Podcast: Trump Rejects Socialism in Landmark Address

As you all know, President Donald Trump stood
up to a resurgent wave of socialism in America during the State of the Union address on Feb.
5, telling Congress and the nation, “America will never be a socialist country.” The president reviewed his administration’s
successes, most of which have been antithetical to socialism. He charted a course toward American greatness
and away from the failures of communism. Since taking office in 2017, Trump has lambasted
socialism and communism on the world stage. On Feb. 5, facing members of the Democratic
Party—many of whom are socialists—the president confronted, for the first time,
the ideology’s encroachment on America. Trump said, “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed
by new calls to adopt socialism in our country.” He also went onto say, “America was founded on liberty and independence–not
government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free,”
he added, drawing a standing ovation from the Republicans. “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America
will never be a socialist country.” As Republicans chanted “USA, USA” in response
to the president, Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, fidgeted in his seat, his lips
tight and his hand propping up his chin. A small number of Democrats, including Senate
Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, stood up and applauded. Trump prefaced his remarks about socialism
by pointing to Venezuela, a once-wealthy nation that has been crippled by socialist policies. Democrats in Congress have floated similar
policies for years and have intensified the push beginning in the 2018 midterm election
cycle. Prominent members of Congress, including presidential
candidate Kamala Harris, are backing socialist policies like Medicare for
All and the Green New Deal that would open the floodgates to massive government expansion
into the health care and energy sectors. While calls for socialist policies received
a significant amount of media attention during and after the 2018 election, the proposals
are not new to American politics. “Obamacare” nearly achieved the socialist
dream of the total government takeover of the entire health care insurance industry, paving
the way toward the goals enshrined in Medicare for All. Under the guise of progressivism and other
causes benevolently named, socialism–the preliminary stage of communism–has penetrated
deeply into U.S. politics, higher education, the sciences, and culture. Trevor Loudon, an author and contributor
to The Epoch Times who has spent more than 30 years researching radical left, Marxist, and terrorist
movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics said, “It was great to see him throw down the
gauntlet and name the problem because the biggest political problem is the danger of
socialism and communism right now. “A quarter of his audience were socialists,
so he was throwing down the gauntlet to the left wing of the Democratic Party—which
is now the main leading wing—and telling them that their agenda was not acceptable.” The Congressional Progressive Caucus was co-founded
by Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist. The caucus swelled by 26 seats after the 2018
election to a roster of 100 members. Many members have links to the Democrat Socialists
of America and the Communist Party of USA, according to Loudon’s research.
And as many of you know, Trevor Loudon is also the author of many of Declassified’s stories right here on this channel. The bulk of what Trump has achieved during
his first two years in office either rolled back socialist policies or prevented the ideology’s
further encroachment on America. The president took steps to protect religious
freedom, insulating against socialism’s promotion of atheism and attacks on religion. He also spearheaded the passage of a major
tax-cut package and ordered an unprecedented purge of government regulations. The moves were a major blow to socialists’
moves to expand the government via new regulations, and to fund that growth by raising taxes. William Gairdner, an author and independent
scholar, said, “[Trump] sees that America has been rushing
toward the socialist brink for a long time, perhaps since the middle of the last century
and very much accelerated during the Obama presidency, which was scary for anyone who
believes as he does and certainly as I do that socialism is not going to go.”
He also said, “That was strategic. He wanted to cut the Democrats off at the
pass.” Trump’s choice of Venezuela stood out, considering that examples of socialism’s failures abound. The president has taken a tough stance on
Maduro’s regime and intensified pressure on the socialist dictator to step down. In January, Venezuela’s National Assembly
declared Maduro’s presidency illegitimate. Juan Guaidó, the assembly’s leader, stepped
forward as an interim president. Maduro refused to give up control. Trump immediately recognized Guaidó, triggering
a virtual global referendum on socialism. Free-world nations, like Germany and Australia,
sided with Guaidó. Socialist and communist regimes, like those
in China, North Korea, and Cuba, backed Maduro. Russia, which is not socialist on paper, has
been propping up socialists and communists in South America for decades. The Kremlin backed Maduro. Thank you very much for your company on our very first podcast. So what were your thoughts on the State of the Union Address? Thank you for tuning into this episode, and we look forward to your company on the next.

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  2. I don't understand why these young idiots want socialism? .Oh, wait! It started in 1950s when the Aliendemonic Satan decided it was time to harvest souls. It was getting too close to the souls to leave their bodies for the last time. So Satan took the role of the man in charge and decided to separate his family by making women more independent and less interest in family values. Best thing to start with women first and make sure they are in charge of their body and let them march without a bra in the street. Make sure they start hating men and become more manish . That is the key, said Satan to himself. Women then started to evolve by the sixties. No more waiting for their husband to give them a little kiss when they arrive home- no more serving hot meals to their beautiful children. Hell, now they can just take that pesty fetus and kill it if they get drunk and forget their protection. By the 60s out of their pot drugged goins came children of sinful lust. Great harvesting, said the Demonic force. Then out of the 70s came the bisexuality kids that run our country today. All of them born out of the 60's women. But, our Universal Divine Creator still believe in the unity of man and women and we needed to come back to Him. So He gave us a gift to try to get us back to Him. He gave us Aids- But, NO, the Great Satan continued the soul harvesting knowing that "a large amount of people" still believe in love. What were these people called? Oh, yeah. Husband and wife. By now Satan has send down all his evil aliens- his clones- his little grey creatures to try to harvest our souls. What can he do next ? Oh, yeah….let us make sure to abort alot of those born again souls coming for their last trip on earth before they take their new spiritual body. Make woman disgusting. Let them have no moral values and make sure that this PROMISE land called America is filthy and disgusting. Let us put filthy lifestyle on tv- sex- change their sexes- LET us dirty American. Wait- what can be the last thing, said Satan? Yeah, let us make America poor like all the other countries that bow to me as their true God. Yep, Socialism will be the last thing and the destruction of this land who believe in love. Yep- this little story is what is happening today. Sorry- it took so long to say it. Hope I didn't offend anyone. But, that is why they are pushing socialism.

  3. American children are now indoctrinated (educated), that they are born (everything) free!
    And that hard work, competition, excellence, and capitalism, are toxic, immoral, and racist. In other words, what makes America great, is the problem.

  4. Bernie…….you crazed ding-dong……..you would do better by working with President Trump to create a robust economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one!

  5. All branches of collective government policies are rooted in Jesuit ideas funded by the wealthy under Papal direction. Secret societies include knights of Columbus and knights of Malta. Not just skull and bones of the illuminati within Freemasonry. It's long past time to shatter the CIA and scatter the pieces to the winds. That's why they assassinated Kennedy. They assassinated Lincoln too. The central bank and income tax must be repealed. The secret society affiliations in government serve the black pope. All media is controlled by the Vatican too prepare the world for its age old desire for religion control of the world. Catholic is the Babylonian mother goddess worship as is Islam that the Papacy created.

  6. Socialist have penetrated all western governments.. They need rounding up and sent straight too the closest communist country…


  8. Frankfurt School of Thought, UNESCO , Rockefeller/Rothschilds Foundations et al – all part of the takeover of Media, Academia and Political Spheres to subvert the Christian roots of America. Propaganda from birth on through adulthood was and is the Protocol of Zion weaponized destruction of 'White Faces and Schvartzas '
    (Whites and Blacks) so that the Kabbalah Jewish sect could enslave entire populations.

  9. Your maiden voyage in podcasting hit it out of the park…irony of ironies though, such a 'class act' being titled DECLASSIFIED…just saying

  10. February 2015 #SOTU is pivotal, however, the undertone was missed by EVERY OUTLET– until this podcast, that is. You are OVER THE TARGET. Stay vigilant! Patriots implore you and your team to contact WH, regarding "pipeline" conversation. Well done, Ms Shakespeare! Carry on.

  11. I thought the SOTU was strong and 45 delivered it very well. I'd love to see messaging about the true pitfalls of mass migration, illegal, legal… be brought out to the public more directly.

    Not just 40k foot level but the true impacts it has on a country. Mass immigration uncontrolled to quickly is a nightmare waiting to happen. These migrants tend to group together, not giving them sufficient time to assimilate properly into a new country, culture, traditions, laws,etc…

    Because of this for example, increased crime, poverty stricken areas, financial burdens on the American tax payers bigley.

    MSM doesn't report what is really going on in European countries with serious crimes and that's a shame. People in the US need to be educated about reality. A lot of people, including women, minorities, LGBTQ communities are supporting socialism, immigration, "humanitarian causes" blindly. If they were educated on these topics appropriately I doubt they would continue to support such things so blindly.

    Legal immigration is good, at a sustainable pace and with defined structure. I dont think the message is being delivered as well as it could be IMHO. Great job Gina!

  12. I'm sure you all saw how most, if not all demrats stay sitting on their hands when Trump said "America will never be a socialist country" 🙂

  13. I won't say that Trump is our only politician who is capable of keeping the US from going Communist/Socialist he is probably the one capable of doing the best job at this point in time. As long as he is President we will not go Communist and hopefully he will undo so much of the Marxist damage to the US that it will take longer then 8 years for the Dems to once again get the US to the brink of being a Communist nation.

  14. Hmmm, podcast? We're with you Gina, we need journalist not controlled by cable network corporations. I heard it's about to get real interesting again with Kimdotcom and Wikileaks. I'd hate to miss it. Last time Assange revealed the INTEL community was disguising their hacks using cyber tools found in the open market, but made in RUSSIA, so blaming doesn't harm anyone but the russians VAULT 7 But I think it bigger.

  15. I forgot to congratulate you on the new podcast, you are doing your part and more then your part to ensure that freedom does not die. We are sailing through uncharted waters in a leaky boat during a major storm, with people like you fighting and informing the people we will manage to muddle through and protect the freedom of most of the Western Nations.

  16. Trump is forcing the Hard Left to show their True Marxist Face & intentions as they rabidly Attack him for… standing in the Moderate Middle.

  17. Our President, Donald Trump, stands 10-feet tall and I rejoice in his "call" against evil in this nation! Our border security is being "blocked" by socialist-minded democrats. Socialism and communism is the democrat way today, and has been since WW II times. They (democrats) operated in stealth for years until recent times. With the election of socialist Obama, they came out in the open! When the American people responded, Donald Trump was elected, and socialism/communism has been on the attack ever since. The communist way is evil! Whatever it takes to spread communism is the way of democrats. They lie, they commit vote fraud, they lawlessly plot to frame the President over a false claim of illegal Russia collusion, democrats now have evil operatives within the FBI, State Dept., Justice Dept., and in the White House itself. Like a deadly cancer, this evil grows, and is threatening the existence of our country as we know it. Communism will be the new government, if democrats have their way. The "useful idiots" that support communism abounds! The corrupt mainstream media has been pro democrat forever! No matter what type of lawlessness democrats do, here comes the corrupt media to the rescue! The media attacks our President, other conservatives, and real republicans 24/7. Democrats are NOT prosecuted, NOT investigated, and NOT held accountable for the wrong they do! That's the "why" they commit felonies, while advancing socialism/communism, and don't ever worry about being arrested, or held accountable! As long as democrats keep advancing the evil of socialism and communism, they can pretty well do "whatever" they want, and NEVER worry about adverse publicity from the mainstream media! Thank good, like the mainstream media sports.ness for FOX, RUSH, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Mark Levine and other "real" journalist, not propaganda hacks, like the mainstream media has. Socialism is evil and does not work! No where, at any time, has socialism or communism worked for the country that put it in play!

  18. America IS a socialist country right now and he's doing nothing to reverse that fact and nothing to reign in debt. Nothing but theater and circus as his fan base chases Q anon like end of the world types following Nostradamus' writings, always one day away from the great disclosure…I'll save you the time.. you been duped by Israel and the bankers.

  19. Sorry I missed a radio broadcast I will catch it next time I got it plugged in great job I like that keep me motivated stay beautiful and God bless

  20. I love the president's State of the Union Address it had my undivided attention full attention absolutely upright. It was positive truthful in my perspective as well as many many other entrepreneurs and Americans of the same. We had an identity crisis War. Identify with the blood of my ancestors that built this country I will not surrender it to socialism when socialism helped build this country which was slavery. Anybody that don't understand that you not understand history they just look at the results but never think how did we ever get to that point. I understand it very well. Lazy people to put it in layman's terms. Lazy people will do lazy things simple as that great job I love the podcast because I can give full attention and do the things I need to do reason I miss you today is because I almost burnt the kitchen up frying some deer steaks Styx. Everything's good just need some new pots in the ceiling fan. Great job

  21. What makes me nervous and what should scare every one of you is the fact that 26 new Socialists showed up in Congress after the 2018 election. They didn't just volunteer to show up, someone had to put them there. That is what scares me. Were these people elected by ignorant idiots that just voted along party or gender lines or are there really that many stupid people in America that think Socialism/Communism is something to aspire to?

  22. Some how the audio version is pleasing to listen to but the video presentation is much more remarkable. The content is without question very accurate either way.

  23. President Trump is known in some circles as "The Maestro", and the SOTU address shown this name for POTUS is certainly apt. Simply put, this SOTU was incredible, honed to perfection making perfect segues into other issues like that of only a master chess player can. The Presidential election of 2020 is already won, and we will see President Donald J Trump continue his performance that no other President has had in living memory.

  24. Easily the biggest effect the SOTU had was that it was aimed at the people without the chance of the msm skewing the message. It was also very easy playing spot the communist by showing many audience shots of who applauded various parts of the speech while the Democrat women will be slammed forever for only applauding themselves. I'd imagine the speech was an eye opener for many Americans.

  25. Socialism is being pushed VERY hard in US media, particularly MSM “news” media, as well as in academic institutions from colleges and universities, all the way down to kindergarten.
    The same is true for “variant” sexual and family relationships, and for derision toward religious beliefs.

  26. I think that Trump is very, very good at sizing up opponents. He is afraid of nothing. His confidence is rock solid, unshakable. He does not flinch from conflict. He's the perfect man to go up against this giant enemy we face. They hate him because they fear him.

  27. I was actually amazed at the way Trump manipulated the entire Congress. The Republican side jumped readily sometimes needing to be prodded, but enthusiastically. The dems cracked. They swore to resist and pledged to stay stoic and sullen, then Trump praised WOMEN, everyone in the room went nuts. Then they chanted In UNISON USA USA USA… Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that possible. A+ Mr President!

  28. Rather have you in person, great video and hope it's time these crooks go away, god bless you hun and your family, ty, love to all patriots

  29. The big hit to me was Socialism not having occupancy in America. It seemed to be a prelude to something in the making by the Democrats, and a warning by Trump that he will squash it. Two steps ahead and counting.

  30. "……born free and will remain free!"
    As a disabled veteran, i would dare add "….and i will die free as well!" because several of my friends HAVE ALREADY. There is a price for freedom that HAS BEEN PAID IN BLOOD, by our families…..
    Thanks for the hard work Gina! Great🇺🇸❤ how is it that a new zealander is more patriotic than every DEMOCRAT combined??

  31. Let's keep the good word growing, the biggest threat to the Communist is the belief in 'God',. Go to your place of worship often and bring others to show them that they will never suppress our liberty or our faith in the Creator.

  32. I really enjoyed the SOTU. The president made me feel even prouder of being a US citizen. We're seeing an American Renaissance under Trump.

    This was the first time I've heard ASMR news. I suppose it's a logical progression in media. We just saw an ASMR beer commercial. I like it. More please.

  33. Kamala (Kamaltoe) Harris slept her way to her career goals. Bill Brown was 60 and she was 29. She has threatened him to STFU but he hasn't. Her POTUS ideas are crushed over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maZI0pi94fE

  34. Trump did a brilliant and very well crafted speech that will make it hard for the opposition to refute.(but they will at their own peril. He apparently got 72% approval post speech so he must have got it spot on . a good analogy Kiwi Gina. great info for those that didn't see the SOTU address. cheers again! Dave NZ

  35. Trump's position against socialism is backed by USC Tittle 18, Chapter 115. Socialist politicians need to be prosecuted.

  36. El CHAPO went to court and testified that he did Give Bribes to MEXICO'S expresident Pen Nieto and Nancy Pelosi along with Adam Shiftt Took Bribes from EL CHAPO to keep the BORDER OPEN for EL CHAPO!!
    MEXICO'S expresident was Busted for TAKING BRIBES OF $100. Million Dollars. Adam Shiftt TOOK BRIBES AND Nancy Pelosi They Took BRIBES FROM EL CHAPO!!

  37. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery". Winston Churchill

  38. I am pretty excited for your podcast!!!!! I am glad to hear your lovely voice💓, President Trump's attack on socialism is one of my favorite savage moments . There is still hope as many Americans have unfavorable views on socialism and it's time to take down socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez .

  39. I didn’t get to see much of the SOTU.What I saw was Pelosi chewing on her own stale FARTS just like she did in the first SOTU.

  40. So sad for the country to watch Democrats try and set fire to Trump with their stares ಠ_ಠ 🔥🔥
    I guess that's all you can do when you're exposed and laid bare for all to see.

  41. Elegant presentation of facts and lucid representation of perspectives. So cool. Thanks for creating this… you rock.

  42. President Trump's State of the Union addresses are the best and he tackles the hard issues headon concerning American Patriots, the future of America, the building back of our country and her values, the rule of law and the constitution, and gives the Socialist Dem's a mountain of truth to ponder when he walks away from the podium! His address was SPOT ON! He's the Greatest President in my lifetime and possibly in my dads too! 👍💪🇺🇸! He lays out the truth!

  43. Listen Americans, and hear the true
    And terrible tale of a treasonous coup

    To subvert the twenty-sixteen election

    And keep these States under globalist direction:

    The coup that was foiled by Q.


    But first hearken back to old Bush the First,

    Who spoke of a new world order

    Where sovereign nations would be sort of dispersed

    And bereft of power, and bereft of borders.

    He signed the Agenda of the U.N.

    Using the U.S. President’s pen,

    Which ought to have started to spread the alarm

    Through many an American village and farm

    That the nation they love was threatened with harm.

    (& 15 more stanzas by pennsylvanianon)

  44. I think Trump's statement of "We were born free and we will stay free" can be a turning point in the direction of our country. Along the lines of "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" from Ronaldus Magnus. The times they are a changin'! (Hopefully)


    3 Then Slick Willy Clinton, a globalist too

    Engineered NAFTA, and jobs fairly flew

    To the south of the border, and then overseas,

    While advanced technology was given to the Chinese,

    And telecommunications would be consolidated

    So that news and views to be communicated

    Could be effectively coordinated

    By the few who owned the media corporations

    To most effectively propagandize the nation.

    4 Now Bush the Second appeared on the scene

    While Clinton set up his Foundation:

    But now it was time that the nation

    Be terrorized by planes in the skies

    And buildings imploded, which mean

    The “Patriot Act” with undue precipitation

    Is signed into law, amid lies.

    For Cheney the handler had a hand in these things,

    And a much broader plot brought those murderous wings

    And implosion devices to bear, hid by lies.


  46. It's a pity that you can't see through these monikers,both sides are wealth transfers,socialism transfers it to lazy clipboard holders,capitalism transfers it to greedy people, for everyone caught in the middle it doesn't Matter either way, life goes on,moderation should be practiced, moderately, why pigeon hole yourself?the world is a complicated place, no one is right all of the time,stay true to your beliefs, and argue them politely any chance that you get🧐

  47. I got all excited when I saw “The Declassified Podcast”! I was hoping you would have an actual podcast version of your videos….. but I could not find one on my podcast app.

    Gina, you guys should make an actual podcast app of your videos too ! 👍🏼

  48. Socialisim is someone with more than you telling you that you need to settle for much less.
    2 fat kids in a crib fighting over the last 12lb piece of cake and letting it fall to waste while all the starving people of the world watch.
    Buggers! im praying for us all.l&r.shane

  49. Socialism and it followers is out most imminent threat to our nation at the present time. These Commies need to be put down hard!!!!

  50. Thank you Gina. I didn't know that Russia is propping up communist regimes like Venezuela. Makes one question Mr. Putin's motives.

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