Parent Community Liaisons

– Hello, my name is Rachel Garcia and I am a Parent Community Liaison. – Hi, my name is Vanessa Mendoza. – Hi, I’m Kelley Crone, and I’m one of the Parent Community
Liaisons for District 50. – I’m her to help parents
establish a great relationship with their teachers and
school and community. – A common question most parents have is, how can I help my child
with their homework? I am here to assist you in how to navigate through teacher ease,
and also how the child can communicate with their teacher. – We have many resources to offer you, including educational
resources, health resources, including mental health. – And if you have any questions
about any extracurricular activities that your
child can get involved in, I can also assist you with that. – We’re looking for
more parent involvement. – Please feel free to contact me. – We want you to feel welcome
to come in at any time. We’re here to help you. (strumming riff)

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