PARSI पारसी धर्म का सार ||  Essence of parsi religion In Hindi/Urdu

Essence of parsi religion Ancient persas means today’s Iran When spread from Eastern Europe to Central Asia There was a huge empire, Then the Prophet Zoroaster Giving a message of Theism Laid the foundations of Parsi religion Hello friends, Welcome all of you in our channel “DHARMIK GYAAN” In which we find many interesting and supernatural information from all religions It’s all you have to do to reach out to a very unique and kind way Which you will not find any more So subscribe to our channel now Watch this video till the end So Friends Let’s start The detailed history of Zoroaster and his followers is not known The reason is that before Alexander’s forces and Later the Arab invaders were of ancient Persia almost all religious and cultural literature was destroyed Today, whatever we know about this history, In the mountains of Iran Carved inscription articles and Because of the traditional tradition By the seventh century AD, the Persian Empire was its archaic The glory and the power were lost When billions conquered this conclusive victory So to protect your religion, many Zoroaster Democrat By sea escaped And they took refuge on the west coast of India Here they are called ‘Parsi’ the abusions of Persian Today, there are fewer than one and a half million people worldwide More than half of these are in India Reign of Emperor of Persia during the reign of Vishattap Pengabar Zoroaster traveled far and wide and gave his message According to them, God is the same at that time many gods and goddesses were worshiped in Persia This God is Zoroaster It has been called ‘Ahura Mazda’ meaning ‘great life donor’ Ahura Mazda is not a person, but is a truth, is power, energy According to Zoroaster philosophy, there is a constant struggle between two adored souls in the world One of them is the soul of Ahura Mazda, ‘Spenta Menu’ The second is the evil spirit ‘Anghara Menu’ For the destruction of this evil spirit Ahura Mazda has given her seven works As Sky, water, Earth, plant, Animal,human And fire, Created this physical world from They knew that because of its destructive nature and ignorance Anghara Menu will attack this world And it will allow disorder, untruth, sorrow, cruelty, morbidity and death in it Man, which is the best piece of Ahura Mazda, has a central role in this struggle He has to voluntarily seek revenge from the evil spirit in this struggle In this battle his weapons will be Goodness, truth, power, devotion, ideal and immortality By implementing these principles, humans will eventually end all evils of the world Some more scientific criteria test the definition of ‘spenta menu’ in different ways According to this, the Spenta Menu is not a soul but a Growth, progressive mind or mentality Friends, how do you like this video, you can tell us through a comment Friends find a similar story in the next video Friends subscribe to our channel “DHARMIK GYAAN” And click the bell icon First to watch videos related to interesting and supernatural information

  1. मेरे भारत देश ने सभी तरह के धर्मोंको और लोगों को हजारों सालों से पनाह दी है और देता भी रहा है…. पर कुछ एहसानफरामोश लोगों को आज भी इसकी कद्र नहीं… bloody hypocrites and ungrateful people's 😓
    ।। जय हिंद ।।

  2. Madhr chod kyo galat phelata hai sare Paris babhan me mikx ho gya esi ke pechha karte mugal bhart aaya tha mulo ko larane ke liye snatn dhrm ko Hindu me kabhat kiya esaka kai sbut hai junou badhna choti rhna upnan me aate ka gai bnake kat ke khana bo kyo nhi btata hai doglo

  3. Most Parsi ppl are Hypocrite, liars and loud mouth. There are always on sides of powerful ppl. They have so far doneted only for betterment of there community the ratio of benefits is 80/20, more for own community and less for others. And Parsi women are always lustful, greedy and gold diggers. Parsi women's don't marry ppl other then Parsi but alway have extra marital affairs mostly with young boys.

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