1. Every time I hear that blasted chord, I keep waiting for the rest of the song, which is sampled from the James Brown song "Papa's got a brand new bag"….Annoying…

  2. SJW Corporation: You have two cows bought by your parents. You moan they don't produce milk by themselves & when someone else tries to help by milking them you don't thank them because you were too busy taking selfies to notice, so it goes sour and you blame Trump.

    NPC Corporation: Doesn't know what a cow is. Agrees with everything the SJW says, posts it on social media along with a few terms like sexist, racist and homophobic, then tells you a video of a cat playing with string is so funny they spat their coffee out

  3. I came here looking forward to the Cambodian one. (Takes the cows and shoots you)
    I did not remember the bureaucracy one. Priceless. XD

    Also does anyone else think the background music with the sound effects breaking it up is really creepy? Is this just a quirk of my mind? There's just something about it all that feels… off.

  4. You did Fascism wrong. The incentive is to benefit the nation. So it is capitalism under a mixed economy, the state doesn't need to take your cows! Instead if it was nationalised you would've reduced your prices and hired local workers instead of offshoring it by being greedy to make more profit. Fascism seeks to increase purchasing power through production and efficiency!

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