1. They should have an event celebrating Ed Gein. Wait, that was Plainfield, Wisconsin. Well they should celebrate Ed Gein, anyway. Ole Crazy Ed.

  2. There is a town in Wales called, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
    It is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the place with the longest name in Britain. They gotta find someone from there!

  3. They couldn’t call it Vanilla or Caucasian Illinois, so Plainfield was the PC choice. Visionaries

  4. Victorian mourning practices (post-mortem photography, hair lockets, grave dolls, etc.) are actually interesting. Would unironically love to go to that event.

  5. I hope the Plainfielders have a good sense of humor — this verged more than a bit on actual East Coast big-city mockery of life in a small town.

  6. If you think this is bad, you should try being involved in a community project in my town. Literal blood, sweat and tears for results and we're supposed to be socialist by comparison.

  7. Why is she wearing a I ❤️ ny tshirt for an illinois segment? More appropriate clothing Mel… tsk

  8. God I needed this! Illinois ROCKS! Anyone else out there go to Chatham Elementary? Ball Jr High? I miss my large Catholic Irish family and all the food and swims in the pond. I lived on 9th St (just a few blocks from Lincoln's cabin), and grew up on a farm out of New City. Corn fields a plenty! Stay cool Illinois! Love "Community Calendar"!

  9. 0:11 "What can't that man do?" Hahaha, a LOT. Rap and rappers in general are OVERRATED. Fuckin awful genre.

  10. They're cheating a bit here, because all those historical events are happening at the Naper Settlement in Naperville, which is the fifth largest city in Illinois (pop. 150k) and a 20-minute drive from Plainfield. The Naper Settlement is an outdoor history museum in downtown Naperville.

  11. Just record a friday night. Our mainstreet has 6 bars in a block. And a playground. We're a good time. And we have had celebrities come into the bar i work at and we have to pretend we dont know who they are but Melissa would make me pass out.

  12. Just sitting here, reading everyone saying what town they live in, with their real names as usernames…
    I'm from Plainfield too. Trust me, it's as boring as the name implies.

  13. Lmao I fuckin live in Plainfield and my favorite part is that half of the events are in Naperville, because absolutely nothing happens in plainfield

  14. She's endlessly likeable! If they did one of these Community calendars for my hometown it would feed sales at the Farm Bureau, livestock births, HS sports, bake sales, church functions, grocery sales (when there's only one store what choice have you really) and nothing else. We out sticks Plainfield by leaps and bounds! 😂

  15. The Community Calendar bits for Melissa and Nick Offerman (Minooka) represent towns only a few miles apart. Only need Shorewood to join the two and make it a continuous path west down Caton Farm Road then south down County Line Road.

    It’s fun seeing places I’ve been on this show—I was just driving past Plainfield’s town hall a few weeks ago, and I worked at both the Minooka and Channahon libraries mentioned in the Minooka calendar.

  16. Ok, I know this clearly indicates that I'm the odd man out here, but that history of death and mourning in America based on wars sounds really interesting?

  17. This bit reminded me of when Steven Colbert came to my home town and took over the local access TV station. Loved it!!!

  18. Wow a standing ovation that lasted for almost a minute, she’s really sealed her legacy as a great woman of comedy

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