Playing AdVenture Capitalist As Fast As Possible EP 126

welcome back to the adventure capitalist I'm your host brought GAR and today we get the encore episode last time we beat the game here on episode 125 and I said there's going to be one more episode and that's going to be mainly how fast can we speedrun the earth because we got all this gold I still got two thousand five hundred and thirty-eight gold to spend out make it rain and see how fast we could roll through the earth what I was going to do I believe the most major accomplishment technical accomplishment for me in this entire series is at one point making an auto adventure now if you look it up there's somewhere in the series think it's like sixty episode or whatever and I did an auto adventure macro and that's what I'm going to be trying to recreate today I'm going to take you through the process right last time I just kind of did it and show you it we're going to roll through the process today of clicking buttons and trying to make a program that's smart enough to speedrun us as fast as possible maybe we can answer that question right the other thing I want to point out is today is actually kind of a strange anomaly that's happening here on YouTube it's been going pretty good here for a while now but for some odd reason I mean this is what's going on right you have 125 episodes this huge series that's been going on for over a year you know people watch it and kind of dropped off a little bit and then the series end it was it was fun a lot of people had a lot of fun and then suddenly I don't know what's happening like suddenly YouTube decides to recommend this last video to a bunch of people and look at it so we got like chanted 24 viewers 24 views 200 and some thousands of people watching them this all of this everybody chose us with a party late so I'm thinking this is like the Encore episode right making today the largest day on YouTube I've ever had 125 subscribers and Counting what alright since everybody is going to be asking what is the program I'm using it is J bit macro recorder I've been using this thing for years now and it's one of the most useful tools as far as making quick little macros and all that good stuff I like it I use it and it's what I use the first time with the auto adventure I've learnt some new tricks so I'm going to try to use some of those new trick to play the game as fast as possible first and foremost what is it that we need to do obviously we need to buy max to spend as much money as you can to boost up all your businesses so you want to make sure that this is by max especially since we have so much money step 1 that's probably it we also want to make sure all of this over here has always brought up so we can do that we don't necessarily need to go to Oh upgrades and get all that stuff we don't have to but let's go to the investors real quick and see how many we can get we're going from sex tailings in an alien right there we're going to claim those angles boom we're at sixty six point two two eight and alien first thing I want to do is hit by Max I'm going to buy that lemon play buy it up you get the idea so there's a couple of sequences that I did right there and that's what you want to do you want to eyeball that stuff right off the bat so you buy it and then you hit by on your business and then you get some money so now you go over here to the managers that's like step two right and then you get all the managers fast as possible now there's a couple things I can't buy right these guys are still not available I can overcome that just with more clicks right so at this point the lemons are making a lot of money if I go through the upgrades already got the quick buy so I can just go over there's cash upgrades hit quick buy I'll get all of those and get the angel ones quick fly as well and I'm done with that real quick now at this point there's a couple of indicators that I can do I got all these different businesses that I could start running and I got all this different stuff I can also click on to that's all going to be important now do I have enough money to buy the rest demanders no I don't so I'm not going to even worry about it but look at the investors I'm septillion we'll go past a million in no time got to buy up there now I can click that okay I think I'm in good shape at this point I just want to cycle through spending my money so I'm upgrading all my businesses as fast as I can and then you're going to want to buy that stuff right there and this point right down here investor's Bowl we know that this is orange it turned orange for just a second and if you saw that you're going to go over here and you're going to spend the money on your angles so you get that sequence the sequence we've been very familiar with because you played the game a lot of times step 1 by max so I want to make a loop let's see if I can make a loop ok bye max stark oops there we go like label mr. pop it's official ok so if the image is found what's the image by max that right there I'm going to test to see if it is true position the mouse on it it's true how about that that's cool easy enough right looks on the screen and looks forward if it's there boom we're done ok so if that image is found then what okay I'm going to need another label I'm just going to work in label like this isn't programming one on one don't take this as a class we're gonna call this by Max and okay so if image is found I want to go to bye max end yeah okay that seems legitimate right so it starts if the image exists number is going to go to the end atlas we need an else we get an if statement what if it's the other stuff well that's as simple and I just want to insert a mouse command that is going to base it on the screen which will just be absolute press f2 to capture location well click ok so we're going to quit there we go ahead and insert a couple of delays they tend to help in milliseconds before 50 milliseconds after and then I'm going to have another go to but this one's going to be different this will go to start so if it's there we're just going to go rolled down here else hopefully we'll click on that and then we'll go back to start and then it'll check it again and eventually it will be back so therefore we'll end up down here that's the stop process with me let me go ahead and unclick that set this down to normal speed and hit play boom it worked professional right there 101 playback settings let's make sure this just one all right we're learning stuff legit good stuff alright so now that I have by max what was the first thing we did with claims the main JAL's real quick first thing we did after that is we click on the lemon okay so I'm going to insert the command which is click on the coordinates which is right here simple enough it's going to be at the end okay so now we're going to buy maximum on lemons so just to run this real quick to see what happens hit play click click click buy max but professional how about that holy is 133 come on the last video okay I'll read a few just to like spice it in all right so the second thing that I need to do this is really simply get the theme now right f2 we're going to do that right over there boom and we're going to do this there we go so now hang on since it's by Max it shouldn't click that it should click the lemon first and then click the buy maximum right next to it oh what'd I say so far pretty simple next step so simple all right managers we're going to click over there we click the managers the managers show up this is like how to cheat by the way 101 like how to script 101 you're going cheating if you want but I already beat the game I did a legit this is a useful skill don't like you apply this at work it's going to be good stuff I mean where did you like to cheat at work and get paid you can take that in a couple different ways couldn't you let's think about it so here there's a couple different ways I can do this let's be sophisticated about I'm going to look for the blue hire buttons because I know that this some down here that aren't there like the easy way to do this would just be to click in one location a bunch of times which is probably no let's do a loop right let's do another loop I'm going to position the mouse on the image if it is found therefore it'll be over there true sweet so if the image is found this time we're going to then click it so I want to click command but this time I'm going to ignore the bulk of coordinates and execute at the current position sometimes shifty it may or may not work so we'll just position the mouse by finding it on the screen which means it'll probably show up on any of these and then I'll try to click it alright everybody ready let's run it let's see how it works apply the lemon it stopped mono aha alright so I made some changes I figured out what was going on for some one reason it it wasn't finding this you know so I increased his tolerance and where it looks a little bit so I run it now it should work I also ended the if statement so make sure I wasn't actually in an if statement that I wasn't trying to be in let's just run this from the beginning to one and see where I have come yes yes beautiful managers buy it there we go yeah good job game it's a little bit slow but it's working okay yeah come on come on you can do it you can do it and then it should end okay time for some comments well done bro up gars is the homeless demo yes thank you so much well done indeed Robert a thank you guys so much there Theisen sellers thank you guys so much galaxy the universe is way bigger than a galaxy yeah it is but if you don't know how big it is can you actually know that it's bigger after you get 5000 gold it takes like 30 to 60 minutes to complete the earth again how fast do you think my computer can do it we're going to find out please reply Rocko Tucker what's up man yo it's just that just happened oh I'm even going to put a little emoji face in there grinning look at that that Pro YouTube comments stuff going on over there all right back to focusing got to focus we get the upgrades we buy the Angels and we'd use a quick buy so I'm going to call this cash and Emma be your angel bye start I'm going to label that sucker right there and we're going to then insert another label which is n boom okay so then all should work out pretty quick so we buy all the maximum you get your managers okay we get out of that Rolly crap what's that okay bear that didn't work just got to slow it down a little bit Hrothgar slow it down maids of corrections hopefully this works ah yes yes managers go away go away upgrades buy it enough great let's try this left one down left button up there after button down left button up we're gonna be really annoying about to do this for like every single click but I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it for the video alright come on now you know you want to work click didn't do jack you're supposed to least click this I guess you did whatever alright so I'm going to make an assumption that that is actually working and I'm then going to start a new cycle which is going to be buying all the businesses or run all business the reason I'm labeling all of these is because I'm probably going to loop back to them at some point run the whole business start neighbors we're not business end all right so now I'm actually going to try to record this one record mouse clicks only recommended sorry I'm like half thinking through this while I'm trying to make a video but brings like well wires are getting crossed yours is kind of tough cord special record at the cursor bye bye bye bye bye bye hopefully it's getting in the delays for my mouse to anything I'm not gonna identify there you go bye all businesses left button down left button up sweet that's what I want to see and now I'm going to run all businesses so record at cursor run run run run run run run run run hopefully not like messing something up all right that should work Hey famous last words so this point I pretty much run the whole cycle so let's just see what happens here so if it works so far my upgrades you need to actually be on spread cache upgrade me the first thing you click all right here's the test let's see if it works yeah there we go maximum touch manager somehow we click on something oh yeah that's right we do something over there that goes away quick buy on that quick buy on that Oh we're buying stuff it got a little weird get a little weird did I miss anything I think I missed a couple of those all right cool I think it's a little rocky but it's something I can work with so I got the investors now let me go ahead and just claim those angels real quick this is going to be the full start from the beginning bye max we're going to get these managers come on oh yeah there it goes man this manager stuff is a little slow I know and it's all complicated I went through all that effort and then it missed half of them well okay so maybe that didn't really work out as well as I thought it was going to did I buy all of this yes okay sweet on all of those are they all running yes but there's no you want to land just to do some going all right so what I did it what did I learn the manager cycle thing sucks so I'm going to can that okay that ought to work we just click a bunch that's my solution don't judge me you can if you want actually you're in silk I watched one of your first episodes on the series this is in my suggestion box I know why at the time decided to give it a try now 600 days later you do decide to let me know that you are the richest entrepreneur in the universe that's Hrothgar thanks so much I didn't make it any further than a hundred chocolate bar to eat that's pretty awesome awesome series or what if you're still here let me know you're the best thanks so much Jade on teal and George as well thank you if you keep going you could achieve infinite money it takes a long time but it is possible that sounds pretty interesting alright so I think I got a mildly working prototype of the program thus far now I'm at the point where I want to look at the screen maybe I just have a delay right now I've got everything running I want to see if the investors has that orange look to it if this is orange over here in that spot then I know I can come over here and I can claim my angels that's the key we use this before same trick as before but I think there's some other loops I can put in Mike is by up here is that there it's so I want to be able to buy that out okay we're going to look for the cash upgrade starts so if pixel is so fine pixel by color know if pixel color equals so now I'll just do this right over here capture it and just do that so if that is orange then at that point yeah yeah there we go ha did you hear that a little bit of code worked nice so all that was is the cache upgrades start so by that it was just saying if that was orange if it was orange it would click there and then otherwise it then went to the end right so now I'm going to add you know a 1000 millisecond delay at this point I'm at the end so now I want to check to see if investors is orange if it is and we're going to go ahead and jump to the recycling of whatever you know what I mean I'm going to give the investors like my brain is not connected tonight so if the pixel color is orange so we want to capture that over here because there's some times that display that kind of covers up a little pop-up it's in the plate it's in the way that's why I have that delay so if that is there then I'm then going to go to investors ready here we go we're going to buy everything get those managers come on I got to get rid of that delay and we got to speed this up a little bit come on give me all those managers nice ok upgrades upgrade sweet you need to buy all the businesses don't mess it up ok I got to make some adjustments there because that's why I was miss clicking because that quick zone changes when that happens now everything's running we're getting all the upgrades is it orange it is orange and what's it going to tell me investors oh how about that it worked ok so what I want to do here I'm going to make some modifications this is successful I like that so my last thing is a go-to which is by Mac start there we have it an infinite loop let's see if the auto adventure 2 is fully automatic by Max start get our manager come on yeah of course we knew this was going to work we've seen it work several times by now close this up get those upgrades the ask is the angel upgrades nice here goes all the different businesses look at that you're in the right spot – ok everything's running yes get all those nice upgrades holy cow hahahaha and then the investors down there we cook it reclaim it and we're going again it's all run away the game is down filleting itself that is absolutely awesome the auto adventure – it's noon oh this is pretty sweet I could watch this for a while of course now I got to take away all of its kind of human cliques like this one right there that works because it's just so fast you know that's computer fast the rest of this you can tell is kind of human speed okay okay we got to stop it I got to stop it it's me I'm running this thing I don't your along with the journey okay I've been doing this forever my brains like not even making sense tonight I'm sorry long work day long work days been stressful lately but whatever let me talk about a couple of things let's just let's diverge a little bit go through some comments let me talk about some other games that I've been playing all right so the two games that I'm actually playing a little bit here on mobile that are pretty similar to adventure capitalists just because I'm not you know I just want to see what else is out there I've gotten into tap Titans – a little bit right here I played the original tap Titans a bit and this game seems pretty interesting like I would actually show you my progress like I've got it on my phone but getting my phone to the screen in any manageable amount of time has been kind of a pain in the butt but there is legitimately tap Titans – it will show up think there it is it's loading up and that's been pretty interesting I would say the game that's a little bit more interesting to me though is endless frontier it's kind of like Crusaders of the lost idols but a little bit different it's got some more PvP ish stuff that are there isn't really PvP ish but I don't know I'm kind of hooked on it a little bit and I've been having some fun with that too so let me know what you think about those two games maybe I might make a video on them at some point wolves is that the thing I know you've more or less recommended minigames a lot like endless frontier and I think you have recommended tap Titans the original as well I'm a fiftieth rebooted him I don't know what you mean but thanks for commenting that person Thomas well done plus I'm pretty high on money oh hi I'm money oh hi I'm money up in here volker says congrats try not to reset the game for infinite angels it'll screw up a bit I lost my mega ticket upgrades and on the businesses and how that stings well I don't think at this point I'm at any sort of problem and I don't think I'll play the game that much longer I've at this point in the program there plays it for me okay so by managers start let's go ahead and optimize this a little bit just see where we can get this down to alright optimization test there we go managers mmm yeah now we're going a little bit faster that's what I like to see get those upgrades good deal okay I can now optimize all the buying of the businesses that's like the next obvious thing to do because everything else here is working pretty quick haha that is so insanely annoying alright everything's working good okay stop hold on hold your horses here autumn adventure – yeah yeah quick buying okay yeah now ooh this is better haha okay now it's moving real quick boom that's pretty quick and then we reset look at this go it does it has no time no time for breaks quick buy it where's my hey you know that might kill them to go a little bit faster there if I don't stop at this game's gonna complete itself here pretty soon alright alright alright I'll slow it down a couple of things we might want to make go faster right is cash upgrade okay now that is pretty quick right there do I want to sneak in another because I'm going to we're going to get to a point here real quick where that buy button it's just going to there's a million up upgrades that you have to go through and it's just going to sit there forever I almost feel like I should add an if statement so if the investors show up then I should then you know skip that so I should run a check maybe those will work okay there we go we buy all the businesses and right now it's working it's working what happens when the investor shows up it's going to go Orange you're pretty soon come on you know you want you there it is ha and it stops and resets whoo and but then it actually stopped what's up why'd you stop well something happened and the way it goes and it's reset again and off we go alright so there we go the auto adventure is fly and now it is just on autopilot I think at that point I've got a legitimate sort of cycle and it's been pretty optimized as far as how fast it can click stuff this over here though the brothers knowing is like a possibly beat oh man but then the investors show up and you just fly through it a little bit even faster so this is a chance that I could just quick by instead of doing like the buy on that stuff I could just kind of go back to the quick bite a and then skip a lot of this right here which I think I'm going to do because I just can't live like this this is terrible no whoa Mendes's Cillian alright pretty this up a little bit let's see let's see if I can actually tighten that up a little bit the upgrades maybe that'll make it easier we'll do 30 milliseconds click that's pretty quick this is only going to be 15 milliseconds so it's it's hopefully going to cruise through those really fast I don't think you can click much faster than 30 milliseconds in this game we'll see here we go oh yeah look at it go whoo that's what I'm talking about hey now it isn't annoying sweet and you saw that we got to the end of the upgrades right there before it actually went reset so that was actually better I was going to do go back to the upgrades thing but then I couldn't actively check that and then you get all those pop ups and stuff like that that you don't necessarily get so then it's just going to sit here and clicks is that as fast as possible which is the real goal of this right to just sit here and run the game is absolutely as fast as you can or as fast as the computer is going to let us all right it's a reason machine you deserve more subs Thank You Dennis today was a good day by the way now that you beat the game like me it's time for realm grinder Oh what is realm grinder I feel like this one's been recommended before yep it's on my favorites I feel like there's so many games like realm rolling um run round grinder timeless geometry – it has been done it is finished all right so now all I got to do only step left is optimize this a little bit more by managers start okay the first pause and we click that and then it opens at this point we're buying all the managers from here down to the end so right here I'm going to edit all of these see if I can do this in 30 millisecond click this would be pretty good if I could do that we're going to try to take the other stuff in here that was a little bit longer we're going to make that one City by all businesses start just gonna fly to that well because delays 30 milliseconds by all run all businesses start to finish guess what I'm going to do 30 milliseconds I know you heard that one coming alright let's go managers quick bye whoo hey that moved a little bit faster didn't it now we're just waiting for the investors to come in you can show up sometime today come on whoa this is about as fast as you can run the game hahaha yes alright I have officially not only beaten the game I like where you call this i dominated the game this this is not only how you make money this is how you continue to make more money than infinite money in the universe you just play the huge Incas best is absolutely possible there you have it this is a venture capitalist as fast as possible so long as you're not cheating this is as quick as you can go like or is it there's little some stuff I haven't done because I've still got 2,500 gold that can happen here yeah okay this is making me happy I love it let's go to the shop and spend the multipliers we got earth flux capacitors we got the earths multipliers 645 there is no other planets that have been released so I'm not going to worry about those events man let's spend that money let's boost this up eighty go hey no problem for me five hundred and one multiplier yeah we can get Q of those which I'm going to do take that earth we ran out to 1146 what else am I going to do more mother black and there it is 1647 earth multiplier on top of a seven seven seven point seven seven X multiplier for the megabucks and we get the Earth's flux capacitors spend it all spend all that money that's what I'm talking about now this is as fast as adventure capitalists will go you ready ladies and gentlemen it doesn't get any faster than this I love this this is great claim those angels make it happen get all those manages where was this all the times that I was running this game why didn't I do this from the beginning this would have been so easy but I guess then we wouldn't have 125 episodes would we no hands nothing hey this is a big step up from the last Auto adventure now don't get me wrong the last Auto adventure actually ran all the different planets whistle doesn't run all the different planets now like I think it would be that hard you saw the logic minding that was basically a tutorial on how to how to script this game this is awesome okay I could watch this for a while okay let me go back over here to the comments which is off the screen TV gaming whoa 5,000 gold row nice Gavin Hammond I am sad that Earth is over I love the series thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed the series this one be encore episode where we move all in through this stuff others even pee this is unreal janky pillow says hi friend I love your videos I was wondering if you'd give my channel a shout-out well there you have it Jackie flyer when Jackie black sounds pretty familiar to all right I got a got to slow this down I got to get back over to this comment I went through the rest of all good guys right here boom uh-oh number of pages to show on show more on that you know show me more comments dun da da me back play Kurt architect maybe I thought about doing a series that's just all about different clicking and sort of idle RPGs or whatever those come up with some sort of series name about it I don't know I don't know if that would catch on people seem to like flock around the same ideas of the same game you know just because Crusaders is a lost Idol was a similar game not many people watched it that's kind of my reasoning I don't know alright I guess I'll have to go to newest comments I'll start flying through a couple of these meanwhile its what does run boom there we go John Martin says I have beaten Mars congratulations man I just found your channel and I love your content keep it up says out kannst outdoors thank you so much man piano player walkthroughs and more I'm new to this channel and I like it subscribe thank you so much for joining man just 12 hours ago Franco says oh cool a channel I can watch he seems like a pretty cool chill guys all subscribe thank you guys so much for subscribing with the rhett and Link tag awesome Channel by the way lebreton link I mean those guys are like YouTube YouTube Gold man quality content clean content I love it good mythical morning can't support that up Ricardo Lopez love the series glad you're enjoying it minimalist how many hours did it take you to fully complete you're guessing around 3k I had about 600 and some on record but I had several days where I left the game running just running in the background because I was on an event and I didn't want the event to end so that's what that was hmm what's gone on here that we're not progressing where's my investors man the game is cycling but it's not buying anymore it is getting the upgrades as there's popping up but I could be upgrading my businesses oh no I think I found a hole in the program doodle game misses GG and this might be GG right there here I thought this game was going to be continuing endlessly without any intervention from this point on nope I've got a problem see at this point what I want to be able to do is go back to this right this is where I want to go I don't want to be stuck in this loop and that's where I am I'm stuck in the loop that is the upgrades right so it never gets down here never gets down to go to run all business start and why not oh no nevermind I got it I just had the wrong label so it was actually trying to run those businesses but since it's running so fast you can't see it and here's the problem I keep upgrading that stuff there there we go haha see the code was right just not right those are the wrong word my dyslexia got me again which is probably why I'm not a very good coder that's like ah that words ended in my brain it was right but it certainly wasn't the right one yeah see this stuff pops up here okay so that's that's where I got to make an adjustment because if I got to look for that orange that orange has got to be I guess it isn't a big deal but you know take it you can look at the very top of that orange thing there see how that sign kind of shows up but it doesn't show up with everything there's a couple of pixels available above it that's where I could look because right now it could say oh I'm going to go to the investors and reset rather than look where it is looking now make sense there we go got all the managers that time whoa whoa you got to be careful sometimes how did we end up over here all I did is buy more managers you have those moments sometimes when you have like a automatic automated program where suddenly it tries to steal your lunch money and that's what happened here so yeah once I finish this yeah there we go quick buy that okay thanks to whatever happened there it was just trying to move too fast too fast so there you have it this is now completely automatic the auto adventure all right we got steam train but lover over there says if only he can keep going till maxed out the money I guess I could technically keep going to let max with the money I can also just keep going till I finish the game again over and over and over again Alexander says I played this game for free on a ps4 got 95% as I realized that there is a bug when I set the game on background to reenter it sadly but true yeah my amount of money was infinite when angel reclaims its play with zero buggy infinite actually that happens to like everybody else I think or something it gets buggy wants to give up to enter the money a sbf says dude didn't you know you can just a change the time to cheat who needs to cheat when you can just let the game run itself I mean this is about as legitimate as it gets right I gotta I gotta do a livestream of this it was a steep like me with just hands right the joke's been playing from the dead that's not going to happen great you finished on 5 3 5 / 25 and then there's read more so I can't click on GG says you're cute and keep up your videos that makes more videos that means make more videos and then there's more stuff let me get over to those comments read more to original numbers 100 plus 25 a great ending and a new beginning this is like math deception going on here they ended up all the numbers it would be that that's insane hi by the way Adam what's up Supermax is scrap-metal huge i did play mech warrior back in the day but get that was my very first online game ever I think was mech warrior 3 fun game I enjoy played the originals as well one to spend several this is actually MechWarrior Online but it didn't catch me the way it did like Super Max oh man those sound effects are legit build a mighty mech how do you guys even find out about these games all right yeah yeah you're gonna get rekt boom in the face that's right you run boom yeah man this is legit Phil that wolf bass going who just got more legit lays the beans hard-coated you about to get rekt storm hey this is pretty fun I actually kind of like this I don't know if I can make a series out of it but I kind of like it I'll wait that's a scrap metal sound no yeah it is I guess I got more than one audio going on here I said words make stuff oh good alright so it's like a tower defense game all right well thanks for the recommended games there heathen all right I'm going to read to the end here and then that's going to be it okay pepper how did you get so far well I've been playing the game for a long time but you do have to go over to a couple of humps as far as being able to make some serious progress so Daniel are you maybe check a game dwarf pork oh you know I think I've heard of that okay I haven't heard of it at all my venture capitalist keeps crashing on the load screen that stinks I've seen a lot of people having problems with like iPads and stuff like that who uses Nathan thanks so much cousin to trot Skaar no never heard of trough car you know I'm actually playing another game Elder Scrolls online and there is a hrothgar area and everybody things like I've named myself after like Elder Scrolls or something like that but nope I was brought scar like ten years ago I'm the original maybe hopefully thanks for subscribing by the way no but alright well there you have it guys and thank you guys so much for watching and following this series and supporting the channel as much as you hopefully you guys have continued to enjoy all this and if I've earned your subscriptions and thank you so much for that I'll see you again next time guys maybe trying up some different games here when it all works out and also continue to do some of that planet coaster stuff I mean look at this game look at it go Auto Adventure it's the game that makes money we made all the money in the world and now we can make all the money in every world ever endlessly with zero effort I like it thanks for watching have a great day guys stay awesome peace broth car town

  1. Typical money-grab game that seems like it never ends. I download a modded version and it still took me forever to beat.

  2. It’s hilarious watching this and seeing how you were excited about 125 subscribers and now you have 54,603 lol

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