Philippine Airlines brand new Airbus a350 this seed is brand new I think this is a bit more party and this is what I think makes century 50 stand out – that is pretty cool why would I spend so much more money on cream economy cause the crew is amazing anniversary night and this is what it looks like now however move this product right now and hasn't been tested fine this is it this is the Philippine Airlines brand-new Airbus a350 and this is their business cause in a one to one configuration which means every seat on this airplane has direct aisle access and it varies to most of the other Airbus a350 s I've seen because they all come with a very standard seat like for an instance Iberia air mauritius and all the other 350 s have been on our Hong Kong Airlines but you can see that this seat is a little bit of an upgraded version that looks a bit more classy a bit more comparable to Singapore Airlines I would say have a little intro of one of their seats so you have them in a staggered configuration so you have one way to see it is a bit closer to the aisle and then you have this one where you have a bit more privacy so the seat is actually closer to the window so right now I'm sitting here this is 5a this is one of those C's closer to the window which gives you a bit more privacy so you don't have the aisle just next to you it seems to be absolute wonderful product so you've got your reading ID you have the seat controls a lot of lot of storage space here as well as your noise cancelling headphones a USB slot and a power outlet seat controls you've got the table but heaps of room here and then the screen the screen is so much bigger than what I've seen on other 350 s for example and it looks like it's a high it's like literally a high-definition screen the seat also goes completely flat way ahead of high birria and Hong Kong Airlines and Air Mauritius for example because I think this is a bit more classy the finishing is way more nicer and I just love it so this is the economy class so you have two hundred two hundred and forty one seats in total you have an adjustable headrest you get a pillow and a blanket as well as the screen here you've got an USB slot here to charge your personal device also I find the de legroom to be quite nice it feels pretty comfortable and what you can tell is that this seat is brand-new that this airplane is brand new key okay it's still in the air literally you know that feeling when you when you buy a new car this is what it kind of smells like so everything looks extremely nice extremely clean and very spacious so this is where I'll be traveling today this is the premium economy class of Philippine Airlines which only has been introduced with the brand-new Airbus a350 so it's 24 seats in total it comes in a 2 for 2 configuration and as I said it's my very first time traveling in premium economy class and I said like you see I don't think it's very justified because the price and what you get in return but I don't really know so I'd be about to find out today whether it's worth it to travel in premium economy class and I'm actually pretty excited about it and something else I've noticed is that the Philippine Airlines 8450 also offers in-flight Wi-Fi so this is gonna be my seat to die right here I've got a window seat and let me give you a little tour of the premium economy class so it is an upgraded economy class product you're most likely going to have an the seat neighbor so there is no direct access but the noddle notable differences are that the screen is way bigger than the one in economy class get a little hook here you also have more storage space I think this is one of the differences plus you've got a footrest as well and you don't have a foldable table in front of you the table actually is kept in and be armrest right here and there's also a little improved recline of the seat so this is Steve maximum so I put that foot brights down and this is what it looks like now why now I have the seat fully reclined it's it's pretty comfortable I will tell you later whether it is as comfortable as it looks like because I'm going to spend twelve hours here but um I'm actually very curious as well what the food is gonna be like what service is going to be like in Premium Economy since as I said it's a very first time trying out this in-between product how I always love to call it yes thank you so one of the benefits and Premium Economy apparently you get a hot is it hot or cold a hot towel as well thank you thank you very much something I want to point out is this is in the Airbus a350 and I'm sitting right next to the engine the noise levels are very minimum so you can't really hear anything this is I think something I really like about detour 50 the traveling experience the noise reduction and still travel experience you just feels so much more comfortable it's much more quiet and this is what I think makes the 350 stand out from the rest of the airplanes and this is the menu of the area of economy and class and let's have a look inside which you get here and so it's pretty much grilled chicken marinated in that kind of source serve for brain beans and steamed rice and then I know that Filipinos love their pork it's called pork stroganoff like once again I don't know what evidence that right and there's also dessert and coconut pudding or syrup and but flight you can choose between the chicken sandwich or double dutch cake so there have been find snacks available later dovey serve breakfast grilled pork belly marinated in that special sauce once again it must be a very special source because they mentioned at all then SEOs special source no idea what it does so f stands for Filipino and W stands for the West ocean so get the Western option Filipino and for the Western option the Filipino shallots in actually interesting to pork here is considered Western option even though I've also received economy amenity kids and it looks very noise it looks very small actually the smaller got the beautiful branding brighter right on that milk house and it smells very minty reminds me of my jet airways return Jet Airways Sun my JetBlue review so let's see what we have in here we've got the Sox I don't know why they all kept in blue the terrible color really philippine airlines we have eyesight's and there is one more item in there you want to guess what it is leave it in the comment section below all right I'm just gonna show you so we have a toothbrush with toothpaste so this is pretty much what you get my house of God business class a vanity kit do you want to go for this I think it'd be nice to see what you actually get when you are traveling business closet which is pretty interesting earlier this year I traveled on air Astana which is the national international carrier of Kazakhstan and they even offer an amenity kits in economy class and has quite some items like and pointing out that they're the business cause amenity kit is like full of stuff is literally everything in there so like take all the items like no there's always like some special items with certain airlines like some airlines and facialist some airlines they two pigs so whatever you know and imagine all those special things you all have them in air Astana's amenity kit which is probably if there would be no ward for the best amenity kit in the world air Astana with witness but today have you flying Philippine Airlines so let's have a look what you get when you travel business costs you've probably seen my sri lankan alliance review if not to make sure you check it out and this is something I didn't like when I flew of them and this is something I don't like right here and everything needs to be wrapped I mean what is the point why can't you just give out a minute just like this you know so let's see what we have inside we've got those beautiful blue socks my shades and upgraded toothbrush of cold I don't use a condom never used to come with my life lip balm or is very important this looks like Cologne wow this is beautiful it smells like a lemon probably not my kind of Cologne body lotion well that's nice that's a nice touch I mean it definitely matches those beautiful business class seats you have up front dear but today I am a premium economy class passenger so this is actually not meant to be mine I went for the forum option and so I've asked the crew what is the difference between the dining experience and economy and premium economy and it it is 100% I am an identical team so the fruit is the same which you get in economy class so the difference is that the cutlery is so in economy class you have passed a country but here you get I don't know what kind of metal that is but you get the two more upgraded cutlery however it does just supports the fact of me thinking why would I spend so much more money on premium economy cause if the food is just a sign but the cutlery is different you know I don't mind having plastic plastic cutlery the sieve does make a difference see this actually more comfortable don't know what it would be like if you have actually a Steve neighbor I'm still torn Twitter I've whether I think that this whole this whole premium economy concept is sustainable you know the crew is amazing the crews bniester is really great they're really going the extra-mile so it also says that Philippine Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi on the Airbus a350 and while I'm just connected to the Internet and I'm actually connected so it seems to be free so I'm just reconnected I'm getting all these notifications that is pretty cool Philippine Airlines your rock so let me sum up my experience of flying for the lead Airlines and first of all let's talk about the food which done an amazing job the really hard-working extreme after you so that was definitely one of the highlights flying on premium economy it was my first time actually a while the food is the same as an economy the service has been upgrade it didn't look after you and deceit it's definitely more it's more spacious it's a bit more comfortable you have a bit of more recline however I don't know I don't really know what to think of it because I think since it's still a new product for Philippine Islands they're still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work so I'd like to see maybe better food options orphan through service like considering that you pay a bit a fair bit more than in the screen is what much bigger it's quite nice you have more storage space and overall it is an interesting product you know if you're freaking economy cost time and you want to have a bit different that private service getting yourself a great it is right however with this product right now it hasn't been as defined as it should be I think they're still working on it in African cities to be some very interesting in the tree for 12 hours flying that was right and sleeping experience was was because I can't I can only sleep when I'm waiting fun however I'd love to see how this involving over the next couple of years but I also have to say there's a arrow it's probably that nice is one of the nicest Airbus a350 in the industry after cata always I'd say it's a beautiful airplane with a great business class and really lovely economy calls and over very very nice premium economy cars so overall I really lost my flight of looking allies and I've got to continue to Sydney on their new in business and then from Melbourne to Manila in economy class so I ain't gonna review all three classes for you so if you think this video was helpful please give it a like leave a comment let me know what you think about Philippine Airlines and what do you think Premium Economy is a nice product or not do you think you think it's something that should be offered by every airline and where do you think people can just ask him to skip it and just focus on their corporate business nas and a nice economy class well if you haven't yet please subscribe to my channel there's a lot of more content coming every week so yeah thank you so much for watching and I appreciate taking a time and listening to me and all this nonsense so as always safe travels guys

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