Political Correctness: A Brief Introduction

Hey folks, Spend any amount of time on the internet, and you’ll see the term political correctness. It’s part of the common lexicon, but seems rather vague in its meaning. We know it’s supposed to mean something that’s bad. Donald Trump and South Park don’t like it, and it has a vaguely 90’s feel to it. As when most things seem to come out of nowhere, the term political correctness has a history, and you know what we do here at Step Back with history. Let’s take a dive. The term political correctness has been used as far back at the 1700s, but the lineage to modern use comes from the early 20th century. During the reign of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, Socialists around the world, but in our case the United States were divided. Some socialists thought Stalin was a brutal dictator and undermined socialist ideals of egalitarianism. However, hard-line partisan Communists stood by whatever the Soviet Union did, as if this country was the reference point for ‘correct’ socialism. Socialists criticized these communists and used the term politically correct to stand for when they disagreed with the party line. I’ll let American educator Herbert Kohl describe his own experience: “The term “politically correct” was used disparagingly, to refer to someone whose loyalty to the Communist Party line overrode compassion, and led to bad politics. It was used by Socialists against Communists, and was meant to separate out Socialists who believed in egalitarian moral ideas from dogmatic Communists who would advocate and defend party positions regardless of their moral substance.” The term seemed to die out for a few decades, until the 1970s, when new liberals trying to make huge changes to American culture brought it back. This group, which were collectively called the New Left, used the term politically correct as a sort of self-critical satire. It was a term for when you realized some beliefs you hold might anger your fellow activists. It was an ironic term to guard against becoming too rigid in social change efforts. Moving forward to to the 80s, a lot of those socialists from the early 20th century grew up to become the intellectual fathers of the Neo-conservative movement, a story for another time. At this time, the term political correctness came into the dictionary of American conservatives. It began with Allan Bloom’s 1987 book the Closing of the American Mind. The book was a criticism of the idea that a rigid liberal ideology was permeating the American university, and that academia was being suppressed by political correctness. The term gained popularity in conservative circles and converged into a generalized critique of the academy. The critics insinuated that liberal egalitarianism is actually an authoritarian orthodoxy inspired by communist ideology. Liberals who defended the rights of neo-Nazis to speak in the 1960s, were now shutting down discussions they determined racist, sexist, or homophobic. The turning point for the term was in the 90s, when George Bush Sr. did a 1991 commencement speech, in which he said, “The notion of political correctness has ignited controversy across the land. And although the movement arises from the laudable desire to sweep away the debris of racism and sexism and hatred, it replaces old prejudice with new ones. It declares certain topics off-limits, certain expressions off-limits, even certain gestures off-limits.” After that speech, the term political correctness became part of the American Conservative arsenal, used to express their concerns about the left’s influence in culture and political debate. Use of the term expanded at universities not just to incorporate a limited academic freedom, but also to include the rhetoric of victimization, support of multiculturalism using affirmative action, sanctions against hate speech, revisionist history, and the rise of identity politics. It was the bread and butter of the culture wars. Liberals argued then and today, that language has an impact on how we think. Inclusive and gender neutral language can alter thought and lead to cultural reforms. Some liberals also criticized the term political correctness as an empty right wing smear word. They called it a coded cover for those who wanted to call people words I do not think are appropriate for this video. Today, all of these definitions of political correctness, except maybe the defending Stalin part, seem to be meeting in a slurry. Some people use the term to criticize a liberal bias in the media. Some still use it as a critique of universities, with emphasis on their issues with speech codes and protests against controversial speakers. Others use it against scientists for suppressing alternative views on evolution, climate change, second hand smoke, and biological race. Liberals even take up the term now, such as when they used it to criticize the conservative backlash against the Dixie Chicks and their criticism of the US president and the Iraq War. (Gross Singing) And most recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump proudly proclaims that he’s not politically correct, and we are all very confused as to what it means, whether it’s good or bad, and what we should do about it. Would make the subject for a great debate. Let’s all take a deep breath in… 1…2…3… and out, and let’s all comment down below talking about this debate, in a cool, calm manner, in good faith. If you liked this video, give it the old thumbs up and tell a buddy about it or put some money in the tip jar via a contribution on Patreon. I’d like to thank these Patrons and if you want to see your name on here, click on that orange P. And of course, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the next episode of Step Back. I love yo faces, and I’ll see you for the next video.

  1. imo "political correctness" concerning speech has always been pretty simple for me. Don't outright stifle free speech, unless there's a damn good safety reason for it like false police calls, slander/libel, inciting of violence, child porn, ect. while still remaining conscious of what you say and how you say it and calling out your peers if you think they're saying something that you don't agree with, but never using the government to censor them. I spoke with a friend who said that the mere urging of people not to say certain things is a form of political correctness, because it relied on social pressure. I don't really like that logic, because at the end of the day it's circular, you just urged me not to say something that's "politically correct" therefore you're using social pressure and being "politically correct" too. I just never use the term, because it's closely associated with people on /pol/, Trump supporters, and other dorks so i prefer the bog standard more neutral "authoritarian".

  2. I love how ironic it is that a term we created is now being used as a method to dismiss our arguments. Anyone who's spent a moment on /r/FullCommunism knows we're not in the slightest bit PC in the modern sense.

  3. I was in university during 90s when the first round of Political Correctness went around. In broad strokes I agreed with much of the concepts that the new left espoused. Where I parted company with many who espoused PC ideas were in two areas. One was that I refused to feel bad or ashamed of being white, straight or male, which many in the PC movement did. As well I was less concerned past wrongs and navel gazing than I was about how we fix problem, make life better for people and moving forward.

    Fast forward to now where I have spent over 25 years working with a wide variety of disabilities, advocating for them and helping them advocate for themselves. In that time I've had to debate and argue and stop 'holier than though' types of both the PC and Non PC variety. It was their authoritarian streak that got my hackles up and ultimately the real factor that needs to be opposed no mater what which side of the fence they're on.

  4. Huh! Had no idea the term actually had a different background and meaning from what I always thought. I really thought it just meant "describe minorities in appropriate, correct terms that are not offensive either due to meaning or cultural baggage". Good to learn something new!

  5. Fascinating! Like many others I had no idea of the long-standing history behind the term PC. Loving the new intro too! 🙂

  6. I first came across the term in the early 90's when it was used, as you indicate, as a self-deprecating term by folk on the left to acknowledge the existence of dogmas that they might be drawn toward. It was a way of saying 'there are beliefs I'm supposed to hold but we all know it's more complicated than that'. Doing the right/correct thing in a given situation is rarely a matter of following simple broad-stroke political/ideological principles.

    There was also a sense that to be 'politically correct' was to place undue weight on ideological purity, with the moral implications that purist ambitions of that kind often have. Used as self-critique by the left it functioned as a counter to those claims for moral superiority, or at least as an acknowledgment of that tendency.

    It wasn't until later, possibly after the Bush commencement speech, that I started to hear it used by those on the right to critique certain sections of the left who were perceived as being too dogmatically attached to these ideological principles at the expense not only of nuance but also of political freedoms, including freedom of speech. After that I rarely heard it used by folk on the left.

    It may be that by handing over that critique to its political opponents the left lost some of its ability to moderate itself. The distinction which is occasionally made between the so-called 'regressive' left, which largely rejects the notion of political correctness, and other left-leaning folk which recognise it, might be an outgrowth of this.

  7. In my country, the direct translation of politically correct means something like: saying something vague that nobody will get upset about while hiding your true thoughts. It's often used by interviewees hoping to get something more out of politicians when they give an answer that doesn't say anything. I assumed it meant the same thing in English.

  8. Never thought I would say this, but I agree with Bush on this one. It's a self-cannibalising movement that poisons the entire dictionary eventually. On the other hand, I do think it stands for a noble cause, but it actually works counterproductive to that. The problem is that the politically correct movement wants to 'ban' offensive words and replace them by less offensive words… that still keep the same stigma so they become just as offensive. Political correctness is an utopia: it works perfectly well if everybody is a nice person, but this is clearly not true in the real world, so, much like every other thing that can only work in an utopia (kuch, communism), it needs a dictatorship to actually 'work' in the real world.

    And to gender political correctness: that's absurd. It's such an anglocentric idea. I speak a few languages. My mother language has two genders: neuter and gendered. In my head, the only thing it results into is using different articles for them. The word 'little girl' is actually a neuter word, but I don't think of them 'having neither a penis nor a vagina', I think of them 'being female' (and before: omfg you assumed xirs gender you shitlord: 'girl' already implies female. Also, 99% of the people with biosex XX identifies as female. I'm cisnormative, that's one reason why I'm not politically correct).

    I'm NOT saying language doesn't affect people. A constant barrage of cuss words and slurs can get to your head. Even just one disapprovement of an authority figure could be enough to cause trauma (example; my grandmother always said to my mother that she sucked at singing when she was a kid so now she doesn't even sing to herself when she's alone and bored, like while cooking. Now that I think about it, I never hear her sing outside of a collective happy birthday. She's completely fine as a person, but you can't say it didn't scar her). However, a slight backbone is required in the real world. Do people verbally abuse you after you tell them to stop, but they don't because they think it's not verbal abuse? Just walk away. Don't make a fuzz, don't cry to the principal. Don't demand reforms.

    I myself am not politically correct, but you wouldn't notice that from me because I'm generally a very nice person. This doesn't make me politically correct, though. It makes me just not crack some jokes about the second world war when there are jews around, but I still laugh at them in my own time. If we just were nice to eachother, there would be no need for political correctness. Political correctness is the 'enforcement of nice', however, this can't be done. There are too many parts of the language clashing with eachother to make this work. Also, the both the world and language have many gray areas that aren't objectively good or bad. And finally, forcing people to talk a certain way is not just downright creepy (1984), it's an infringement of the rights of any western country.

  9. In my country, the direct translation of politically correct means something like: saying something vague that nobody will get upset about while hiding your true thoughts. It's often used by interviewees hoping to get something more out of politicians when they give an answer that doesn't say anything. I assumed it meant the same thing in English.

  10. When people gripe about political correctness, what they are really saying is that they don't like it when people tell them they shouldn't be assholes.

    Trump isn't non-PC, he's just a dick.

  11. Is it possible to advocate for more politically correct language without being accused of trying to "shut down" or "ban" certain language? I don't think any language should be banned, and people should be able to say whatever they want, but I still want to voice my opinion about language. If I think what someone says is unkind or intolerant, I might like to point that out, but I fear being accused of being "too PC" or a "SJW". It's hard to have these kinds of conversations without being labeled as either an SJW or a bigot.

  12. Lots of people say "I'm not politically correct," and say it with pride, but no one ever says "I AM politically correct," because as this video points out, the term itself is primarily used in the context of opposition to liberal egalitarianism, and isn't representative of that movement or what it stands for. The problems that people use blame so-called "political correctness" for; censorship and erasure of history, suppression of free speech, the Orwellian destruction of language, lack awareness of their context at best, and are just plain ridiculous at their worst. The whole point of this egalitarian movement is to recognize historical injustices and try to build a society where those injustices don't continue to happen; the only people who want to pretend that parts of history didn't happen are the people who deny that these injustices ever existed or still exist today. As for free speech, whether or not you like it, colleges are allowed to enforce codes of conduct, which can include banning certain kinds of speech, because they are private, not federal institutions, and it is their right to say, "if you want to participate in our activities, you have to agree to follow our rules." The First Amendment only protects you from prosecution by the government (with the exception of "fighting words," i.e. language that directly provokes violence); it does not protect you from the actions that other people might take in response to things you say. And the destruction of language and culture? Well, if you're talking about the culture where the protagonist of every single blockbuster movie (outside of those starring Will Smith) is a straight white man, women are typically secondary to the plot, and queer people are either jokes, drama fountains, or nonexistent, then frankly I'm all for the destruction of that culture because that culture is BORING. But I'd hardly call that a political issue. No one wants to bring back the Hays Code. We just want to see more movies with characters who we can actually see ourselves in and which don't reinforce harmful stereotypes. That can't be too much to ask, or at least it shouldn't be.

  13. to me, when ppl shout out, saying "i am not politically correct, and will never be." it just means that they want to call others by their stereotypical names. and then, in turn, no one can vilify them for breaking the socially acceptable norm of being respectful of everyone.

    i do agree that freedom of speech should exist, and let ppl say whatever. but if u want to dish it out, be ready to take it also. dont cry foul when i call u a name (or racist) in return of u calling me sth.

  14. There is danger in treating a social cause like a sports team (in the sense that sports are an arbitrary conflict between arbitrary groups). Once "PC" became a badge of superiority, it started a backlash. The same thing is happening with the feminist movement. What could be a simple acknowledgement of the obvious tenet (that genders should have equal rights, because duh). When this becomes a club or a group with badges and slogans, it invites the menenist movement to metastasize (to create it's own sports team).

  15. For the past 20 years or so in Canada we've been using the phrases Issue Sensitive or Socially Sensitive to refer to what people used to say was being politically correct.

  16. In my book, if political correctness is defined as:

    – ''a policy of scientific accuracy in Academia'' than I am proudly PC. Their is nothing wrong with it. It's not simply being PC, it's being CORRECT. In that sense, the Dems are rightly PC.

    – ''a practice of towing the party line in spite of principles'' than fuck being PC. It's dependant thinking. I hate the idea of letting other think for me or talking too someone who only relays me someone else's opinion rather than having a conversation with me. It's easy to find both Dems and Reps who fall under this kind of PC.

    – ''a practice of denouncing manner of speech rather than content of speech'' than again fuck it. It's like how the media couldn't let go of ''grab them by the pussy'' when almost every body that is into women and not a child does that but almost ignored the actual problem which was ''I don't even wait'' or how the Clinton camp disregarded the content of the wikileaks based of the (bullshit) claim of them being obtained via Russia. And again this is a kind of PC we can find everywhere on the political spectrum of the USA.

  17. I am only subscribed because you're a fucking genius, but to put it lightly, your political stances are all fucked. Political correctness is thought policing. It destroys and shuts down peaceful debate.

  18. i think both sides are PC
    one side wants to see pagan imagery on their coffee cups, no flag touched, and gays not marrying
    the other doesnt like the N-word

  19. An open-minded professor in a certain open minded college I attend told the class that "political correctness is an attempt to silence the truth if it MIGHT offend somebody".

  20. The concept of political correctness and language was well enunciated long before Bush Sr.
    From the Cliff notes on 1984
    In his Appendix, Orwell explains the syntactical arrangement and the etymology of the Newspeak. A living language, such as English, one that has the capability of diverse expression, has the tendency to gain words and therefore broaden the awareness and knowledge of its speakers. Newspeak, on the other hand, loses words, by removing words that represent opposing concepts. Therefore, for example, because the word "good" presumes the opposite of "bad," the word "bad" is unnecessary. Similarly, all degrees of "goodness" can be expressed simply by adding standard prefixes and suffixes to this one root word: ungood (bad) and plusgood (very good) and doubleplusgood (wonderful). In so doing, Newspeak not only eliminates "unnecessary" words, but it also promotes a narrowing of thought and, therefore, awareness. The idea behind Newspeak is that, as language must become less expressive, the mind is more easily controlled. Through his creation and explanation of Newspeak, Orwell warns the reader that a government that creates the language and mandates how it is used can control the minds of its citizens.

  21. And this divide between socialists wasn't only in the US, as you said.
    In Brazil, my home country, this is kind of why we have both a Brazillian Communist Party (PCB) and a Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), with the PCB supporting the reforms of Nikita Khrushchev, and a group inside the PCB supporting Stalin's policies, who would become the PCdoB.

  22. Keep the party going! I put together a playlist of Step Back videos about American history: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnpoOo7lhNnEvlwftfZxfbx-Hm-pHkvPj

  23. When you don't want to admit that your side has some serious issues, you can feign ignorance and point a finger at the other guys and say, "they're just over reacting about nothing!"

  24. And so the tool to fight against anything dogmatic is now being used to make dogmas.

    Or so it is according to what you said.

  25. PC to me is the left trying to silence political dessent by throwing buzzwords but it also encompasses how people in the same party shut each other down like Trotsky supporters vs Mao supporters. I think the dixy chicks are an example of how every group has correct ideas and if you slightly disagree you aren't pure and must be destroyed

  26. As a piece of language, the important thing is that people using the term 'politically correct' are successfully communicating with others in their conversation. The reality is that most often people are trying to harness this highly charged piece of linguistic real estate for their own purposes.

  27. What's to debate. Political correctness is a disease that limits the freedom of expression. Those limitations lead to disability to actually discuss effectively vital topics allowing the lefties to push their ridiculous agenda. I consider myself to be a radical liberal and am really pissed when commies are hijacking our literature and symbols only to poison them with their filth. Example? They say all people are created equal, meaning the same. If you dare to correct them that in fact all people are created equal in rights, but not the same in ability and therefore can't expect to achieve the same results which in turn justifies the unwillingness to deal with those born of lesser capability you would be labeled a Nazi (if the conversation includes colored, gay or non-Christians) or at least a capitalist (as if this was ever a bad thing).

  28. I dont think political correctness should be forced onto people, but I think politicians ought to be able to be politically correct because the difference between using one word and another could effect the result of their policies. I want someone knowing what their words mean, and be able to accurately articulate what they mean, if they have power. Also, I think it says something about your character if you think about the effects of your words on others. Just one mans thoughts

  29. You talk too simply, many points can be muddled when using the traditional left wing/right wing political scale. I find the political compass a better way of defining positions, with a y axis representing authoritarianism v libertarianism. 4 fields explain the similarities between right wingers and left wingers and also the differences between people on the same side through the vertical axis.

  30. political correctness is simple if you look at it morphologicaly: that which is correct, in terms of politics. the reason this phrase is scrapped in favor of "political correctness" is because the phrase is not as short as the word. if you look at the language that is used by republicans and democrats, they all have their own form of political correctness. so it is simply, what are the correct terms and beliefs for a particular party. all the examples of shutting down speech you have at the end are true, and prove that liberals are the ones shutting down speech currently. but this is not true liberalism. this 3rd wave Feminism and B.L.M and transgenderism are different from 1960's liberals.

  31. the problem with pc is that it is used to further an ideology, usually liberal, and many punish those who do not speak pc, aka anyone who does not submit to their ideology

    For example, if you believe there are and should be only 2 genders, and refuse to do all the pronoun stuff, then you're bashed for that. That's oppressive, that's bigotry.

    not being pc = not submitting to usually liberal ideology and speech

    Trump and the alt right just corupted that into not being polite

  32. I've been watching a few of your videos. Always had a great love for history, subbed. Keep up the good work!

  33. Political correctness is the raise of progress Social Marxism….. and feminism, that is creating "new speak" to change the social structure of our societies. It is thought policing and removing our freedom of speech, through activism and now, even violence.

  34. Pfffft, political correctness. it's just censorship with a fancy name and a nice ring to it. If you need to take away peoples ability to say certain opinions no matter how offensive or controversial to help improve your own political view, you're not doing it right.

  35. It seems to me, there's only one opposite to PC-ism, and that's advocating free speech: real free speech, the free exchange and debating of controversial ideas in politics and the media.

    Trump… is really not a free speech advocate. He sure brought a lot of…ahem…"counter-culture" groups into the mainstream. But he never debated, say, white nationalism on its merits. We saw very little genuine ideological debate in the last election (from clinton either honestly). In fact, he never even admitted to sympathizing with any of those ideologies. Which makes him weirdly PC himself? Cuz he's a virulent racist who, my heavens, just can't understand why anyone would associate him with the KKK leaders who endorsed him, and don't you know it's just not correct, just not done, to accept a KKK endorsement?

    The right was actually very anti-PC in the 60s or so. William F. Buckley had some gross ideas. But goddammit, he didn't mind admitting it and defending them against intelligent interlocuters on national television! Bill O'Reilly or Tucker Carlsen are the best modern versions of this and their shows are mostly (1) bring round the gang of people who agree with us, so we can laugh at the left together (2) bring on someone really dumb from the left, with no education in real liberal or socialist ideas. And MSNBC is little better. CNN's tepid talking heads foursquare, with two token republicans and two token democrats, is about the best free speech has right now. Which just makes it even scarier that DJT would go for those sturdy, old, off-brand vanilla pillars of American taste.

  36. My understanding of political correctness came about through people saying that you can't talk about certain ideas or use certain words to refer to a group of people. I think there is a time and a place for PC speech (like in a public address where you want to make your audience feel comfortable) but for the most part I think that PC has gone too far. One area that could have been explored in this video was the merging of Microaggressions with PC. It has quite simply become too difficult for us to have a normal conversation anymore, especially on TV. All the time people will be making a point in a debate and accidentally or willfully misuse a word or not use whatever the current PC terms are for the week and the conversation will quickly derail. For this reason, I think PC has mutated recently into something that is no longer beneficial. I literally do not know how to refer to anyone of a dark skin complexion without having to worry that people will bite my head off for using the wrong word. I do know to stay away from the N word, but that is it. After that it is anyone's guess what people will be offended at. So yeah. I am very much against PC culture. I think it limits communication rather than enhancing it in our current day and age. That being said, striving to be cordial and respectful in talking to people isn't a bad thing and if you want to do it more power to you. I just don't have the energy to care.

  37. I'm not even gonna read the comments on this. I personally believe political correctness has hijacked natural human discourse and has Orwellian implications. People just aren't thinking straight any more. It's become suppression of true free speech. It's interesting that you find connections with old Soviet ideology and thinking.

  38. All I'm going to say is that, political correctness, and social justice warrior are not blank terms used by the right. They are terms used to describe those that would try and censor freedom of speech and expression because they can't take a joke and or can not accept facts. They are not from any side of the political spectrum in particular, they are neutral words. That's my extremely short definition. Insert coin for example.

  39. Bad start to the video. You immediately failed to introduce the reason for the concept of political correctness starting in the Weimar Republik in Germany by the Frankfurt Institute as a method of creating a collective around dissenters and forcing them into submission. You may point out the time difference between the Institut and the USSR to which I remind you that it was only after Lenin was out of office and Stalin had been around for a few years that political correctness was initially coined. In short, you laid the initial blame on the USSR and not Germany and Marxism first and then the USSR.

    After that, it plays well. Also, nice censorship of feedback on your video – kinda fits the video theme

  40. "Alternative views on evolution, climate change, second-hand smoke, and biological race."

    Hhmm, one of these things is not like the other. Are you seriously putting the notion that people evolved different behavioral and mental features in the different environments with different selective pressures to denying evolution, climate change, and the link between smoking and cancer? You know your little tribe can be correct on some things and incorrect on others, right? That's why I don't really fit the liberal or conservative categories.

  41. Political correctness is all about thought control. Control the speech, control the mind/people. It's setting up dictatorship. Big government will not bring utopia only tyranny.

  42. Academia is being suppressed by political correctness more than ever. The new left went from being Liberal to being authoritarian. The Schism between liberals and Marxists have lead to huge gains by conservatives and reactionaries.

  43. Simple: Political Correctness may have been something different in the past, but that doesn't matter now. Nowadays, it purely an extension of Censorship and Propaganda used by people who hate anyone with differing views of things, no matter how slight.

  44. I always thought that it meant a more correct, non-biased term, like saying police officer instead of policeman when addressing the general concept of "some who works in law enforcement" and never got why people would be mad about it, but I kind of get now that it's just that we all seem to have different views on what the word means.

  45. The left-wing bias in this post is pretty easy to see. This presentation isn't neutral at all! One example – universities in the United States are very left wing today, and have been for many years. They teach what to think, and not how to think critically as they are supposed to. Many conservatives who have gone to college have stories about having to keep their thoughts to themselves and write their papers agreeing with a professor's left-wing doctrine to earn a passing grade in a course. Speakers who would come and lecture in a way that is not 'politically correct' (agreeing with liberal thought) are often shut down on a college campus. This happens all the time and proves that many believe there is a 'politically correct' way of thinking and speaking…and feel justified in stopping it if they disagree with it…by not allowing the speaker booked for an engagement to even show up, shouting them down as they attempt to speak, or even using violence or threats of violence to end the speech. Our constitution defends the right to think and speak freely, yet it seems easy for me to see that there is a defacto 'politically correct' way to think and speak…and if you fall outside of that, you are to be stopped or even have your credibility destroyed. You can change the meanings of words like liberals often attempt to do, but you can't change the the facts that the word describes. 'Political Correctness' today means that if you say anything out of step with far left wing thought or doctrine, you are 'politically incorrect', or worse: ignorant, stupid, dangerous, superstitious, evil…or countless other pejoratives. Although the term became popular again in the 1990's…it is not just a buzz word. It exists.

  46. Political correctness is a blanket label used to reference actions which restrict the freedom of others to act or speak on the justification that such action is offensive

  47. I can see why u had to disable the like dislike button. Jesus… But yea as an israeli jew being very open with my very liberal opinions has garnered me a hardcore support group and a solid amount enmity from the, what i call, "the internet right wing". Which is more about winning the argument in the moment than winning the politcal discourse. I mean look at trump, sure it looks like he's "winning" his little dumbass catfights with the democrats but thats just ONE MORE REASON to demand Better leadership from within the democratic party.(and also why his support floats between 29-32%) Also i remind people in every post i make The democratic party is still owned by the clintons and we kinda need to fix that.

  48. From what I've heard, this term was first a translation of terms used in Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany, and Mao's China. In those times and places, it was no joke to be labeled "politically incorrect." It could get you sent to a camp. Hard Communists of the Stalinist's and Maoist types probably brought the term here, where they too used it in earnest. But, later, it came to be used ironically by a softer version of the left, as a self-criticism against taking themselves too seriously. And then it got picked up by the neo-conservative backlash. And now, ironically, it is being used by the Hard Right to censer, harras and punish people, exactly as it was originaly used by the hard left.

  49. As someone on the centre-left, I think there is certainly such thing as political correctness, and it is a phenomenon that is harmful to this generation, ESPECIALLY in the academic setting.

    HOWEVER, there is a FINE LINE between being politically incorrect and being a dick. Trump uses the term "political correctness" to apply to anything he doesn't like as an excuse to be a downright asshole.

  50. "people are different there is ugly and there is pretty" : (CORRECT)
    "everyone is attractive in their own way" : (POLITICALLY CORRECT)

  51. "Political Correctness" is a Cultural Marxist term based on the notion that we live in a materialist universe based on "determinism", whereby the "progressive" answer to this is that we need to create social and political orders which "equalize" the inherent "inequalities" based on that "determinism", which to me is a fallacious premise. This is why social and political orders based on Cultural Marxism always fail, because the only "true" equality based on the notion of absolute "determinism", within a universe based on "materialism" is in the graveyard…

  52. If I may add just a piece of information for the sake of universality :
    A comparable phenomenon can be observed in France, with what neo-conservatives call "bien-pensance", i.e. "good-thinking", which serves to describe any socialist-liberal-antisexist-antiracist-etc. strawperson's way of thinking.
    And that "good-thinking" is always presented as trying to muzzle its detractors… although the said "muzzled" detractors are the ones who invented/describe that very phenomenon, and actually do it quite freely on every single media available without any restraint. And, just like DT, they have a lot of leeway to proudly proclaim that they are not good-thinkers, not politically correct, nonconformists… while perfectly conforming to every social/political expectations in our society.

    So the same fallacy covers both sides of the Atlantic, unfortunately…

  53. Poltical correctness is cultural marxism. Identity politics is collectivism. Collectivism is leftism. A collective against collectivism is not collectivism. Its what the right wing truly is. Anyone who calls themself right wing or a conservative or a republican but uses identity politics or votes for socialism or anything that the government is used for other than protecting individual rights, then they are not right wing. They are either confused or lying

  54. Political correctness' is destroying the soul of this country,  It disguises immorality, violent behavior, criminal activities and corrupts the very fabric and values of our way of life.  Don't you think?

  55. I was a student at NYU and I was blown away by the environment there. I was new to university life and I was exposed to this unfamiliar extreme liberal mindset. It completely blew me away. I am all for equality and fair treatment for all, but it got to the point where even if I had the slightest disagreement I couldn’t express my thoughts freely due to the indirect suppression that was developed by the culture. It was like, “am I going mad here? Or is something deeply wrong…?” People need to be able to critically reflect on their own assumptions and beliefs and be able to openly (and freely) discuss what is on their mind without repercussions from others.

  56. Politically Correctness is a Hypocritical phrase.
    I have nothing against Muslims. I have a friend called Mahmoud and he even agrees with me.
    So lots of left wing parties are anti-homophobic and pro-islamic. There is nothing wrong with being anti-homophobic or pro-islamic. But islamic people ARE homophobic. Im not assuming. If you have read a brief summary of the Ku'ran then you will know.

    Also great video

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