1. There are many forms of slavery, now study child slavery in America in the first 50 years of the 20th century. Many children were the sole worker for his/her whole family because neither parent could get jobs! I know many Bible verses to look up, because capitalism is an oppressive slave system (Haggai 1:6, Ecclesiastes 7:7, Isaiah 14:24-27) and GOD hates it. America forced every attempt at socialism/communism to fail by starting 50 wars etc (Rogue State, by Wm Blum). Proverbs 11:1, 16:11, 20:10,23

  2. Having lived in a "socialist", later transitioned to post-socialist "capitalist" Eastern European country, then several years in the USA, then back to the same "capitalist" Eastern European country (now an EU member), watching the lecture gave me an "eureka" moment: it was never socialism I had lived in – it was POLITICAL socialism! Exactly the same dynamics – a complete match! Not sure if Randall Holcombe ever had that insight, but it would be really great if he would be interested to expand his study into that direction to make it really complete and "all-inclusive", with even greater implications. I did intend to write a comment like this much earlier, but just came across the following GALLUP poll results from yesterday (May 20, 2019) and looks like there is already some growing urgency to try to spread the truth…

  3. The masses may be to a certain extent "rationally ignorant", but it also benefits the elites to make them ignorant. The degeneration of popular media is not a spontaneous phenomenon.

  4. I wish he would have spent more time on the solutions. Short of revolution, it seems that the system of political capitalism will perpetuate itself and even new political parties will just become part of the 0.1% and will likely act in their interests.

    From a libertarian perspective we know that a minimal government which protects God given rights and a market based money system is essential to a free market. We are moving in the opposite direction in most western countries.

  5. “Socialism is not the biggest threat to Free Market Capitalism” would be a title generating more interest. On “Reason” as well as on PragerU, socialism is often promoted as the primary enemy. Especially conservatives are blindsided to the destructive power of political capitalism or crony capitalism. – A brilliant lecture, which gave me a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamic of this as a separate political-economic system rather than just an aberration of free-market capitalism.

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