Pawn Stars: Southern Orphan Association Certificate | History

  1. 2 dimes and a pack of gum, bearing in mind I'm taking a big risk here. I'll have to frame it, clean it, authenticate it, and it's going to take a lot of storage space, you know how the market works, I might lose on it if I have it sent to an auction, and I'll have to kiss it good night every night until it sells, that requires dedication and sweat that I will never retrieve. *Old truck misfiring laugh*

  2. Between what the expert brings energy wise, to the ramping up of disappointment from both seller and buyer, the most DEPRESSING sale in Pawn Stars history. *👏

  3. she doesn't care about her family history. sad that their are people like that. if not for your ancestors she would not be here

  4. I have a price of Jesus hair. "Can you prove it real?" Yeah! My great great great great great great great grandfather was a jew and he cut if off his head when he nailed to the cross. "Mmm its a really interesting peace. Do you mind if I call in my buddy to come take look. He knows all about the desecration of holly figures."

  5. On June 25, 2018 we come together to protest outside of the Pawn Stars shop to get rick to get the Old Man back on the show. We can do this guys, Rick was not justified in kicking him off. We can change the future of Pawn Stars!

  6. I got a buddy who is an expert in Southern Orphan Association Certificate, I will have him come down to take look at it.

  7. "Southern Orphan Association; opinions of other people dictate and finalize – one idea a dollar donation = More / $100+".

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