I look like a pot Welcome Welcome to you all Oh people Right now I’m sitting with my cousin Suad, if you want to say anything If you’d like to say hi to everyone Peace be upon you all And peace be upon you Today, we… Why not talk in Arabic now If you didn’t know My dad is Palestinian So I speak the Palestinian dialect And her dad is Syrian Your mom speaks Syrian right Anyway I said to myself Let’s make a video On the differences between Palestinians and Syrians or the culture of Palestinians and Syrians Alright let’s start Oh my heart Grandma It broke “Upset” “Why are you upset?” “Tired” *Stress the vowels “Hungry” Boy! Get over here and sit, boy *Egyptian Arabic Did you eat? Or not? No grandma I did eat Thank God I didn’t do anything “Night” “Rough” “Cousin” Grape leaves What is this? What should I do with this? By force Lamb Just put it, and eat What’re the differences between the weddings “Pray upon Muhammad (phub)” *Traditional Syrian song* “and out with the eye of [envious] people” “Go marry, go, go!” May God protect May God guide & may God have mercy on their souls God willing Amen Only God knows We’ll open a Snapchat

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