Hey everybody it’s Damon! It’s Jo! and it’s Damon and Jo! So I made a little mistake I send a text to Joana the other day saying that Miss France won the Miss Universe But actually she didn’t That was last year People have told me that I look like Miss Brazil Not bad, huh? Today we’re going to see which one of us can be Miss or Mr Universe I don’t know if you know, because I didn’t Before competing as a model for a beauty contest you must take the general culture test which we are going to do today Ok let’s begin In what year will Paris host *struggles* In what year will Paris host the Olympics? 2022 because Los Angeles was the competitor and you won with good reason I responded correctly but I didn’t see my answer What! Shit! 2024 Chose the correct spelling: He was supposed/sensed to be there at 5 pm With a C or a S The first, it’s with a C Yeah! With a S? Wrong answer! No! Ok so I don’t know the world of sports, but I know the world of grammar. NEXT Who is the French Prime Minister as of November 1, 2017? Shit, I don’t know anything Emmanuel Macron He’s the president, not the prime minister Emmanuel Macron, maybe Macron? No! I don’t know anything! It’s Édouard Philippe I wonder how Jo’s doing What sadness! Chose the correct conjugation: It is with time that we will acquire ease in interviewing Will acquire *struggles* Will acquire? (correct spelling) Will acquire? (wrong spelling) Wrong answer Within 2 points what is the unemployment rate of the active population in France? Well, I don’t know that but what I do know is that even when you do have a job in France it’s like you don’t even work if you compare that to an American. I’m gonna say 4% 10% ? No! What a big loss! Every 2 weeks there’s a new public holiday Which is good, but also shitty 7% ? 10% Which of the following countries has the largest population? Indonesia, Yemen, Morocco? Indonesia it was right, yes! Indonesia? Yeah! A whale sings/brays/whistles/cheeps Sing. Yes, whales sing Whales sing? Whales whistle, yeah whistle Damn it, whales sing! How many legs does a spider have? 10, 4, 8, 6? 6, shit! Oh my god! 8? Yes, 8! Where is the Golden Bear awarded? Where is the Bear of Gold awarded? The Golden Bear The Golden Bear? The Golden Bear? In Cannes, Venice, London, or Berlin? Eh, maybe In Cannes? Berlin? Yeah, I knew that! The Bear of of Gold At Berlin, ok yeah because Berlin is a little weird What is the capital of Switzerland? Stockholm, Geneva, Bern, or Copenhagen? It’s hard because it’s Svede like Sweden Sweden and Switzerland Which is which? Or Switzerland? Swedish is a language so Sweden is Swedish Stockholm isn’t even in Switzerland Copenhagen is in Denmark Geneva and Bern are in Switzerland Geneva Geneva Bern Which American party won the 2016 American elections? What year is it? Unfortunately, the Republican Party Oh it was Republican, fucking Trump Yay! Unfortunately I’m right Unfortunately correct Which fashion house received the 5 biggest tops of the 1009… No, the ’90s Carli Bruni, oh my god, who the hell are these people? Versace, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, or Chanel? Versace, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel I don’t know anything about fashion Maybe Dior Dolce and Chanel? Chanel. Versace, damn it Versace What country, strongly affected by the economic crisis, was Alexis Tsipras elected head of in September 2015? I think it was Greece Yes! Greece Which current capital was physically cut in two from 1961-1989? Belgrade, Berlin, Tehran, and Prague Berlin. Yes Berlin? To the wall Now they ask a math question Let’s do math You participate in a 22 lap car race There are 16 cars at the beginning At the end of the 8th lap, 3 cars give up At the end of the 12th lap, you pass the car… in 2nd place and finish the race in the same place. In what place did you begin the race? First? Ok if there are 13 cars that remain there are 13 places. So the person who has 2nd place, by doubling that so that would be 4th, 4th place? It’s the 2nd place Second I am not going to be Miss Universe It’s fine, I’m done I wanna know how many Jo won The answer: 12 points out of 29 So I’m eliminated from the beginning Did you know that the jury takes the results into consideration for choosing the 12 finalists? I didn’t know that The models must be pretty smart
*struggles w/ word “models”* So today is a sad day… right? Let’s start with Damon Dominique’s score Show the results of Jo Franco 1, 2, 3 12 Imagine if we had responded… The last… I know You travel to Beijing and… shit, such a long question Knowing that a Paris-Beijing flight is 10 hrs and that you land at 11pm Paris time and knowing that Beijing is 7 hrs ahead of Paris What time do you arrive in Beijing in local time? This should be easy because Jo and I do this all the time And also because I had a relationship between France and the US for 6 years 11pm in Paris, that’s 6 o’clock in Beijing No? So we add 10 hours of flight time It’s 6 o’clock, so in 10 hours, it’ll be what time? 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4 So it’s 4 4 pm! How did you do it? I thought 11 pm, 9 o’clock, plus 7 is 16 If you want to try to play and win more than 12 points play below And guys, it’s okay because there are other things in life If you do the test leave your answers, your results below because we want to know if you are *wrong conjugation*… are as stupid as us No If you are *wrong conjugation* Maybe we gave you a few answers here and there but, fine, we gave you some remporter (win), what does that mean?

  1. il y a des questions pièges ! quand tu doubles le deuxième, j' ai pensé : ba t' es 1er (puisque tu passes devant), mais en fait non, tu prends sa place ! lol donc 2ème

  2. Juste un petit conseil : ne dîtes pas "putain" tout le temps, si vous devez en prononcer les deux syllabes, il faut que ce soit dans une situation assez exceptionnelle, et pas seulement pour marquer un simple agacement : "il m'a défoncé ma bagnole : PU-TAIIIIIN !!!", on détache bien les deux syllabes, en accentuant même la seconde. Pour la seconde, un simple " 'taiiin !" suffit….

  3. j'ai fais 22 !! je suis trop fière de moi 😉 c'est marrant vous faitent souvent les mêmes erreurs tout les 2 !

  4. J'ai fait 24 points, mais franchement y a toujours un truc qu'il est impossible de savoir. J'étais à la rue pour toutes les questions sur la mode et le sport ^^' En tout cas c'était bien fun votre vidéo, merci <3

  5. J'ai reçu un score de 29/29
    Je vous adore Damon et Jo
    Je regarde toute vos vidéos
    Vous parlez très bien français vous parlez même mieux que moi et pourtant je suis française 😂

  6. Mon dieu c'est vraiment pas compliqué comme teste pour une Française, ça craint c'est un niveau "Candidat de téléréalité" 😅

  7. I’m swiss and I’m growing in frustration as I see most of Americans confuse Sweden and Switzerland….

  8. I say that if you want to learn a language, just go for it! I am 14 and I speak a little French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese ! I know bits and pieces of Spanish but I am trying to learn it!! Bonjour, Damon and Jo!

  9. Bonjoue +DamonAndJo , bravo pour votre chaîne, bravo pour votre travail sensationnel au sujet des langues étrangères (et votre français impeccable). J'ai fait le test 2019, que vous pouvez retrouvez là:,2025164.asp et j'ai eu… 34 sur 35 !!

  10. "quand tu travaille en france c'est comme si tu travailles pas"
    Je t'invite à venir faire une petite journée de travaille dans une usine, tu verras si on travaille pas

  11. Hey guys, why you always put subtitles on your videos (like recent video of Jo in CDMX) But never put subtitles on your videos speaking french? 😢😢😢

  12. Oh Genève c‘est pas la capitale de la suisse c‘est comme si je disais que New York c‘est la capital des États Unis 😂❤️

  13. 18/29…. and this was so long ago dont know why i took it and i took it in French… I DONT KNOW FRENCH VERY WELL!!

  14. Vous êtes géniaux on vous le dit pas assez et merci de m'en apprendre toujours plus sur mon pays et parfois ma propre langue 😂

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