Personal Responsibility, The  Use of My Will, & Resistance to Change

I just wanted maybe one more statement about the will yeah we need to add me understand the power of the wheel like most people don't even honor their own will when I say don't honor their own will they don't go okay this is what I currently believe but I can will a change through the release of the emotional impediment as to why I believe this thing and will that I accept the truth about this particular thing I can go through this process it doesn't mean that you can sit there and go I'm gonna release the error now it's all released oh I'm going to set the truth now it's all gone without any emotional process because you have to have an emotional process in order to release the impediment the resistance to the absorption of a new truth but you can use your will to do such a thing most people don't they sort of go okay no worries yeah I could change but I'm not too you know I'm a very laissez-faire usually you know they don't care very much about change and they don't really see it's a problem of what they believe many of these people initially so there's no exercise abut will there or they believe that releasing the error is going to be of major trauma to them so they don't want to release the error or whatever other ways they are exercising their will now and we're usually exercising our will very negatively even to the point where we say we're not even responsible for what's in us we go we go okay my parents cause or my society caused this emotion that's in me they should have to get rid of it no it's in you only you through your will now can get rid of it yeah that's the only person now who is capable of going through the emotional release process that will release this particular problem this resistance to the absorption of new trees so you're going to have to do it whether you like it or not and it doesn't matter how many people created it you now have to let it go through a process that you must go through yourself without anybody helping you and without anybody assisting you now when I say without anybody helping assisting obviously there are people around who understand this process here an end in this very well who can help you understand the process that they can't make you feel it only you can choose to feel it and if you don't choose to feel it no change is possible no change so you'll be here 20 years time going why haven't I progressed well because you have used your will to not progress and this is the biggest problem with people's relationship with God they have used their will to resist it without understanding how their will is exercised and I feel that's a big issue yeah I agree so resistance is really under the control of our will and you're talking about change is only possible through the release of resistance yes as adults we talk about kids a bit later on yeah but what I find interesting is that I see many people engaged in it you talked about people who are very lackadaisical about change people who don't really care about change but then I see on the planet there are some people who are involved in the desire to change themselves or their environment or have a career or you know these things but we're not engaged we're engaging our will while trying to deny the soul which is like the job which is like trying to change while your soul is not wanting to change that's pretty hard in fact it's impossible you can't do it thank you and that's why I hardly anybody ever changes even when they use they think they're using their will yeah hardly anybody changes because they're not really using their will they're not they're not feeling what's inside as resistance they're not choosing to feel that resistance they want to feel the good thing see not much of the resistance when it comes to error feels good it all feels hurtful shameful hard angry yeah fearful that's all yeah key emotions that the average person on earth goes I don't want to feel any of those emotions oh I only want to feel good happy you know joyful whatever I don't want to feel sad or afraid or angry or and see resistance is very rarely sad it's mostly angry it's mostly angry fearful and shameful and those kind of emotions and they are the emotions that the majority of people on the planet want to avoid at all costs you know people will murder to avoid those emotions generally and and as a result there's very little change even though they might try to say to themselves ah I'm going to be a force for good in the world you can't be a force for good in the world until you're ready to change your own soul and you understand how it works and unless you're willing to let go of what's airy inside of your own soul how can you ever be a force for good in the world because what is in your own soul is error will exercise its dominance so so you know give up the whole concept to try to be a force for good in the world and try to be a force that fuels its own resistance and you'll make some progress you know and I feel that's what the majority of us need to do and it's the expression if you can see its resistance as the expression of the soul's wheedle that's really really important like do you understand what I mean by that yeah you're just saying so many things I keep having to write down things I want to go back to ok so it if you think about it using your soul to resist something is an expression of your will just like using your soul to desire something is an expression of your will yep so so if we can see using resistance as an expression of our will then we know that if we're stagnant that we're using our will to be stagnant and then we could ask ourselves the question why am I using my will that way and the only real logical answer can be because I'm afraid to actually progress right and then we could ask ourselves well what's that what's what am i what the what are the feelings of beliefs I have about that yeah yeah but also I need to do one even better thing the fear is a feeling that causes us to to express our will in resistance you have to truth so the only way we're going to actually progress is to feel the fear and not talk about it anymore we need to feel it so we can go through the intellectual exercise of what is this fear about and so forth we might even know what it's about intellectually but unless we fear but no progression is going to happen so I know at some point I'm going to have to get from I see that I'm afraid of that into I am afraid of that I feel that you know and I'm feeling it and I'm crying because I'm so afraid of it and so forth I'm going to have to get to that point to release the resistance I know I can intellectually do these gymnastics saying oh yeah I know that no no no you don't know anything yet until you've felt the resistance go until you feel it leave you which is through an emotional experience that's going to be quite traumatic anything associated with shame guilt fear anger are all going to be traumatic emotional experiences painful to experience and we can't and this is what I said last time we got together I think this addiction to avoid pain is a major problem a big problem on the planet yeah we need to have an addiction to experiencing everything that would be great including experiencing pain of course there wouldn't be an addictive use we'd be experiencing everything but it'd be wonderful if we all changed our viewpoint about pain see what we must to do most the time is we want to blame everything else for our pain we don't want to feel it we want other people to make it go away that's bad you know we want to feel our pain that's going to be the thing that makes this progress yep now you had a whole heap of questions have they all gone now well I think it's sort of I think it all comes together you know there's there's little things I'd like to clarify and some of the things you said but I don't think that a feels that you've got the message across yeah and there's other questions I'm trying to form you so if that's the case can I just say a bit more about the expression of will well most people I notice who are in stagnation which is actually demonstrating they're in resistance right most people I noticed they always come up and they say I don't understand why I'm in resistance I don't understand why I'm stagnant and to me this smacks of irresponsibility mm-hmm because because if you understand how the soul works you would go is there going that you'd say I am stagnant because I am choosing to be right and this is where the understanding of our will which is what God really wants us to understand in this earth incarnation when in their entire life in fact yeah but this this earth incarnation I feel is very purposeful to help us really see the expression of our will in action and to become sensitive to that mm-hmm and when we are saying oh I don't know why when we're really missing that first very crucial lesson lesson that we have a will aren't we not only that crucially crucial lesson we're missing this crucial lesson that we are responsible for the exercise available sorry that's what I mean yeah do not I mean like so we have a will we need to understand that we also need to understand that we and like me i and only I am are responsible for the exercise of my own will no one else can do it for me no one not even God will do it for me so if I am stagnant the only reason why I am stagnant is because of something I am choosing to do this is an expression resistance is an expression of my will when I am in resistance I have a responsibility to find out why I have chosen to be in resistance and it is a choice there is a seoul-based emotional choice going on inside of me that causes me to wish to remain resistant and I need to take responsibility and say that I have created it and I need to release it if I want to change and it doesn't matter how many teachers I have and it doesn't matter how many people I have helping me and it doesn't matter how many times I talk about it and it doesn't matter how many times I hear something about it unless I and willing to work get to the emotion inside of me that causes this resistance and unless I am you will need to take responsibility to feel that emotion I will not change and it doesn't matter how many people try to help me it doesn't matter how long they try to help me doesn't matter what magical things they can do to help me I will not change until I go through that emotional experience and that is the pain and suffering that's mentioned in the Padgett messages that every spirit who has ever arrived in the spirit world has to go through in order to start embracing the full use of their will there is always pain and suffering associated with the unlawful exercise of our own will and I say unlawful from the point of view of God's laws every time we exercise our will unlawfully out of harmony with God's loving laws we are going to have to go through a painful emotional experience now or later doesn't matter when it's going to have to happen and and we will not change on that issue until it happens until we actually go through that painful emotional experience and this is where I feel people need to understand responsibility they are responsible for where they are right now they are responsible for their own resistance no one else can help them through their own resistance if they are unwilling to do it they need to exercise their will yeah I feel that it would be great to have a discussion about will with you at some time because I know for myself when we first moved in together and I see this around many many people that I know and means which is why I bring it up I didn't have an understanding of just how my will was being exercised in in every way like in every emotion action the projection all these things are all an expression of my will and much of it I regarded as just normal and automatic automatic I hadn't ever considered how my will was being exercised it was just an automatic and I think perhaps is why feel so passionate about this this lesson of the will because I see that most people operate in automatic surrounding their will and that's why they get to places where they go I don't know why I'm like this because they really it's not been inculcated into them as you often say that they have a will that they are responsible for and I didn't want to be responsible because it didn't I didn't like being faced with the the truth about your will the truth about how I was using my will and the effects of how I was using my will yes and because I've never had much feedback because I've always been in sort of situations where people shared it had agreement with me about how the will should be exercised around certain issues areas actions situations I've never been confronted and beginning to travel and things that helped me going to other countries recognizing more button I just feel most people operate in a in a state of complete unawareness of the majority not completely unaware that they have a will but the majority or the multitude of ways in which a will is expressed in a day and how that can be in harmony with love and truth or in harmony with error mmm-hmm I feel that most people we we are literally not raised to have that awareness no but we need it if we're going to deal with these things yes but also while most people will understand that they make decisions in two actually very few people actually understand that most of the decisions are made before they make the intellectual decision yes most of their decisions are made emotionally they are set inside of their emotional condition and and they're their will is to either to retain that emotional condition rather than examine it honestly is quite strong now you look at the majority of people who resist or any discussion we have with them the majority of times they are actively using their will to not examine themselves that they want to to have no self examination all they want is for somebody to tell them you're right now if we were all right we'd all be at one with God we're not all right and we need to understand that we're not and the only way that we're going to become right is by releasing the error they're wrong that's inside and that is an emotional process and you can try that intellectually too you know for the next 50 years they'll be barely any change whatsoever and the only change you will have made in that 50 years of the time you felt an emotion yeah this is where isn't it there can be it's almost feels like there's layers of resistance yeah because when you are speaking with someone who doesn't even want to see the emotional impediments their errors within them that create their resistance they don't even want to see they even have resistance to the awareness that there is but even that is caused by an emotion it is yeah even like this is what I'm saying every piece of resistance even they intellectual denial that I have a problem is caused by a feeling inside of me of why I want to deny there's always there's always something driven by the emotion so so even the thought I want to deny this which comes instantly usually before the person formulates thought from an account from a logical process they're already denying it before they even think about what they're doing most of the time that came from the entire inside emotional condition I want to deny this I want to I want to get away from this pain that I'm going to have to feel if I go down that road I want to deny that and this is where we've got we're using our will to deny our pain and as soon as you do that you're going to create error you're going to create resistance you you're going to create resistance to truth but you're also going to create error through addiction of processes you're going to automatically have an addiction now where you're denying that pain every single pain you deny yourself an addiction will be created to correct it and so so for the majority of people they've got thousands of pieces of pain that they're trying to denying themselves from their childhood experience and as a result they have thousands of addictions that they need to emotional most of them that they're trying to suppress this pain with and it's an automatic process driven by the souls will and we need to understand that it's the expression of the wheel so you can't go I was doing that know your soul is exercising their will and God's not going to let you off the hook for that God's not gonna say oh you say you didn't know that you wanted to murder somebody well you say you didn't know you wanted to rape somebody or you say you didn't know you wanted to yell and scream at your children and bash them you say you know you say you didn't know that you wanted to have men look after you are you saying you didn't know these things because the reality is the majority of us know these things and deny them that's the reality we use our will to deny we use our will to cover it all over we use our will to create a facade we use our will to not progress so we can't then say that our you know why am I not progressing it must be somebody else's fault maybe the teachers that thought maybe you know maybe he taught me the wrong thing or whatever no gods a great teacher God's trying to teach you every day and if you're in resistance to God's teaching it's because you're using your will to be so that's the only reason why it's happening yeah yeah so these are the important things too for people to understand I feel yeah so what I was wanting to ask you about before about the layers of resistance is simply about this thing that I find when I'm talking to people sometimes and I feel it inside of myself as well is like you can have a huge emotional resistant even to seeing that yourself yeah like that you have resistance within you yes and speaking to that person about issues of truth is very very difficult because they don't want to see anything whereas then you can talk to someone who has worked through that emotion enough to allow the the idea that they do have errors within them that are resisting truth and that conversation is much easier yes because we're no longer we don't have this emotional error inside of us that is saying there's nothing to see and I don't want to see well yeah there's a lot of emotions that drive that obviously you know for example there's the emotion of and don't tell me I've got something wrong with me because it means that I must be a terrible person you know yeah lots don't you know there's there's so many emotions that drive these thoughts of resistance and and these emotional resistances need to be felt in order to be released so so if if you have something come up where you automatically think somebody thinks you're a terrible person well it's probably that you have a feeling deep down that you're a terrible person that you need to feel so feel it once you feel it and release that then every conversation won't be tainted with the thought that maybe you're a terrible person and that'll be fantastic for you you'll be able to think with more clarity you'll be there act like you're not a terrible person all the time you'll be able to be less suspicious about people's comments to you instead of believing they always think you're terrible you'll think there might be some other motive as to why they're saying what they're saying and so forth yeah and you know unless you release that emotion this emotion is going to taint every interaction in every part every aspect of your life yeah and and you know you see this happening every day with people you know there's another emotion that's toning every aspect of your life there's another one painting every aspect you like and you're resistant to feeling that emotion and as a result you know you've got to look food what's the emotion causing you to be resistive to feeling the emotion and there's another emotion usually the you know and these are usually things like shame you know feelings of fear that we don't want to feel fear that we're a bad person of fear that that there's something intrinsically wrong with us and things like that these are all emotions that cause us to be very very resistive to other emotions it is sort of like if you've got an emotion that causes you to be resistive to feeling other emotions yes you can you see that if you always skip over that emotion to feel that emotion this emotion is going to slow down your progression like in major ways you're better off feeling that emotion that that emotion that wants you to be resistive to hearing feedback the emotion that wants you to be resistive to feeling other emotions of sadness guilt shame and other things you're better off going through what's this feeling and if this feeling is rage then feel it if you know don't take it out on other people feel it go into your bedroom go into a private place feel it express it get it out of you connect with it then it'll drop away and when it drops away it's like then it's free sailing into the next emotion exactly yeah okay so we've got there under the control of our will okay so I think I've made that claim and we are responsible God God so God created us to be self responsible beings and every time we go I don't know why this is happening we're not being a self responsible being we're not we're not exercising our will to find out yeah your God wants us to exercise our will to find out everything everything everything about the universe everything about ourselves and we need to be self responsible beings to do that so one of the things lessons we need to learn is I need to become a self responsible being where I acknowledge that if I am NOT progressing it's because I am exercising my will to do that is that enough eyes and minds for everybody yeah but probably need saying [Laughter]


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