Owen Jones’ Socialism DESTROYED

The Guardian journalist Owen Jones has released a new video warning us that socialism is coming I don't know why but yeah socialism is coming a very dangerous message hidden behind cuddly and nice words so I'm gonna translate it for you our old social order is collapsing all around okay what he means is that capitalism is still around and socialists continue to lose so they're gonna cry like babies an order of privatization of deregulation of weaken trade unions of low taxes on the rich and big business okay privatization means people owned businesses nationalization means governments and businesses by weakened trade unions he means we've made the unions more democratic so they can't randomly take strike actions without having a mandate from their members it has failed to provide the decent and affordable housing the well-paid secure jobs the increasing living standards right so on housing let's just have a look at this what's next Oh jobs the Conservatives have created three million jobs with the majority being full-time and well-paid okay let's look at the economy Oh capitalism is still going well and cutting taxes for rich businesses is bad really since the Conservatives I've cocked corporation tax the Treasury have actually increased their tax receipts why because low taxes means more investment simple function ism will build a society run by working people for working people translation socialism will build a society by the dictators at the top for the dictators at the top it will extend democracy to every sphere of life what democracy is simply the way people elect their politicians start nothing to do with the government stealing people's money it means building on successes that already exist right so he just admitted that we've made all these successes already under a capitalist system so what happened to the chaos and crisis in the Nordic countries tax rates on the richest are significantly higher than our own and yet their living standards are an average much higher than our high taxes don't mean socialism Scandinavians have a free market capitalist system guess which of the two biggest capitalist countries have high taxes the United States of America and the United Kingdom doesn't make them socialist a recent poll found that 43% of Britons thought a genuinely socialist government would make Britain a better place to live wrong the latest poll was the recent general election where fifty point seven percent of people voted for parties there were anti socialist and that means building a genuinely socialist society running the interests of the real majority not those at the top I'm bored of this I'm going for a Twix

  1. Owen Jones is a totally out of touch unemployable nit-wit..who even listens to the delusional pillock!

  2. Jones is a total muppet. I was a member of the communist party for decades. I was heavily involved in the trade union movement. Believe me corruption is alive and well amongst socialists….

  3. Personally I think that public sector unions should be banned from striking though should be allowed to get together and persue legal action ,like a national legal fund . And I also think we need to entirely nationalise the NHS not have this frankenfree market , or have a mandatory insurance buy in with legal protection on life long illnesses and prescriptions
    Go fully private or fully nationalised… same goes for trains ,buses ect.

  4. I think there is something seriously wrong with this chap! He doesn't just spout this rubbish to get into power or get noticed, he ACTUALLY believes this tosh, Socialism has never succeeded in any country it has been tried, and cost the lives of over a hundred million people, He must know the statistics? But he seriously believes everything he says! I think he needs a mental examination,? Is it self loathing because he is a Homosexual? I am at a loss to understand what drives his abhorrent views and behaviour!

  5. Socialism the only system that you can vote yourself into but have to shoot your way out of. What's with all these middle class socialist shills, they don't like the lower classes they just hate the rich…

  6. How he can utter the word democracy after his Brexit position shows you how much of a prick he thinks you are.

  7. Give the workers control . I'm a worker and all i want to do and all the workers that work with me is my 8 till 4 go home and spend time with the family we certainly don't want the added stress of running anything , so i don't know what the fuck he is on about.

  8. Owen seems just to be suffering from shame about being gay. Instead of dealing with that in order to get over it, he seems to have latched onto the hating movements to have a socially acceptable path for his aggression and to get acceptance from others. He's cute enough. If he has a boyfriend, he needs a better one. If he does not, then he needs one. Love is the answer actually.

  9. I am working class all my friend's are are either on benefits or low paid jobs and not one can stand this contrasending little prick where I live there is no love between his beloved immigrants and working class people in fact we don't want them dumped on our areas

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