POLL: Support For Socialism May Surprise You

  1. It is one of the most shocking bits when you put it to Rebublitards…their tiny brains can't handle it!!! Police, fire, 911 all socialist programs

  2. Sight.. far right .. openly corrupt, the rest .. corrupt but hidden. Net effect, we are still heavily screwed. However lefties make you feel good. Conclusion democracy is and will not be a representation of the people unless you get rid of lobby group. How can a group of lobbyist be more powerful than the people who vote and elect? As long as that institution keep existing we are screwed and will be screwed over and over again.

  3. Thank God people are finally finding their brains!
    They're finally beginning to understand what socialism means as opposed to what we have been brainwashed into thinking it means! Thank God is all I can say.

  4. Great news from Europe: the Greens have won the European elections! And far right Trump like parties were not very successful.

  5. The first thing successful capitalists buy is socialism for themselves. Who are we to say they are dumb?

  6. Exactly right. We need a combination of capitalism and socialism. Unbridled capitalism will make the masses poor and will eventually destroy society. Capitalism must be tempered by socialism. The real problem is that I don't think most people really understand what socialism is because, if they did, they could not possibly be against it. Most of the world leans toward socialism, especially in Europe where the citizens enjoy a higher standard of living and longer life expectancy than we do in this country.

  7. Socialism is NOT Cold War Communism, like Fux news tries to con you into believing. Venezuala is also not Socialist either. Look to Nordic mixed economy democratic Socialism ! A complete success. 4 of the top 5 countries on the U.N.'s standard of living index are Nordic Socialist countries ! The wealthiest nation on the planet is NUMBER 23 !! If you can't see a big problem with that statistic, you are too clueless to ever vote !!

  8. Robert Reich has a video saying that the current kapitalisme we have now is Socialism for the rich but Kapitalisme for the poor. The rich make sure they help each other out while keeping the working class poor. They hand out a lot off money for there rich friends while they deprive the lower class from accessing enough money to live from. While what we should want is a system where we are looking after everybody and yes that means that the rich should share there wealth so we can fight poverty, poor education and health care and become a nation respecting human values.

    But the republicans have been very successful off sending the message that socialism is evil so they can keep on dividing the money among them self. The real evil is the selfishness and the greed promoted by the republicans.

  9. Has a vet i have the VA. Problem is they still have big pharmaceuticals behind the scenes and docters on the lowest end of the ladder. So its not socialist. Plus ex officers get preferential treatment. You have farmers, ranchers and corporations getting handouts all the time. Preferential treatment also. Socialism for all or Republicanism were preferred get tax money. Thats a no brainer. I had a aunt small business owner she complained about how she didn't get any subsidies she worked hard and smart to finally retire. Problem with ag subsidies it includes corporations and big business not just the family farms and ranches. You also have non tenant owners getting subsidized.

  10. So, to 51% of poll respondents 'socialism' is still a four-letter-word?
    18% growth since 1942?
    Hmmmm, ….. maybe the maturity is coming slower than hoped for?
    However, ideas grow exponentially these days, maybe the maturing can also.

  11. socialism is a buzz word. or a dog whistle. whichever you prefer. saying the word will get people upset. defining what you mean by it gets their support. thats the problem with democrats. theyve moved too far to the right and they dont push liberal policies anymore that get labeled as socialism. theyre too busy kowtowing to corporations and pushing identity politics.

    conservatives that claim to be christian and say socialism is bad arent christians. read the red text in a bible. jesus was a socialist. if you dont know what the red text in a bible is its supposedly jesus' own words.

  12. People who do not want Socialism, should NOT recieve any services from social security, fire department, police or healthcare. The U.S. could never even have functioned without socialism !

  13. The fact that most Americans want more entitlements doesn't surprise me. The fact that automation seeks to make more profit and destroy the last vestiges of an incentive society doesn't surprise me either. What surprises me is that all of these political statistics dont factor in the schizophrenic mindset of Republicans who say they want one thing and then choose candidates who do just the opposite. This is the delusion of my fellow libtards who think their stupid counterparts will ever come on board.

  14. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Roads, highways, bridges, public schools and libraries, police and fire departments, our military, our Government, ANYTHING and everything that is paid for by our taxes is technically "Socialism". This country would not exist without it.

  15. Considering most people think the ACA and Obamacare are two different things, I don't trust polls like this. They need to ask better poll questions.

  16. THE MILITARY is a socialist program! And how you cuntservatives loooooove your military, SOCIALIST hypocrites!

  17. Social Democracy with stronger social safety nets:
    1. Enforce any and everything that ensures the corporations cannot screw over the general public.
    2. Medicare for all or single payer health care.
    3. Fix this grotesque cost of the education system, fix public K thru 12 grade school and college education.

  18. It's that 'Socialism' is seen as a black-and-white thing, which it isn't. Socialism (and I suppose Capitalism) isn't really a 'thing' in itself. You can have Socialist programs in a Capitalist system; such as the welfare system I am happy to pay into here in the UK. I haven't had much use for the NHS since I started paying National Insurance in 1985, but do I resent it? Of course not, because when I DO need it, I don't have to worry about what it costs me. It's insurance. How Americans can't get their heads around that baffles me.

  19. Socialism makes for lazy, non productive people. It has never worked and never will. The young people who weren't correctly taught REAL history are being indoctrinated into believing this is a great way to go. Socialists are lazy, scum sucking assholes looking for a fucking handout.


  21. "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money" And no. No. We don't currently have socialism in the US.

  22. State capitalism is not socialism
    Edit : if there is no true democracy in the workplace and politics are controlled by capital it is state capitalism.

  23. Democratic socialism (DS) is a political AND economic system in which the exchange of goods and services are controlled by the people (socialism) while the political system is democratic. I.e. less government in charge of what we, the people, buy, sell, trade and/or make while retaining our democracy. Yes, I felt the burn, researched democratic socialism and found it to be good. Way better than the present system in place in the US. I am a US citizen living in Germany where the system is, more or less, DS and before anyone equates socialism with communism DS is NOT socialism. Communism is not advocated. Everybody deserves a chance! DS helps that to happen. Or are the words “All men are created equal.” merely a good sound byte but bereft of meaning, significance? Let’s talk the talk and walk the walk.

  24. what we need to convey to the right is that capitalism requires all things that exist to be profitable, and there are essential things to a society that ARE NOT PROFITABLE.

  25. Part of the the problem about Socialism is in framing the discussion. IMO, most of those who are opposed to Socialism are indoctrinated to all issues as though there are only two sides to any topic. i.e. good vs bad or good vs evil for Fundamentalist.
    The reality when it comes to having social programs comes down to what we want as a society and what is the best cost effective way for us to have what we want.
    The hard core Capitalism only folks need to consider the extreme for what they want. i.e. should a 911 operator run a credit check on people before sending an emergency response to their location? What if your identity has been stolen and your credit score is screwed up because of it but your kid fell out of tree and needs surgeries to fix broken bones? In a Capitalistic Only society, you would SOL because of your credit score.

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