Portland Community College: #ThinkPCCFirst

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Education is what you need to be
successful in life. PCC is one of the keys for success.
Success is doing what you love. PCC has allowed me to succeed. From day
one when I steped through PCC’s doors, I felt like a person. I matter. I care.
You never stop learning. If you know where you come from, you will
know where you’re going. Education is a bridge and my success is on the other side of the bridge. Success to me is when you have accomplished you dream. There’s so many resources at PCC. Staff
and faculty go the extra mile. Thinking about my future, I feel unstoppable. I think my favorite thing about PCC is
the diversity. I got to know so many people. In life you will get to interact with new
people and new cultures and I think you
always learn from the other students. 1.) PCC just rocks. I have access to tutors, amazing labs, everything that you
could possibly want and more. For me, it’s being able to walk across
the stage, graduate, be able to look at and see my
family and know I did it. My future looks good. At PCC I became a leader and now my future looks bright. The possibilities are limitless. You can do
anything. I knew PCC was the place I wanted to be. Think PCC first. Think PCC first.
Think PCC first.

  1. I wonder if you also consider other student leaders form other campus to be on PCC stuff. It always seems to be the same people.

  2. MarvJei – These were students from Sylvania, Southeast, and Cascade. The PCC website actually focuses more on people from Rockcreek, Southeast, and Cascade than Sylvania…so it isn't always campus-specific.

  3. Could you maybe do a video tour of the campus, all the buildings.. dorms,gym, etc.. to be honest I don't really care about these students story its irrelevant and not informative.

  4. ; Hating white people is racist, and it's time for you to grow-up, stop feeling sorry for yourselves, and stop blaming white people for problems you create yourselves.

  5. Do waste your money getting brainwashed by these commies. They seem to have a special love of hating White people and blaming them for all problems in the world past and present. I guess if you aspire to be an anti-white racist they might do a good job in instructing you.

  6. Why should I want to go to a school that promotes stupid minority lowlifes to "fight racism" by spewing a load of mickey mouse anti-white racist garbage? You got people there who read and write at a grade school level while you fill their little heads with this trash? Shove off, leftist douchebags. What morons like you call racism we plebes call reality

  7. I would never EVER attend this college. Extreme anti-white racism runs rampant here. Whiteness History Month? Good God…

  8. Such racism being taught here. I'm not even white and I am so disappointed in what you're teaching! These are regressive teachings and it goes against everything MLK dreamed of! This is indoctrination, not education and I will discourage everyone I know to avoid your college like the plague.

  9. As a white man, can I attend there or am I too privileged? Maybe I should find a college that judges me by the content of my character instead of the color of my skin.

  10. I wouldn't go to PCC. At PCC white people are held to be guilty for things that happened more than a century before they were born. If you applied that same standard to minorities they'd swallow their Marxist tongues but it's perfectly acceptable to do it to whites.

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