Paulo & Miguel 16 Social Masks (EN.ES.FR)

SOCIAL MASKS Hello, how are you? – Hello. – You look sad… What happened? – I was in the hospital with Natália… Madalena is between life and death… – What? What happened? – She fell down the stairs near the cliff. Doctors say there’s little chances for her to survive… – Well… Natália and Ricardo must be… – In shock. – Yes… – How are you? – So-so, Teresa. Miguel is making my life at work a true hell. – Seriously? He continues doing that? – Seriously, seriously… But, I think I found a way to stop him from getting what he wants. – I do not agree that you bring Marta do that dinner! – Teresa, I’ll have to show up with a woman on that dinner. Jaques know you. He knows you’re my sister! – Ok, but you don’t have to play that
ridiculous games! – This ridiculous games, as you say, they feed my career, ok? – And you can’t just be single? – Teresa, I’m always single. Nobody ever saw me with a woman. – But you don’t have to be like them! – Well… unfortunately I have to… And I won’t allow this nonsense that Miguel is doing with me, to ruin my career! I won’t, Teresa! – So, are you keep on to give in to his blackmail? Paulo, what he’s doing is just a silent blackmail! – Ok, you’re right. But I really hope he’ll drop it and stop bothering me, after this dinner. And if Marta wants to go with me, I’ll accept it! – How was the iberian flight? There was a big storm in La Coruña? Oh, Ok…. Good, good. No, no, no. I just wanted to know that. Ok Thank’s for the information. Hug. Ciao – What’s up, uncle? – What’s up, kid? – Are you concerned about something? – Me?… – No!… – So, why did you want informations about the iberian flight? – Because soon I’ll be flying to the north of Spain and I need to know how is the weather. – And that’s why you’re nervous… – Am I nervous? Do I look nervous? – Did you hear yourself talking? What’s wrong, uncle? – Why are you making so many questions? – Calm down, uncle! Calm down! You have been much different. You should talk to someone about that. – With Whom? A therapist? Kid, I don’t need a therapist. I can solve my own problems! I’m not a weak person. – Are you saying I’m a weak person? – Excuse me, André! Seriously! I didn’t mean that. But you said it. – I know, but that’s not what I think. You’re not weak at all. You’ve been through very difficult situations… and you’ve shown that you’re really brave! – But now I need a therapist… – And that’s totally normal. Seriously, I’m sorry. I’ve been stressed out with my work… – ‘Work’… Uncle, sorry for being so insistent… … But I think you’re like this, since you got upset with Paulo. – Me? – Yes, You! You two should solve that! – Are you going out? – Did you forget I have the LusoJet dinner, Teresa? I’m going to pick up Marta. – Oh, it’s true… I don’t feel much comfortable with that situation. – Teresa, I told you: Marta acepted to come with me to this dinner. What’s the problem? – It’s not because of Marta! It’s because of you! Well, do as you like. You’re a grown up and I have other issues to solve. Well, can you give me a lift to Marta’s place? I need to talk to Manel. – What’s up? Something’s wrong with him? It’s a complicated matter… and I’m also involved… The less you know, the better… – Teresa, I’m getting worried and curious… – I’ll tell you later. Now is not the right time. And I must solve this, one way or another! – She’s beautiful, isn’t she? – She’s much more than just beautiful… – I’d rather that my mother… – Beatriz! Why don’t you go to see José and let me speak with Paulo alone? – Ok… – Marta, your daughter was saying, that she’d rather… – Don’t listen to Bea… So… do you think this is enough to impress your boss and your colleagues? – Please, Marta! You’re stunning! – Now you’re overreacting… – I’m not, you’re gorgeous! Seriously! – Thanks. You’re also very well. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find someone to go with you to the party. – Well… I’m not so sure. I didn’t look for anyone… And you know why, Marta. Look… I’m really grateful for what you’re doing for me. I don’t even know how can I repay you someday… – In this phase of my life, being able to go out and dinner at a fancy restaurant, it’s a great way of ‘repaying’. – Didn’t Paulo come with you? – No. And I know nothing about him. – You know nothing about him? How is that possible? You were my best duo, you were always together. – Well, but I really don’t know. Actually, Paulo is very different since he changed to the iberian route. – How? – – I can’t recognize him. He’s another person… – Do you think so? – I don’t even know if he’s coming. I guess he doesn’t have anyone to bring in. – Paulo without company? You two are always in ‘hunting mission’, and Paulo doesn’t have company? – I never met any girlfriend of him, Jaques… – Never? – Never. I always found it weird… … But, to be honest… I never saw him with a woman… – Wait… are you trying to say that Paulo doesn’t like chicks, is that it? – No, no… But, that’s strange, isn’t it? – Good evening! – Good evening! – Hi, Paulo! – I hope we’re not too late, This is Marta. – No, no. You’re just in time. ‘Enchanté’ Gentlemen! May I have your attention, please. I’d like to start by thanking your presence and the presence of your mates… LusoJet is exactly this: A family! A big family of people in love with live… In love with the skies… …and beautiful women! This is the passion that makes us strong and unbeatable! That’s what we’re celebrating here tonight! My friends… To our success! Take your places… … and please, Enjoy! – So… are you dating Paulo for a long time now? – No… Not for a long time… … but time enough for me to see that Paulo is a wonderful person… and honest! – You’re right! Paulo is one of the most honest and loyal people I have ever met. – I’ll be back. Good evening! We have to schedule that golf game! – Ok! – Paulo, can we talk? – Yes, of course! Excuse me. See you. – This girl you brought in, the one you met at the mall… does she know the truth? Does she know that you play for the other team? – That doesn’t matter to you, Miguel! – Of course it matters! She should know! Otherwise she’ll be mistaken. – Actually, everybody here should know… – Miguel, please. Don’t humiliate me, ok! – That’s really hard to do… Because whenever I look at you, I’m the one feeling humiliated. Maybe I should take advantage of this moment… for you to feel the same way I do… Don’t you think so? – Now I know why you were hiding your girlfriend. She’s really hot! I’ll have to say to her that you are one of my most promising pilots… and I’ll never let you go out of my company! – I’m very glad to hear that, Jaques! Seriously! – It’s guys like you and Miguel that I need by my side, to keep LusoJet’s tradition! – Thank you! – Hello! – Nice couple! – Thank you! – You know, it’s the first time I see Paulo with a girlfriend for real! – Really? I’m glad… I like to be special. – But you are special! Not only special, but also gorgeous! – Thank you. – Paulo was really lucky finding a woman like you, Marta. And he’s really lucky I didn’t find you in the first place! – Well… I’m going to look for Paulo. – No! Don’t worry! He won’t wanna leave you alone with me for a long time. – Anyway, I’m going to get a drink. – I’ll keep you company! Marta, didn’t you ever thought about being a stewardess? – No! – Good evening! Paulo, can you come here? – See you soon. – There’s something confusing me here… – What is it, Miguel? – You paid the girl to come with you, didn’t you? – Pal, don’t be ridiculous! – You’re the ridiculous one! Aren’t you ashamed of this, Paulo? – It’s my life! It’s none of your business! – Since the moment that you did me what you did, YES! It’s my business! – Miguel… please! Stop it! Come on! – When you stop it! You’re the one fooling everybody! Playing the normal guy! – I am a normal guy! – No! You’re not a normal guy! And Jaques won’t like it a bit… when he finds out who you really are. – You’re doing all of this just to ruin my life, aren’t you? – You’re the one who ruined my life! – Miguel, I told you a million times what happened that night. Why?! Why do you want to harm me so much, pal? – Because I won’t give up until you’ve paid for what you’ve done! Because I hate guys like you: FAGGOTS! – I loved your boss… He’s a ‘first class’ sexist. Now I understand you… – I’m sorry for exposing you to all of this. I’m really sorry. – It’s ok. As long as Jaques don’t come closer! – If you want we can leave… – You don’t mind? – No! Actually, I thank you! – Lets go! -You know, Miguel… You should try to follow Paulo’s path. He found a serious girl… … anyone can tell she’s smart, reliable… I bet they’ll end up making a family. – I’m not so sure! – But I am! You’re not so sure, because you’re not able to assume a serious commitment, Miguel. – I like women too much, to assume a commitment with only one of them. – I find it pleasurable for a guy to have fun… But it’s also important… to have a serious relationship and settle down. You can’t spend your whole life from hotel to hotel, from woman to woman, pal. That’s not enough! – Paulo is very different from me… … More and more. – Thank you very much for coming with me to the dinner. – The dinner was actually good… … and I don’t remember the last time I heard so many compliments to my beauty! You don’t need to thank me… You deserve it. – I don’t know if I’ll be able to repay you one day, Marta… – You don’t need to… Paulo, you’re worthy for what you are! – And what am i? – What are you? You’re an amazing and faultless person! Everybody would like to have you as a friend. And that’s make me happy. – You’re faultless, as well… Well… I’d better be going. Thank you once more… – You’re welcome! – Sleep tight. See you tomorrow. Ciao! – Hi! How was it? – It was ok. Marta was great. – I believe you. They must have been all staring at her… – Yes… She even had to endure my boss harassment… – Poor girl… – That’s why we left earlier… – What about Miguel? Did he speak with you, at least? – Yeah… But when he saw I had brought in someone, he got mad! Anyway… He even tried to humiliate me in public, but fortunately, he managed to control himself! – Do you think he might have been jealous? – Oh, Teresa… What jealous? The only thing he can think of is to ruin my life. That’s why he told Jaques for everyone to bring in the women! Got it? – It’s a shame that Miguel wastes his energy trying to ruin your life! – Miguel won’t ever forget what happened that night. So, he’ll always take advantage to release his anger and grudge in me! That’s all! – Yes, but the fact that he can’t forget what happened between the two of you, might have a deeper meaning… – No, Teresa. There’s no deeper meaning other than anger and grudge. That’s it! – Josefa! Can you open the door, Please? Thank you. – Hello, good afternoon! I am Afonso, André’s psychologist. I’m passing by, because I thought maybe I… Ah! Miguel… right? May I? – Sure! – I don’t know if you remember me. We met at the bar. I am Afonso… – Of course I remember, you’re André’s therapist. Be my guest! I’ll check if André is upstairs. – No, there’s no need! I didn’t come to talk to him… Actually I came… to talk to you… – Thank you… But I don’t need a therapist. – Well, I thought we could talk a bit, get to know eachother better… – I just don’t know why you thought I was coming to try to get you an apointment, but… – But do you need help with any problem? – Honestly… any problem I may have… is none of your business. – Listen, Miguel… I don’t wanna antagonize you. It’s the other way around. André was very disturbed with your accident in the pool… – But I don’t see the reason why we should talk about that. Actually, I don’t even know why do you want to meet me. – Because you’re his uncle… Because you live in the same house, you’re part of the same family… … and also because I like to hear the stories from the people who lived them. Other people tend to change the facts a little bit. Even if they don’t mean it, you know… – But there’s nothing to tell. I just had an accident… Nothing special… – As far as I know… your job implies a lot of responsibility… … and a lot of emotional distress. How do you deal with it? – I thought you said this wasn’t an appointment… – And it isn’t! Don’t worry. You only answer if you want to. – I’ve always been away from home long periods of time… but of course I saw André growing up. Every time I saw him, he was different. Suddenly he had teeth, he started to walk, to talk… – And with this two nephews… you never felt the urge to have your own family? – No, not really… – Why? I mean… Here you have the example of a functional and united family. Your brother and Rita. It looks like they’re doing fine… – Me and my brother were always very different from eachother… He’s a one women man. I’m not! – André seems to be very proud of his uncle… and now I guess I know why. – I’ve always been successful on that field… True! – Do you and André usually go out, like the night we met? – No, no. It was a favor to my brother and Rita. They needed time to themselves… I usually went out with… with my best friend… – And now you don’t go out with your best friend anymore? – That’s right.. – What happened? – I don’t wanna be rude, but… my friendships have nothing to do with André. – Sure. We’re just talking… – Yes, we’re just talking, but I think we went too far. What you Sir need to know is that I really like my nephew… I know he went through a lot of bad stuff in Lloret… … And I’m here for whatever he needs. He’s an awesome kid. … and he doesn’t deserve to have passed all the bad things he lived. – I’m glad to know I can count on you. – Sure… You can count on me as long as it’s to help André. My life is private. – I didn’t force you to talk about your private life. – I know, I know. Excuse me if I’m being rude. – No, not at all. Ok then! Thank you for your time. – I’ll take you to the door. – Thanks! ‘I usually went out with my best friend.’ – ‘And now you don’t go out with him anymore?’ – ‘Yes’. – ‘What happened?’ – ‘Excuse me doctor, but we’d better be going.’ – ‘Sure’ – ‘Don’t you finish your beer?’ – ‘It’s done! Let’s go!’ – Good afternoon, uncle! Or… not! Are you ok? – Actually, no! I’m not ok. What have you told your therapist? What did you tell him about my disagreement with Paulo? – Was Afonso here? – Yes, but don’t you change subject. What have you told him? – Nothing. I mean… I briefly told him about the accident in the pool… I was pretty bad at that time… – And… what about Paulo? – What could have I told him about Paulo? I still don’t know why you’re upset. – It’s none of your business, is it? – So, tell me what did Doctor Afonso want. – To meet me. At least, that’s what he told me. – Yes, he told me he would talk to you. He already talked to Alice. – He wants to meet the people that I’m more time with. – But, didn’t you like to talk to him? – I don’t know… He seemed a nice person… He’s a bit nosy. He always wants to know more! – But, a nice person. – He saved me, uncle. I was really down when I started the therapy. To the point of willing to put an end to everything… – I know, kid. I know. – If you have any problem that you can’t solve, maybe it’s a good idea to talk to him. – Now you’re the one being nosy about my life… – No… I was just saying… – And you don’t need to talk to me always like that.

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