Pilot moves onto Sailboat After Stroke and Starts Youtube Channel

I’m currently cleaning my new boat for
the summer adventures that are coming up and I’m listening to The Alchemist by
Paulo Coelho on audible who this video is sponsored by. Get a free book and a
30-day trial by going to audible.com/FLORB I recommend The Alchemist or
Vagabonding by Rolf Potts to stoke that summertime wanderlust. Now enjoy today’s episode. We’re seeing Sailing Doodles and we’re on a boat! We are. We have two big
labradoodles and we sail around the world and kind of document our journey as
we go on YouTube, it’s pretty great. I’ve always wanted to go sailing. It’s
been my dream to retire early and go sailing. You know it’s one of those things
in the back of your mind, is it ever gonna happen? And I was a corporate pilot
had a really good job flying private jets for wealthy families
and then I woke up one morning with about the worst headache you can have and it was because I was having a stroke and when that happens the FA tends to not
let you fly anymore so I did lose my medical. I could probably reapply for it
now, it’s been long enough, but frankly I’m having too much fun doing this. I
literally sold everything I owned. I think our first video was like me
sitting in my apartment with like one chair and my bicycle and and then that’s
it. Sold everything, bought a boat, here we are. I fell in love with sailing about
eight years ago jumped on a boat for just a 12 day sail from one island
to the next and I was like, “if I could do this all the time.” Bobbie and I met in
the Caribbean. I was a traveling nurse and he convinced me to pretty much just
keep putting it off, you can always take a travel assignment…she was originally just coming
for a couple months and now she’s like “I’ll stay on longer”, so here she
is. Yeah. I’m glad to have her. Welcome to the White Squall. She’s a 1996
Beneteau Oceanis 50. We’ve been on her now for about three
months. She sat on a mooring for a long time kind of rotting away. Just in the
last year was refitted. This is actually our dinghy. It’s kind of like when you’re out
cruising that’s your car. You really need to have a good dinghy and a good motor
to go with it. It does pretty well. We do wish we had a slightly bigger motor on
it. This is the head sail also known as a Genoa. Of course we have our anchor
here and winch is called a windlass. Basically it’s a got an electric motor
that will bring up and down the anchor. We have 250 feet of three-eighths inch chain that weighs like eight pounds a foot so
imagine trying to haul in 200 feet of that. That would be mind-numbingly awful,
but moving back we have a big storage hold right here. This used to be or it
could be the Charter captain’s crew quarters. I wouldn’t want to sleep in
there. It’s really small. It’s like one bunk, actually there’s two, but we use it
for storage. We have bicycles down there. We store our extra sails and extra
provisions and stuff that we don’t need on a regular basis. We also store our
fenders and dock lines and everything here. Moving back we kind of keep some of
our toys here. We have some you know a couple inflatable paddle boards that are
halfway decent and this thing gets a lot of use…this is our beanbag and that’s
our favorite place to kind of hang out when we’re sailing. Just lay there and
relax, enjoy the view. Of course our mast and all our
rigging here. This is pretty much where you control most of the mainsail. This is
the mainsail. We actually have a new one ordered it should be here in the next
couple weeks before we cross the Pacific. A lot of newer boats will have all the
lines run back to the cockpit. This one being an older boat, it’s over 20 years
old, it’s just not set up that way. It’s not that it’s a bad thing it’s just a
different style of doing things. We have two extra fuel cans. The boat actually
carries 130 gallons of diesel but we just have an extra 20 gallons on deck
just in case we need it because we’re going to cross the Pacific here in a
couple weeks and it’s three weeks at sea without seeing land and you never know
when you might need extra fuel so extra fuel. Better be safe than sorry, you know?
It’s hard to store stuff on this boat. We just sailed today
so normally this wouldn’t live here. When we’re at a marina it’s iffy down in that
forward hold. This is our fish net. We actually caught a fish on the way. We
were sailing just a couple days ago. This is the cockpit. It’s got a bimini top and
a dodger and man we’re glad we have it like this. So these will actually roll
down and we have more of these just plastic inserts that go all the way
around so this cockpit can be fully enclosed so in inclement weather, you
know rain. We sailed down from Canada in November and December so it’s really
cold you know. And this is our dinghy motor here. It’s a 10 horsepower and like
I said you know a dinghy is your car. Just to be honest I wish this was a 15
horsepower because with two people on and that dinghy will get up and move, no problem. I’ll
probably put four people in it. Of course we have the
rod holders on each side. We put two lines out a lot of time when we’re
fishing and the captain’s chair right here. This is the main home station.
You’ll notice it has dual helms. It’s got one over here and one over there and the
reason for that is the older boats had just one center wheel. It’s a great big
wheel but how do you get past it walking through so now they put two wheels.
They’re smaller you can sit on either side and control it and you can still
walk through and get a lot of space. A new addition is our freezer. That’s
a problem on a boat is having you know you don’t want to eat canned food all the time so it’s
nice to be able to keep some chicken and some steaks and stuff
like that and the fish that you catch frozen. This is our swim platform back
here, makes it really easy for getting off and on the boat. If we’re in the
water out swimming or something we can put this ladder down and this is
actually where we can keep the dinghy. These are called davits and you’ll
be able to raise the dinghy up and park it right here but we’re in a marina,
that’d be in the way so we pulled it up there. So this is our main navigation
station. It’s a Simrad Evo 3 and it’ll do everything. It’s got our charts here so
we got our own position, all the other boats here. We can also check out the
sonar and wind and everything with that so and it does
radar too. We have the radar up there as well, but this is kind of where we hang
out. This is the cockpit area. These tables fold up on each side. We play a
lot of games and cards and dominoes and all that stuff while we’re under way and keeps us entertained. Of course over here we have
our grill so we do a lot of cooking out there. It’s kind of hard to do that when
we’re under way, but when we’re at anchor somewhere it does work quite well. Up here
we have some more sail controls. This controls, let’s the forward sail in
and out. These control the main sheets. There’s a few other various functions
here. If you’re familiar with sailing you kind of know what most of this stuff
does but it’s really comfortable. It’s definitely a step up from the boat I was
on. There’s storage pretty much everywhere on a boat you can think of
and you know you even think this is just empty but it’s actually, it’s called the
lazarette, we have our scuba tanks stored in here. We have three on this side. We
have three on the other side. We actually have two more that we’re trying to find
a place for. We also store a lot of things like extra lines and lifejackets
are on that side and all of our electrical components like shore power
lines stuff are over here. Alright, welcome to the salon.
This is inside White Squall. So underneath the stairs here is where
our engine hides. It’s the Perkins 90 horsepower. It’s
diesel. There it is. This is how we motor around when we’re not sailing. Over here
what hides in here are the valves for all of our water tanks. We have four
water tanks so approximately 240 gallons of water on board which you’ll see
we have running water and you try to be very aware of how much you’re using for
showers, washing dishes, the whole shebang because we all share. And over here we
have lots of cabinets which is you know I felt like it was a lot of storage but
you’re always running out of storage on a boat. So right here is kind of our
linen closet so you’ve got all your kitchen linens and you got your bathroom
linens and all your beach towels. Over here we hide the microwave because we
don’t use it. It requires shore power and usually we’re not plugged in and then
here we have all of our dishes. That’s it. This all the dishes you’re gonna get and
underneath here is all pots and pans. We do a lot of cooking and right here
is our gimbal stove. All ours spices and then we
have an ice maker. We’re very happy when we got this and we have a whole bunch of
hot sauces and in here is basically our pantry so this is stuff that we use on a
day-to-day basis and then underneath everything actually I could really show
you but underneath everything here is basically all of our drinking water,
extra propane for our grill upstairs. We have so much canned food for the crossing. More and more. Here there’s actually
tons and tons. It’s like a little treasure chest of groceries. I mean it’s
just super packed so we have a nonstick on all of our tables
because when you’re out to sea your plates would fly around and here is
actually, I know, we have tons of games. This is our pastime so we’ll play them
down here. We’ll play that upstairs in the cockpit. We have two front cabins so
we’ve got our port front cabin that we kind of use as storage. They both have
bathrooms and then we have our starboard front cabin so these are both electric
heads with freshwater so that’s another thing we need to think about with our
water tanks you know those are using our freshwater as well as the back two cabins.
The aft cabins are pump. They’re pretty spacious, the beds are
bigger in here so a lot of people like them and they’re supposed to be more
stable compared to the front cabins but if you come in here, you can check out
the bathroom. These bathrooms actually, you physically have
to pump them just kind of like an RV I guess and these are saltwater, so you
don’t, you can use them as much as you want I guess and then they all have
lovers so when we’re in the marina everything’s shut off so
we hold everything in our tanks. And then in the ocean we open them up and everything goes out. So this area right here is Bobby’s Station.
I know some stuff about this. I know I turn these off and that button when
we’re starting the motor and for the most part this is pretty well labeled
but we got our printer here, we’ve got camera gear in here, more camera gear, all of our chargers. When I pick up like some of these floor pieces and
parts of the bed and I find a new storage area
I get really stoked because you always feel like you max out space and then
you find…like so that happened to me, I found two extra places and I was like, “you’re never gonna believe it, I found more storage” and he went out and bought 8 scuba tanks
so BAM it was gone just like. This is the front cabin you saw one of the back
cabins so the beds a little bit narrower. I like these room a little bit better
because if there’s two people they both can have a drawer for their things and
there is a closet. One thing about these bathrooms is all of them but this one
you have to take a shower with one hand and hold the ship or the nozzle so you
know you that’s kind of an art in itself and you’re moving.
Here’s our bed. The mattresses are pretty thin. They’re actually really
comfy still so this one I’ve labeled scuba gear is a fairly big area and then
over here what I’ve got here so this one’s empty. We have guests that come
and go a lot so the idea with this empty areas is where their luggage can go
because you can’t really strap their luggage outside the boat cause it’ll get all
salty and wet. It’s not a good place for it. This right here
is our army medical pack. Speaking of safety, we have fire extinguishers
everywhere. There’s some outside. There’s one right here on the steps. There’s some in
the kitchen and then we have this beacon it’s electronic. I don’t know everything
about it but if there’s an emergency then we turn this puppy on so people can
find it and then we also have this. This is another way that we can get found. I
don’t know exactly what this is called but it turns on, this is from bobbies
last boat and then we can all wear one of these so each one on our life vest so
individually we can be found and then we have flare guns and all kinds of good
stuff so if there’s an emergency we take this and there’s a life raft right above
and of course we’d already be wearing our life jackets. I mean if you’re gonna
make that move start paying off your debt you know once that’s done get ready to
sell your assets and go. For me I had to graduate college and then once that
happened I had to be a nurse for a year and then a nurse for a year in a
hospital and then set up my specialty and then be a traveling nurse so I to jump through all these hoops before I could do a three-month
assignment and then take off for as long as I wanted, which I knew I was gonna
sail, and then when I ran out of money I was gonna go back and do another
three month assignment wherever I choose so it took me a few years to
finally be in that position where I could do something like this. Set a date
and make it happen because you will never be ready. There will always be an
excuse. It could be work. It could be personal. It could be finances. You’ll
come up with an excuse not to go. You’ll come up with an excuse not to do it so
just set a date and say I’m gonna do this on this date and make it and make
it happen. I mean just say that’s it. I’m gonna do this. That’s the only way
you’ll ever do it. Thanks for watching this week’s episode. If you enjoyed it be
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