People Caught LYING On Social Media

hey guys what's up it's Charlie M today we're going to be looking at ten people caught lying on social media so the grass is always greener on social media it's common knowledge that social media is the highlights of our lives we post our accomplishments and achievements on there and also post things where we show off a bit but here are people who record flat-out lying to their followers on social media some of these are funny people and others are real celebrities before we get into it one subscribe and press the notification bell – coming in at number ten is girlfriend so there's nothing people love bragging about more than their relationships we all know those corny lovey-dovey couples who post everything they do on social media if any of you guys use Facebook you'll know there's a feature where you can alert all of your friends that you're in a new relationship this is often how people stay up to date with different relationships well one day somebody updates at their relationship status to in a relationship with a girl named a vittoria as you can see she's very attractive and it is a real facebook profile but it didn't take too long for this guy's friend or should I say former friend to track down this picture it turns out this is a photo of a famous model named T Ann Lee oh that's right this guy made a fake facebook profile and ripped a photo from models car he then tried to pretend that he was going out with a model but sadly is very savvy friend sound caught on to it before Sam coming to this poor people did like it but unfortunately anyone who sees this after Sam exposed this guy will realize that this guy is a big phony I have to say this is pretty embarrassing next up is tip so leaving a tip for someone is a very nice thing to do and this is especially true at Christmas time after all Christmas is the time of giving Christmas can also be very costly so if you give someone a big tip that's a very client gesture but if you do something kind and posted on social media some might think you're simply doing it to make yourself look good well one day someone did that but did it in an even worse way than you can imagine they wrote on facebook saying Christmas isn't about overpriced gifts and bragging about poor people port for you it's about being a good person and helping out your fellow person don't lose sight of the real deal now there is a sentiment I agree with and he posted the photo saying that he gave someone a $100 tip and on it he wrote Merry Christmas now he's already bragging about giving someone something which is contradicting his post but to make matters even worse is for an exposed him he says make sure you put that on the copy the server takes he wrote that on the guest copy so this guy didn't even really give $100 tip instead he was caught lying as he simply wrote this on the guest copy you may think he wrote this on both copies but no he wrote Merry Christmas as if it was for someone else when really this is his receipt that he keeps and he faked a $100 tip next stop is Soulja Boy so many regular people are bragging about having a ton of money on social media whether they do or they don't now one type of person you may assume would have a ton of money anyway is a celebrity but what type of celebrity loves bragging about money more than rappers rappers take any chance to brag about all the money they get well one day Soulja Boy posted a vine of him with a big stack of money but he didn't count on people causing the vine and really analyzing it that's exactly what someone did and you can see he's not actually holding stacks of money instead he's got one piece of money on a giant stack of paper that's right Soulja Boy actually cut out all this paper just to make it look like money Soulja Boy has been exposed for not being as rich as he portrays many times for example he has a fake diamond torch which always shows the exact same time but the fact that he's using pieces of paper and pretending their money is really ridiculous next up is Portia so many people dream of becoming rich and one thing many young boys dream about as adults is having their dream car well one day somebody posted on Facebook saying today I purchased my dream car in cash this is further proof you can be successful anyway if you have not already done so please let me show you how your dreams can come true too now this sounds pretty good and he's even offering other people help as you can see he even attached a photo of his brand-new dream car but sadly his friend had to expose him this guy literally used the wikipedia photo for this Porsche car you would think he'd be a bit less obvious and look around for a different picture but no this guy literally used probably the most famous image of this car I hope one day this guy can buy his dream car but it clearly wasn't this day next up is IQ so another thing people love bragging about is how smart they are I am sure we all knew someone in school who would brag about how smart they were and got 8 on every test well one day a lady did one of those Facebook IQ tests no I'm not sure how I those things are anyway but nevertheless she scored 85 at the end of the test if there's an option to share the IQ test with your friends but she clearly didn't realize that it also shares your actual score that is why she said I scored 125 in the IQ test not bad 125 would make her a genius but 85 would make her just average so this woman clearly wanted to show to her friends that she was a genius when really she isn't she clearly had no idea that it literally shows your real score on the Facebook post so her made-up score holds absolutely no merit as all her friends know she's lying she even tried to be smoke by saying not bad eh see if this one really did have a 125 genius IQ then she'd know not to do this I guess this Facebook post proves that seeing is deceiving next up is hairdresser do you have that friend who always makes up stories maybe believe them or go along with them to be polite but really you know they are a big lie well this is someone caught doing that on social media one day someone posted on Facebook saying their hairdresser said you're very handsome don't let anyone tell you any different and they then jokingly said they don't clearly this was supposed to be a funny anecdote that happened to them but if they didn't count on their friends also watching television that is because this exact conversation happened on TV as you can see their friend replied saying so weird how you and your hairdresser had the exact same conversation as Robert Downey jr. and Jimmy Kimmel and as you can see if they show a screenshot saying Jimmy Kimmel says you're very handsome don't let anyone tell you otherwise and then Robert Downey jr. says they don't this is a funny joke but it's not funny when someone pretends it happened to them when really it didn't who knows maybe they saw it on TV forgot about it and then thought of this story well maybe they did just really rip it right off TV either way this clearly did not have an ante just got exposed next up is ski trip so one thing everyone posts on social media is their vacations they'll have to make their friends envious by going to exotic locations and doing amazing things well what could be more impressive and extreme than skiing one day somebody posted a photo of them saying just go back from Colorado had an amazing trip and shedded the mountains every day I attempted my first egg flip pictured but didn't land it however my buddy still took an amazing shot I can't wait to go back they then included this amazing image which looks very professional and that is because it is that's right this was not a candid photo taken by their friend many of their friends believed it as it got 22 likes one of their friends said this is sick I'm the same way with flips I can rotate what Neverland but then just two hours after them posting this their friend exposed them for lie their friend said that photo is from a 2012 calendar and is literally the first photo in Google Images when you type an amazing ski flick yeah this guy could have been a little bit less obvious this weight was so good at professional there's no way this guy could have just taken it candidly this guy thought because of the man in the photo is wearing a ski mask he could pass it off as himself but sadly his friend is way too clever and caught on to this guy's big lie next up is club so this one isn't on social media but it is on cell phones have you ever made an excuse about something and then being caught in a lie well that's exactly what's happened to one girl named Lucy one day Lucy's boyfriend texted her saying hi babe what do you do it she then replied saying nothing much I'm really tired just going to sleep now babe and you that was when her boyfriend says I'm in the club standing behind you just imagine the look on Lucy's face when she read this and realized she'd been exposed her boyfriend now knows she was having fun without him and maybe even trying to pick up other guys then again Lucy never said where she was going to sleep maybe she was planning on taking a nap on the dance floor next up is I cake so here's another example of someone making up a funny anecdote but it turning out to be a big lied one day someone posted on Facebook saying I was baking a cake and didn't realize I dropped my phone in the cake I'm crying phase that included a photo of their iPhone baked into a cake however it didn't take long for their friend to debunk it saying no you didn't these are pictures from this YouTube video it turned out it was from a very crazy video called iPhone 5s baked in a cake when it survived now I'm not sure why anyone would make this video but they did but what's even crazier than baking your phone into a cake is lying about doing it this person wanted to tell a funny story that happened to them but they just made one up however their friends are a little too smart and they exposed them for lie next up is relaxing so this is one very funny tweet that went viral one day somebody posted a photo of them hanging out on some sand by the beach with a towel and a beer they seemed to be having a great time smiling and kicking back enjoying the day and all of their followers believed it wishing the guy a great day at the beach however later on he posted this image that's right this guy was just on a building site not really at the beach obviously this one was done as a joke and this guy's Twitter page is very funny but it just goes to show how easily you can trick people on social media have you guys have attract anyone of social media vote in the poll top right corner telling me if you've ever lied on social media if you guys want more amazing and funny videos then check out my second channel it's full of amazing life hacks Crofts and even my face reveal but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen rights now leave like if you enjoyed it 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  2. These “friends” trying to expose their friends as liars are clearly not real friends. Any normal friend would’ve sent them a private message confronting them. They wouldn’t humiliate them in front of everyone. It’s pretty bad that this is used as proof for dishonesty.

  3. I see how stupid people are just by buying into this bullshit video. The creator of this video just trolled you.

  4. I think I have lied on social media and guilty of bragging about myself years ago. Mostly assuming some famous even or thing is related or connected because of me, but in reality I am just a pauper. Perhaps it is being so that causes me to imagine so…

  5. Why does he keep saying "they're friends" obviously they're not his friends if there exposing him usually people that expose you don't really care for you just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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