and they have censored the OECD report because it talked about the very deep problem of corruption in Portugal and this is where we are right now I mentioned this many times but this is just another example where things do not happen according to the reality they happen according to the ideology of political parties and especially the left and far left political parties that control the narrative that they control the media and all they want to push for is the fantasy world that Portugal is amazing and and there are absolutely no issues so whenever someone produces a report from an organization that is fairly well known and reputable they will try to censor the contents of that report they will make sure that things are not presented as they were actually found to be in reality they need to be presented in this twisted way so that it looks like Portugal is much better than it actually is it's propaganda merely propaganda so that's the case I wanted to talk about I hope you like this and I'll see you next time

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