1. Try this. It will help you understand the present geopolitical situation. And this too

  2. Great content on Gravity and physics but I strongly disagree with the headline of Thelema being socialist. That is absurd.

    The prophet of Thelema, Aleister Crowley was highly individualistic and promoted nobility and fighting for what you believe in most deeply, The True Will.

    Unfortunately some modern trendy loafers have adopted some of the images and phrases of Thelema and none of the substance. Some of them can very well be socialists, though most that I can think of are more alt righty and even Fascist.

    Keep up the frank discussion but please take back that statement.

  3. I should never have surrendered, I should have fought until I was the
    last man alive." Geronimo TRUTH

  4. Article 123 from the EU states that a Government cannot borrow from it's own Central Bank, so they have to go to commercial banks who borrow from – the BofE. It's a bs clause to hide what you have exposed, but enough to keep the masses happy

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