People In AOC’s District Were Asked About Socialism. Here’s Their Response

Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA, went to
congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district in New York to talk to people about their
views on socialism. In a period of 90 minutes, Johnson stated
that he talked to about 12 people on their what they think about Ocasio-Cortez and socialism. A man from Yugoslavia, told Johnson: “I was
born in a socialist country and I came to this country to get away from socialism.” Johnson then asked the man if he thought socialism
“sucked,” and the man responded by saying “yes.” Another man told Johnson that “Socialism is
the worst. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.” A woman, who was featured multiple times throughout
the video, told Johnson: “I like capitalism, I like the fact that I earn my bucks and I
spend them on [myself], which I’m going to now,” said a woman who was featured multiple
times in the video. “I work because I choose to,” the woman also
added. “I give to my church, again, because I choose
to. Nobody tells me what to do.” Johnson also talked to a restaurant chef who
wants to open up his own restaurant: “I don’t agree with socialism. Socialism is supposed to be like where everybody
gets the same amount. I want to do better than people if I work
harder and stuff like that.” A different man told Johnson: “If you give
everything, you give everybody anything, they could just stay home and then what’s the point? What’s the drive? And that’s why socialism is not right for
America.” A man who was standing next to him joined
in, “All socialism does is just encourages people just to sit back and do nothing. Eventually, it’s gonna go broke. You know, how you gonna pay for free stuff? I’m against freeloaders. You got to work. You got to earn it.” Johnson then showed the man a portion of the
Green New Deal where it presented the idea of giving people money who were unwilling
to work. “Yeah, we have plenty of freeloaders in society
today. They think that they can just print money
and it will solve the problem, it doesn’t work that way,” the man responded. “If you love it so much, go to all these other
countries that have socialism. See how it will work. Look at what happened in Venezuela,” the man
added. Benny
Twitted. Do People Living In @AOC ’s District Actually
Like Socialism? AOC is America’s most popular socialist. So what do her constituents think about the
socialist ideology? I went to New York’s 14th District to find
out. Their answers will surprise you A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street
Journal proved that the idea of “socialism” is the most looked down upon quality in 2020
Presidential candidates. The Daily Wire reported that, “Of socialism
in general, only 18% of respondents approved, while 50% of respondents disapproved. Conversely, 50% of respondents approved of
capitalism with only 19% disapproving.” Ocasio-Cortez also has very bad ratings. According to a poll of New Yorkers conducted
by Siena College, only 12% of people in New York see Ocasio-Cortez as a “hero” while 38%
see her as a “villain.” What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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