Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias

Hidden away on the frontlines of eastern Ukraine is a potentially deadly force. volunteer fighters save the nation from invaders being armed and dangerous they could always turn their weapons on own gonvernent we got through military checkpoint everyone keeps talking about snipers so, lets go hang out with snipers this used to be an oprhanage kids clearly its not that anymore its an extra set piece for the walking dead is this basically your home ? well, its cozy that's for sure no windows what do you like about the war right now , what do you like about what you're doing

  1. WATCH NEXT: Every week in a secret location in Brighton, a group of hunt saboteurs, antifascists, students and other left-wingers spend a few hours teaching each other how to defend themselves at anti-fascist demonstrations – https://vice.video/2s85IEN

  2. 18:00 what happened with his right eye it was pointing down like if u he has a lazy eye then I'm not making fun of it it just creeped me out for a second no offense

  3. Pool is a a bit too deep for kids. Dude keeps stating the obvious instead of digging for real facts and truths. Liberal journalist who covers a story the same way one would use cliff notes to write a book report instead of reading the entire book.

  4. Vice should consider hiring veterans to cover war zones. They’d do a much better job without being such an embarrassment.

  5. You paint them out to be the bad guys. They’re just fighting a bullshit war for their families & I respect the hell out of those guys.

  6. I enjoy how bias they are, like neo nazi's and the people the left don't like could never do any good let alone change, just a reminder the left has most of the sex offenders they're called male feminists.
    In a similar situation i can imagine any country doing the same, the president doesn't seem to think its a problem and the people aren't overthrowing him so its fine for now.
    you'd think more of the focus would be on how russia is trying to take the country.. but no its about how people the left don't like have guns, damn nationalist people don't they know the left doesn't want borders.

  7. “If you aren’t afraid of anything, your either an idiot or dead the next day” This guy plays too much real life call of duty…….

    But seriously though, these guys are brave for fighting for what they believe in, I hope they all see it to the end

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