hello friends it's me we've done so many videos about liars who got caught on the internet but today I have something a little different for you these ones I just straight up bunny is your best friend really your best friend if she's not willing to be this extra to make your man jealous oh so she's taking a selfie in her bedroom and has her best friend stand beside her turning around looking like a guy so when he's gonna see that picture on Instagram he's gonna be like oh excuse me who is that oh what you mean who that's you right behind you oh that's just Sarah why are you late jealous yeah it was a guy that you crazy some a plus deception right here does he really care about you if he's not gonna ask though I mean what if his guy friend did this and dressed up like a girl I mean girls crazy you see a Michael Kors bag in the background of your man's pic and it's not yours what you do what you assume how much are you gonna cry tonight oh my god this has gotta be the worst one so this dude took a snapshot of a cop and was like so tell me how this cop got my attention and sad hey can you tell me if I'm driving straight I drank a couple shots I laughed and said I got you brother yeah man I'll cop an actual real life police I'm assuming somebody didn't bamboozle the car but yeah I'm gonna just go up to a random civilians car like yeah I had a couple of drink brah like can you tell me if I'm like swimming or whatever I could guarantee you 129 percent this does not happen this is not happy you a liar you just took a picture of his car like I made up this story for next that's pretty funny though but it's only funny because it's outrageous and definitely didn't happen oMG so I was in a cruise ship and I was singing to myself and then when I was done the whole cruise ship started flapping for me and the captain thought it was so good he shook my hand hashtag blessed hashtag blessed while my life is so awesome not only do I get to go on awesome cruises and drink awesome shooters and sing awesome music everybody started clapping he stopped cruising the whole ship to shake my hand and then the Titanic sank and everyone died a lot of people make up these wild stories on the internet so entertaining as cancer she smiled despite her illness like if you think she's beautiful and then she's gonna reply I don't have cancer you a-hole stop using this image to get likes oh my god hundred twenty six thousand people like this people are like pigeons on Facebook and the bread you feed them are the sad stories asking for likes does that even make sense oh here's a pretty bald lady she smiled despite her illness so inspirational like somebody actually took this picture of somebody's page and was like I'm gonna make up this whole story and get some likes choo choo I'm a supervisor and McDonald's and we ran out of chicken to make McNuggets the other day so I made like 10 batches of vegan Nuggets with the ingredients we had and none of the customers realize and I even heard people say they tasted better than usual ah sure you made some vegan nuggets out of what what materials did you have what ingredients do you have in the kitchen no shade or anything but do fast food places even have ingredients like eggs flour milk and I don't know whatever the heck vegan that gets are made of soy don't y'all just have like remade food you don't actually make it like you prepare it but yeah this definitely happened like who y'all trying to convince this isn't even legal you're not allowed to do this like we ran out of chicken so we made some vegan mystery meat nuggets no and I ain't no vegan nugget that you made from scratch gonna taste better than I make chicken nugget okay that's where the lie is and I catch you in it don't you try to weasel your way out of this one soy boy I have a bio experiment with lima beans and jokingly put it on snapchat saying it was Molly and somebody actually hit me up for it I am me oh so she put lima beans in baggies and was like hit me up $20 a pop for these made-up names and then somebody was like what kind is this you have snapchat or orange Tesla which I'm a sue he's named for drug I don't know I ain't about that life no I only have wine of being sorry haha what never heard of that how's the trip it's hella poppin healthiest role I've done Wow really Lowell somebody actually fell for this freaking lima beans y'all never been to a Trader Joe's or something and there's actually people out there like I don't know what it is man but I'll smoke it I'll smoke this bottle i medicated eye drops as long as a good high okay so the story behind this picture I've seen this picture before there was this episode of Hannah Montana where Jackson pretended he lost his memory so me and second grade wanted to do it too I had slipped and fell in the bathroom at school then I told my friends I couldn't remember anything they told the teacher and then I went to the nurse and they were doing a hella test the whole time I'm faking it you told me this is legit I didn't always legit like the test I thought she just like stuck a bunch of like crazy stuff they don't do that stuff in the nurse's office man she just give you ice you lost your memory ice your finger gets chopped off ice your boyfriend breaks up with you ice nice job wasting everybody's time bamboozled the whole system hi this is miss Miller Abraham has been abusing his bathroom opportunities he was escorted back to class last week and I had to send my student aide to find him today he has my class right after lunch do I have your permission to restrict his bathroom use so that he goes out lunch instead of during class so a teacher is gonna text the parent this but this person was like I don't know who Abraham is but I've got you I would prefer you do not restrict his bathroom passes as he has been having urine problems at home lately we will be taking him to visit our ologist soon please don't hesitate to contact me miss Miller thank you Oh played it off so smoothly we love random acts of kindness I feel like that's messed up like restricting a kid from going to the bathroom sometimes you gotta get your eight glasses of water and you trying to stay hydrated he's trying to have that clear skin that means you got to go to the bathroom a lot my girlfriend introduced me to one of her friends friend instantly asked how tall are you I simply replied knowing that she would start soaking up six foot five she looked at my girlfriend and said I wish I had a six foot five boyfriend to which my girlfriend replied with well you can't have this one he's mine my girlfriend runs off to say hello to someone else the friend shot a look at me of complete lust looks up at me bite bite your lip and boats what ha ha big tall is awesome Oh ain't nobody gonna do that I mean I feel like girls like the idea of someone that's like hella tall and they a real-life it's like wow you're like a tree my neck hurts already but yeah I'm sure that happened her lips are probably dry so the other day I was doing my bicep workout gym trainer with 14 years of experience I saw you skipped hammer curls they are really effective for your biceps me drops weights and people start staring then why are your arms smaller than mine oh behind me spits out protein shake it starts laughing I could troll of these people stopped working out and laugh for five minutes straight picked up my weights and continued working out me writing a fanfic about my first time working out I don't even know where to begin my grandma's in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog so I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it in they don't let you bring animals oh the real MVP granddaughter of the century like smuggled in the dog oh that's the cutest thing ever she's in it so good like that legit looks like a baby and that the dog comes out Oh my dog is too if you were real one you know what to do he asked my mom to buy me Devil May Cry five and twenty five coffees so I could stay awake and play the game all night I think she got confused because I ended up with twenty five oh my god I totally don't work at Gamestop and took a picture of all the coffees yeah that's exactly what happened I'm telling you like it it twenty five coffees nobody got room in their car for twenty five coffees you stupid and I hope you fell asleep before you could finish your game I've asked this girl in my math class for a piece of gum every day for the whole semester today was our last day and I asked her for a gum and she gave me the whole pack as a parting gift if this ain't the smoothest thing I ever seen you are kidding me does it not happen she was like sorry I'm extra and then he took out all the gum and it was her phone number yeah I'm sure that happened bro in your wildest dreams that a girl unless you are the hottest dude in school and she is like obsessed even that I don't think somebody would give you gum every single day for a semester oh no no no that is a lot of gum and even then why would she give you her number when she knows you're just using her for gum totally happen I am not buying it you did it for the likes you probably got the likes but I'm calling you out a little girl wanted to know what the United States look like her dad tore a map of the u.s. from a magazine and then cut it into small pieces he told her to go in her room and see if she can put it together after some minutes she returned and handed the map correctly fitted and taped together the dad was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly she had said on the other side was a picture of Jesus and when I put him back in our country just came together this has gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life 2019 version I ripped up a piece of paper with a map of the United States and my son put it together and on the back was a picture of the Fortnight Lama y'all really make these stories up for like sex I need you to take a picture of yourself like I'm taking them so I could send to my mom okay hang on bro collides like she took a picture of herself like her friend took it so it's like mom yeah I'm hanging out with her we're studying you know doing homework duh that's like what we always do I me and my sister have done this you gotta have each other's back while shopping in Target I heard a girl say boys are so dumb to which I replied say it louder for the girls in the back to which she screamed – which other customers replied with this experience yeah yeah okay this is why I go to Walmart because Liars shop at Target totally happen totally 100% happen I mean then again is mostly girls I go to Target yo just showered gonna shower then call you men lie unprovoked ooh that is the truth baby you gotta do a double shower you know I missed a few spots let me just hop in real quick and finish it off anyways that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video probable of the dumbest thing anybody has ever lied about and make sure you hit that like button the hey you ain't fallin for these lies and subscribe to the Wolfpack what subscribing doesn't cut it anymore you gotta hit that bell – I love you guys so much thanks watching bye guys

  1. for real though i donโ€™t have good memory but iโ€™m pretty sure when i went to the school nurse one day in grade school for a headache or i was throwing up or something and she just told me to take medicine when i got home and i went there a hour after getting to school then just told me to go back to class like whaaat ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. At my school it was something like…
    Student: My classmate broke his arm.
    Nurse: Drink water, and it will pass
    ๐Ÿ˜’ I still hate her

  3. Lol I funny. My mom did something similar. Our friend was in the hospital and she brought his dog in a truck in suitcase.๐Ÿ˜

  4. I have lunch 5th period and my 6th period teacher hates when students ask to use the bathroom. He says "why didn't you go at lunch?" Me in my head (even though I never ask to go): maybe because I'm eating during LuNcH!!!!

  5. we made a meme in our class becuase of the whole nurse giving us ice so now anytime someone complains we say "go get some ice"

  6. My friend told me she liked an eighth grade boy, but she wouldn't tell us who it was. What we didn't realize was that my music teacher was listening to our conversation. We were super surprised when she turned around and said "Eighth grade boys are lame,". I love you Mrs. Holly!

  7. I believe these until they talk

    My ad said AIDS

    Edit- Sooo when the girl gave him a fill pack of "GUM" how does he put it in that order?

  8. Umm im not lying ok Mrs Miller was our helper teacher and Abraham is my traget at school.. What?

  9. My friend said that she had 16 brothers so whenever I whenever to the house I looked everywhere all I could find was pictures of her and only three rooms So she was an only child

  10. No its more like this
    Nurse: OMG COME HERE
    Me: ok
    Nurse: here take this band aid
    Nurse: oh I'm sorry gives another band aid
    Me: OK IM DONE

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