Overgrowth Map Jam: October 2019 – Wolfire Community Spotlight (Feat. Ertyez)

Hey, everybody, my name is Ertyez, and I’m here today to help
the Wolfire guys take a look at the fantastic entries submitted for the October 2019 Overgrowth Map Jam. If you’ve never heard of
them, the Overgrowth Map Jams are community run events
where a bunch of modders come together to design maps
to fit a specific theme, or in this month’s case, themes, which were Antagonist or Receiver. Let’s take a look. First up, we have the
winner of the Map Jam, The Sewer by BlueQ. This short but sweet map has you battle your way through some dark and dingy tunnels, climb
up a slightly wet wall, and then, escape through a door? Yeah, it’s literally just a door and it doesn’t actually go
anywhere, but hey, it’s there. Oh, and also, despite our best efforts, we can’t find a single
ninja turtle down here. Do what you will with that information. With it’s dark design,
claustrophobic combat, and one door, can you escape The Sewer? Next up is the very authentic feeling Turner vs Receiver by Fason7. As I’m sure you can imagine, this map has attempted to
recreate Receiver in Overgrowth and done a pretty dang
good job on that too. Receiver, for anyone unfamiliar, is another game by Wolfire
from a few years ago. This ambitious map features five different endings,
multiple achievements, and six different tapes, all
with custom voice acting. “Welcome to my world, Turner.” “Let’s see how long you last.” Not to mention a faithful recreation of some of the enemies found in Receiver and by faithful I, of course, mean deadly. One thing to note about this map, it can sometimes bug out
slightly when loading in and dump you in this black room. If that happens, just
press Home on your keyboard and wait a few seconds. It should reset you and then, work fine. Your crude world is not the true reality in Turner vs Receiver. And lastly, we have the incredibly unique Turner’s Darkest Escape by Edo, a top down trip through a
surreal and memorable map. In this level, you’ll control
your character from above. Time will only move when you do and you’ll be followed the
entire way by your shadow. Yeah, this one’s weird, but wonderful. We don’t wanna spoil just
how strange this map gets, but here’s a little teaser. You fight boxes at one point. No, I mean literal boxes. You fight them. (coughs) Tap into your surreal side
with Turner’s Darkest Escape. Thank you all so much
for watching this video. If you’d like to stay up to
date on all things Wolfire and learn all about the next
Map Jam, you may want to join the Wolfire Discord
server linked down below. I’ve been Ertyez and if you’d like to see more of me, then you can head over to
my channel, named Ertyez, to find some of my sweet content. Now, if you enjoyed this video,
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  1. Me in receiver: screaming while fumbling with a revolver chamber before being shot.

    Me in overgrowth: "I am fluent in over 300 million ways of kicking your ass."

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