Pong - A Secret Communist Propaganda Video Game?

okay classic pong is cemented in history as the world's first commercially successful video game its legacy spans decades and if it weren't for its release in the early 70s by Atari then the games industry as we know it today might not exist but it's pond hiding something a subliminal monumental mystery with global implications undiscovered until today is pulled secretly a communist propaganda video game [Applause] 1972 Poland had its first commercial release and the world was in the midst of a cold war the mid 20th century is an interesting period of military research with operations such as MK ULTRA a series of experiments surrounding mind control technology conducted by the CI yang science fiction and reality was separated by another blaring line and anything was considered worthy of government funding if it meant a tactical advantage with that preface let's talk about Allan Alcorn the original developer of pong he made the game as a programming exercise under guidance an Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell what's interesting to notice that Alcon graduated a year prior in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Berkeley since 1901 the University of California has been home to the department of slavic languages and literature this department is very important it may have existed since prior to the Russian Revolution the rise of the Soviet Union and the after mentioned Cold War but its continued existence to this day means that it was in fact an operation during this time and while Alcorn studied at UC Berkeley we also know that the USSR employed sleeper agents from throughout the eastern bloc smuggle through Canada into the United States what better place to plant a Soviet sleeper agent than in an academic role within a Slavic languages and literature Department alcohol may not have carried out his studies in this department but in an interview with retro gamer he talks about his involvement in the flower power movement of the 1960s and his membership of the People's Park a student hippie commune targeted by tear gas welding government forces the flower power movement is a counterculture in the late 60s and early 70s the protested the u.s. involvement in the Vietnam War and advocated peace within the eastern bloc and thus we can easily assume that Alcorn shared some of these views if we connect this with his presence in d c– berkeley and the potential Russian sleeper agents being present within the department of slavic languages and literature then it's very possible that alcohol may have interacted with such individuals and where this interaction to occur it's not unimaginable that the subject of the Soviet Union and communism may have arisen perhaps alcohol was converted to the cause inconclusive but not inconceivable given as luckily history and with positive element taking place in time for an 1872 release this hypothetical interruption would be fresh in his mind now we know that at least the United States explored some rather left-field methods of tactical advantage we also know that the Soviet Union often attempted to inspire American defectors to betray the u.s. and convert more to the cause perhaps then that he could intersect perhaps when alcohol was tasked with developing upon by pushing he saw an opportunity he claims in the same retro gamer interview prior that it did not expect the game to be a success not at Busch knee but what if this is a fabrication perhaps he had insight and envisioned the eventual boom and successful poem if he did and were to follow my theory is containing elements of truth then it's equally plausible that given the general awareness of such mind-control experiments as MKULTRA and the sixties seventies paranoia subliminal messaging in media like music and television that alcohol programs subliminal messaging into the very core of poly let's briefly analyze how pong works and see if there's anything within the game to suggest this pond is a Table Tennis simulation immediately we see a connection to communism because in 1971 you see the first game of table tennis between the United States and China at that time a communist state which led to many coining the political warfare between the two nations leading up to the event as ping-pong diplomacy perhaps poly is not only a simulation of table tennis but also simulation of ping-pong diplomacy between the United States and communism a stretch they know but what's undeniable is that in the wake of Conn's release movements like the SDS WUSA grew in popularity and success forming connections with workers movements across the country and even with the Republic of Cuba they were formed largely of ex-students if I know one thing from being a student waste self is the students like video games it's therefore a valid assumption to make that some of the SDS USA's membership were individuals who at one point or another plane home what's also worth mentioning is the arcade myth of Polybius a game of questionable existence it was supposedly introduced in arcade in 1981 developed by a non-existent company called cinesín the urban legend states that the game was part of a government-run psychology experiment that produced psychoactive effects in those who played the game and was constantly watched by mysterious men in black it's entirely likely that polybius is an amalgamation from various arcade horror stories of the 20th century but perhaps some of them like psychological effects weren't just horror stories now nothing can be stated as fact all of the evidence that I presented always heavily on hypothetical interpretation and should be taken with a grain of salt there are a lot of very interesting coincidences though and in the world with conspiracy great operations like MKULTRA and urban legends like Polybius how can we really be sure that pond isn't communism [Applause] [Applause]

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