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  1. I play dying Light in Xbox one and bit always when I play dying Light does not let me acess the dockets os the challenges of community because the techland service is offline what I do to fix this?

  2. Dying light was the reason why I got a ps4. And it was the first game i got on ps4 a few months the game came out. Still have it to this day. I love this game. I dont mind theyre not dropping new maps or new game yet. But i still enjoy it. It brings us all together to play community events. after 3 years it came out. Loves it. Keep up the work techland

  3. This is the best game soooo far i've ever seen but there is a problem always in be the zombie it takes ages to find games and it dissconects me and i lose for no reason right when the night hunter jumps down.

  4. Dying light vs dead island 2
    DL:Better graphics
    DI2:Cartonnish graphics
    DL:Great Zombie Experience
    DI2:Normal Zombie Experience
    DL:Has been released in 2015
    DI2:Not Released Yet (cheap devs)

  5. Dying light has quickly become my favourite game and i cant see myself stopping anytime soon, even though i've played countles hours on it.
    Thank you for making this game, techland!

  6. Hey guys i juat finished the first game today and i yust momentarily went to go crying when jade died ok now some words from me.Jade wase a great friend or should i call her scorpion she cured the world with her choice and she allso made more room in our hearts .love.Jade

  7. Its been long tine I havent touch this game with my Bare hands. Well, I hope My big Brothers Laptop Still have it because i have to wait until its June because My two Big brother is having campus far away From my home..

  8. They should add a balisong, a karambet or even maybe brass knuckles… for a “ expansion “ from a free dlc they could add a motorcycl… something that would catch someone’s attention is a chainsaw! ADD A CHAIN SAW. Also they could add more out fits for the new playable people. There are so many thing they could add to bring the community back. Then hit us with hopefully DL2 or a sequel regardless of bad blood. Please take this into thought

  9. I want to see an AR suppressor for the military rifle and the police rifle and in stead of subsonic ammo we get normal ammo to use

  10. We need new zombies not just bigger versions of the noms
    Try it in the bad blood dlc of next content drop
    Oh and more story that all I ask

  11. Its been over 6 months since you guys said about there will be more dlc, and only 3 has been out, when will there be more?

  12. Dying Light Ideas
    I was looking at the concept art booklet and decided on some stuff Techland could add in the next content drops. 1: Variation of armed survivors (e.g: wearing clothes resembling past life work or new factions with different emblems). 2: Survivor Headgear (e.g: for crane it could include: Gas Mask, Headgear, Camo Hat, Bike Helmet). 3: Variation of infected (e.g: Bigger toads, biters with past life work clothes, more infected with the harran Olympic costume, demolishers with rocks and poles, and other items stuck into their backs and MAKE THE INFECTED MORE SCARY LOOKING, EVEN THE BITERS, bombers with elemental effects, so when they explode, it could be electrical, stun, fire). 4: More locations in the Slums, (e.g more shops, with new items to discover, more to people to meet, and maybe even, video or phone footage before the outbreak and during it, even include maybe footage from the harran Olympics, and like during the outbreak). 5. Base Creation (e.g: make your base from scratch, and go out to hunt for materials and metal. Set up UV lights and employ your shopkeeper and maybe some runners. Also, when real life events come around like Christmas and Easter, make them in game. Like, you can make a Christmas tree and maybe UV lights and put them outside you base to deter volatiles). 6: I actually found this on a techland forum and really like it :"I have a idea for a new DL game/DLC. A new map. But more like a extension to slums or old town. Which is the wall gets knocked down by bitters.And infects a new area. It could have military monitoring stations and a it should be available by a story quest after killing Rais. And it should have a lot of zombies" – Zombie Slayer 17) 7: Another idea from the forum: "Another idea for a new game is we start when the outbreak began as brecken/jade and follow there steps until they found the tower. And we could see the development of RAIS maybe ?"

    Anyway that just some ideas which would be really cool 😀

  13. I only just played this (was late getting a PS4). Absolutely amazing experience and so much fun to play. Pretty challenging too on hard mode. I am 50 hours in and 48% through the main story (have been doing the side quests) so just got to Old Town. Thing is I have almost enough survivor points to level up – but where can I hand in my drop or get back to the slums and hand it in there? If I carry on playing those survivor points will dwindle fast cause I was dying all the time until I started playing it "like real life" and being tactical lol.

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