Phiness Vega - The Tiniest Pod System???

today we're going to take a look at this little itty-bitty little pod system this one is called the finesse Vega [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm Tony yep today we're looking at this little tiny itty-bitty jammer I like this thing quite a bit it's called the finesse it's somehow on the vanity of a family like a sister but their own company it's called finesse and this is the Vega designed and manufactured by finesse we'll look at this in just a second liquid that I'm using is from salty beaches this is raspberry breeze and apparently they've got some kind of a big giveaway going on that's happening but it's I guess ending this weekend so you may want to check out their website but you know I love summer and I love the beach so I was like salty beaches that sounds good raspberry breeze I don't know if this has any kind of cooling agent in it I kind of detect just a little bit of cooling agent in here this is 25 milligram Knicks aw okay and it says the mod vape company right there I'll see if I can get a link for you so this is the actual retail packaging for this it says it's pinecone green you've got risen panels on here Vanessa Vega get your social media over here and a scratch and check now this is a top fill pod system that I was like okay we'll see but it actually turns out it's really nice so apparently there are leather and carbon fiber that are gonna be available in various colors got a little creative lanyard for it and it has to be one of the smallest pod systems I have ever seen it reminds me of like one of those little disposable pods you know what I mean it's very tiny alright so opening up the box we'll slide this little tray out of here it's got a user manual USB cable for charging it is a standard USB micro we've got a lanyard in here that's actually a chain and it's kind of that Figaro style you know what I mean actually almost looks like this bracelet right here and then the actual device and that's what she looks like got your little lanyard hole right here so that's where your lanyard will attach that is an LED indicator light see if I can show you that before we go any further let me show you the manuals this thing folds out really big it's got all the different languages in here but yes so the LED that's on there when it's high power it's purple when it's medium power it's blue when it's low-power its red some measurements on it the output on this is 5 to 15 watts it's only 250 milliamp hours but you know what this thing is and because the coil is 1 point 5 ohms it lasts a long time I've had one of these things charged and used it for what 3 days using it with other devices but it was fine for 3 days it does have eight second protection on here if you're over eight seconds it's gonna flash three times when the red light flashes five times its weak current if the red light flashes ten times it's short-circuited and if for some reason the blue light flashes five times it means that your pod is not working correctly so you're gonna need a new one and when it's charging the red light breeze basically and the light is off after it's fully charged one of the things that does not say inside the manual I just I can't get over how small this thing is is that this thing has dual air flow sensors because it's dry activated so most of these pod systems only have one little sensor in there and if the sensor gets weak after you know time of using it many many times it might not fire when you go to use it or it just gets unreliable because it has two sensors in here it should be more reliable longer-lasting and all that kind of stuff all right shining a light inside here there's your connectors and there is a hole right there for air and I'm not exactly sure where air comes out and this thing and when you get one of these there's going to be a little yellow thing over the contacts on here so that it doesn't fire in transit get lanyard on you just put it through like that the little clasp on there and there you go man you can wear that around your neck and have some bling-bling if that's what you like so all that's really left to look at is the pod that's on here I mean you know it's it's a nice little pod it doesn't hold a lot of liquid but it goes for a long time it's not something that really devours the liquid you know says Vega designed and manufactured by finesse and yeah I mean it's real simple so you're looking at it like well how do I fill this thing this pops right off just like that you fill it in that hole right there or that hole right there and then you put it back on and there's two holes because that way when you fill it the other one will allow for air to escape but you are gonna need a needle type thing to fill it with so you just pop that in there and fill er up just like that when you're done put this back on here and you can see that there are two plugs inside there and a hole that just goes in like that ooh done with that pop that in and you are ready to go so that is the finesse Vega itty-bitty tiny pod system so yeah I guess finesse is a sister company to Vani vape this thing has to be you know you know what it reminds me of like the little disposables like the Stig and that kind of thing I was like you know what if you could just make one of those where it's small like that but you can just put your pot in there and darn it if they didn't do that right this is a nice little thing I actually quite enjoy it but I'm using this salty beaches in here it's raspberry breeze it's actually quite tasty resistance on this is one point 5 ohms and again the battery capacity is 250 milliamp hours typically the little stick vapes are about 350 milliamp hours but this thing is so tiny they squeeze as much battery in here as they possibly could I'm sure this is also one of those super easy to use devices you know I have to worry about buttons you don't have to worry about what batteries you need or coils or anything like that you just get a new pod fill it up and stick it in there Plus this top fill on here that's pretty good man I mean it's like I haven't had any leaking out of it or anything like that it just pops on there after you fill it pop it back in there and you are good to go and as you see it puts out a pretty good little cloud yeah it does a good job I mean you know but I mean it sticks in a pocket it's just this thing is almost easy to lose that's the only problem for me it's so tiny that a couple times I'm like where the heck is that thing I found it in the couch cushion so I was like oh wow seems quite sturdy it's got the little resin panels on it and stuff like that so if you're in need of a stealthy little vape or you just maybe you just don't like carrying around big bulky things this might be a really good match for you you know I was kind of surprised when I took it out of the package I'd seen it on social media I was like that is pretty small I mean it looks bigger when you see it on social media but it's it's it's the bit see tiny and we're skidding the flavor off of this is actually really good I've tried this juice and other stuff so I know the flavor and I just really don't have anything to complain about with it you know 250 milliamp hours that is one thing when I first saw that I was like that it's not a lot of battery at all if it were your only device you might have to charge it halfway through the day or two-thirds of the way through the day but since I don't use it as my only device it lasts me a couple of days just using it on and off with other stuff where it really comes into handy is when you're going out someplace you know like right before you go into the grocery store just take a couple puffs and with a good Nick salt in there you're gonna get a good amount of nicotine you're good to go man so I'm interested to see what more will come from the finesse brand as a first indicator though I think they're on the right track with this this is the Vega from finesse or the finesse Vega either way whatever you want to say I tell you what Roy over at my vPro wants to give somebody a chance to score two of these all right so whoever wins is gonna get two of them you can keep them both vape it forward with one of them whatever you like to do I got to do is fill out that Google form it's right down below the video in the description see what shipping only this time it's a $5 PayPal fee have to do that on any kind of a vaping product just to stay current with the regulations so yeah somebody's gonna score two of these Google Forms right down there good luck I want to thank you so much for your support here on the channel you know sometimes I just went through a real bad sickness you know what happened to me man I just as some kind of a stomach bug attacked me they went all the way from Friday through Tuesday and it man I have not experienced pain like that in a long time I was just like please just take me now I can't even handle anymore of this but you know I knew you'd be here when I got back so I appreciate that if you like what you see hit the thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red subscribe button down there if you have the notification bell that'll let you know every time I upload a video and give you chances to score there are links down there for Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram and field one of those that appreciate a follow and I've also got links down there for advocacy always so important to let you know that they are there the august 8th org link if you click that put your zip code in there it'll create a form letter that will go directly to your legislators just add a little bit of your personal story to it they do give you an opportunity to do that it'll go right out to your legislator you can do it seven days a week if you want to this way we can let them know that vaping is important to keep us off of cigarettes and give other people that are smoking a chance to have something else to use to get them off of the cigarettes well that's going to do it for this episode we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail Channel

  1. Super easy to use…. and comes equipped with a lanyard!!! Does it get any better….. lol I wonder if the coils are Mesh? Might be the reason for the cool flavor. Thanks as always for the review and your consistent messages for Vape Advocacy. Good Stuff Tony.

  2. I really wish all the vape companies would get back to making actual mods I’m getting tired of pod systems and really hope they are not the future of vaping. Good review tho.

  3. I think the concept is cool but the practicality is questionable, Just one of those things I would have to try to really give it a fair opinion.

  4. Great review. Do you know if this little is Juul pod compatible? I was lead to believe so but the more I see the more unsure I am. Great Review Tony, gladcyou are feeling better.

  5. Really sweet little pod, Phiness Vega did a great job. Being a sister co. of Vandy you know it's going to be good. Thanks @TONYB

  6. The tiniest pod sistem is the first pod sistem that is almost forgotten…..the iCare mini….the father of all pods in the market this days

  7. Thanks Tony. I would love to have one of these stealthy little units and my best friend is struggling to quit the stinky sticks and would benefit from the other one.

  8. Nice little pod, but if I ever had one I'd spend at least half my time trying to vape on one of the many USB memory sticks I have instead.
    Good addition to the arsenal of potential devices for new converts though.

  9. I would get this one simply for the cuteness factor👊🏼
    Perfect stealth grab n go And I would gift a smoker with this.
    Nicely done Tony 👍🏼👏🏼
    Thank you 🤗

  10. Hey Tony, I forgot to say that even though this was an awesome review it's not a "Swell" review, I'll be patiently waiting bro!!!

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