Personal Responsibility 1

hi my name is Allen Diwan and in my videos I've been talking about how to achieve success how to be more effective how to be more happy how to achieve more things in life and today I want to talk about a subject called personal responsibility the first step towards a more happier life a more fulfilled life more successful life more effective life is to take personal responsibility of knowing or accepting the fact that whatever you have in life or wherever you are or whatever your relationship in your family or your friends is like or whatever your health is whatever you are earning or when whatever circumstances you are you and nobody else are responsible for it of course there are certain factors that determine you know what your situation is the country you live in and the political situation and many many many other things do affect that but within those parameters that you cannot change you can still achieve a fair amount of success and a fair amount of happiness and and all the things that you need in life you can achieve them and being miserable and being unsuccessful and being unfruitful and not being happy these are all ultimately dependent upon you and it is one of the most hardest disciplines to achieve to accept that you are the one who is at fault now failure to accept that you are responsible for your destiny leads towards diminished character diminished resolve and it diminishes your humanity as well it leads to frustration and complaining always complaining and criticizing and blaming someone else making excuses for what the how your things are in life will always lead towards frustration and depression and this is the reason for that this frustration and depression is you not taking personal responsibility for where you are in life and part of the reason is because you're always blaming blaming someone else and when you blame someone else for the troubles you are in or for the for your health issues or for your financial issues or your family issues when you keep blaming someone else you do not see a way out you have no hope because the things might never change and your circumstances then or your success will never be achieved but when you take personal responsibility and you say that I am the one who is responsible for what is happening in my life then you can start to take the resolve of improving yourself of changing yourself and thus changing your circumstances taking personal responsibility has direct connection with your psyche when you are thinking and with what you achieve in life and it is part of the reason we do not take this personal responsibility is the process of how we have grown up as as child as children we are not responsible for the things that we do or we eat or be for the things that are around us so our finances are taking care of our you know money matters our clothes our our food everything is taken care of and and and since you know as we grow up we never grow up and we keep blaming or putting the responsibility on someone as somebody else is responsible for my success for my goal for my happiness for my finances for my achievements and we never take that personal responsibility it is when we start to take the personal responsibility that whatever is going around me I am the sole responsible person of that is that we start to climb up on this ladder of success and in my coming videos I will be talking much more about this topic and this important discipline of personal responsibility I hope that it will encourage you to be more responsible for the things around you thank you

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