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hello everybody its chloe and today im going to be answering a very very very commonly asked question we have answered this briefly in other videos before but we do keep getting asked so i thought the best way to answer would be by making a video on it so people can find it more easily and this is going to be about why we dont talk about our child alters or littles so in case you don’t know- littles are alters that are young there children so maybe around under the age of ten if you do have trouble with understanding or just dont know yet what all the different terms are for dissociative identity disorder so for example things like littles and hosts and persecutors- things like that we do have a video on all the terminology for DID which you can find up here so the first thing that needs to be understood when it comes to little alters that they are children so they think like children they act like children and many of them have been through very very severe trauma so *laugh* so uhm sorry I’m dissociating a little bit, basically uhm obviously as with any children you would want to keep them safe on the internet right so uhm we kind of want to keep whats left of their childhood safe we want to keep them protected we dont want them exposed to the internet uhm or anything thats beyond our control Hello everybody This is Jade if you have not met me before i did make a video A meet the Alters video explaining Who I am and how I feel About Youtube in general so If your interested in that Then Im sure youll beable to find it on your own When it comes to the littles some of you may feel we are Being overprotective These children are generally split into two different types of littles- atleast in our experience Those two types are Littles who have no trauma and they embody the childhood that we wishes we had so they are carefree as children should be they are joyful and trusting- and Happy and I can speak for the rest of the system as well as myself when I say I will do anything to keep them safe if you have seen my video before you will know that I am not one to easily give trust over to people that I do not know as much as i appreciate all the very nice comments that were left on that video I’m still- very- very- aware of what goes on behind closed doors in the real world The other type of little alter is a little who has trauma memory I will not go into detail on that Chilren as I’m sure you all know Are very easily frightened- Very easily persuaded- Very trusting and very easily manipulated especially if they have already experienced those things before. Children who have been abused Are likely to slip back into that place of fear And acceptance And surrender. Anybody could find us on the internet We dont share their Names because even a name can be powerful if somebody spoke to a child on the internet and said “I know your name.” “I know where you live” “You have to do this” Even things like their favorite colour Their favorite animal a person could convince a child that they know everything about them Obviously for a child -That may be Overwhleming They do not have the same though processes as an adult would They cannot think “Hold on… ..How did he get this information? And why should I believe him? They think This is a man- or woman or this is a person who will HURT me and especially if they have already been hurt before They will know that it is safest to do as they say it is not unusual for abusers to target littles in DID sytems on the internet I’ve seen it happen myself We will not be disclosing any person information I believe we have disclosed two names of two of our littles which is too late to take back now we will not be disclosing any further information on any of our littles for our safety as a system and for the safety of our children I do believe that many of you are very niave about the kinds of things that can happen in this world – especially to children many of you believed when I did my video I was talking about hate comments When I said it was dangerous for us to come forward about DID Thats not what I meant And while we are doing this- we want to keep some form of privacy and independence- especially when it comes to our littles We need them to have the childhood we didn’t have They will be safe So I asked you to respect Our choice not to not to share personal information about our littles when it comes when it comes to our system and our littles We will do everything we can to keep them safe So I hope that this answers your questions I hope that you can appreciate that talking about our littles personally is a very big red line for us that will not be crossed under any circumstances do feel free too ask questions about littles in general as I said we will keep it as an educational topic for discussion but when it comes to our personal safety we will not be going into detal so thank you so much as always for watching and i do hope that this has put your minds at ease- somewhat in terms of why we are protective of our littles I very much enjoyed filming for you again today so I hope that you all have a very nice evening. and i guess we will see you in the next video Goodbye everybody

  1. The littles are in your care. So, I'm sure that real and honest viewers understand and support your decision to protect them! I'm sure we'd all do the same in your situation. I send my love 💘

  2. Just found this channel, love the content I've seen so far, and I really love how Jade handled explaining the situation, it's comforting to see just how much she cares for the littles, and the entire system's safety.

  3. Thank you to you all, but especially Jade. She deeply knows the risks, and you can tell that she has made the somber decision that the mission of this channel is worth it.

  4. Jade and Chloe, I think it is absolutely reasonable not to give out any details of your Littles online. Protecting the privacy of children on the internet is a decision that many parents make, and I don't see this decision as any different.

    Jade, both of the videos of yours I've seen were incredibly powerful. I hope that I have your level of strength in facing the world and speaking my mind.
    Chloe, I love watching your videoes. You remind me of one of my best friends who I've known for twenty years this year and who love very dearly. You both have the same empathy and kindness (and amazingly cool hair). This channel is a fantastic insight into the world of DID, and mental health in general.

  5. I hold deep respect for Jade. She’s so powerful and is a perfect protector. I totally understand why you all aren’t giving information on your littles.

  6. I kind of feel like chloe wanted to switch to jade for this video.( the makeup ) idk, that’s just what I thought when I first saw the video

  7. I have questions. Do each personality keeps the memories of the other one? And, can you, simultaneously, speak to one another; for example, if Chloe is here, can she have a conversation with Jade and hear her inside of her head? Also, who possessed the body first? Chloe or Jade? How often does Chloe come up and how often does Jade?

  8. Oh baby, what happened to you? That left you so fragmented.. 🙁 I'm sorry… I'm fragmented too.. So.. Thank you for sharing

  9. I cannot imagine how hard this is for you, and I commend you on your strength on managing your dissociations! I struggle to control my mood displacement disorder and you bring me such hope in being able to make it through my episodes ❤❤❤

  10. I do not have DID but I do suffer from schizophrenia and have had many things happen as a child to me. And now that I have a child I completely understand that protectiveness you want to have. I was told my mental condition was also caused by trauma. So anyone that would ever act as a predator to your little pisses me off. It's absolutely disgusting and I'm glad you have a whole system to protect them 💜 much love to all of you!!

  11. Who are the 2 other littles?
    What happened to the traumatized littles????
    Was she abused when she was young?

  12. wow, this was very powerful. It is very understandable and very sensible for you to want to keep your littles information private. Thank you for braving youtube and keeping your personal boundaries too.

  13. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was terrified of Jade XD I love how much she loves and protects your systems’ littles but dang if I don’t feel like she’d cut me for looking funny XD
    Great video though <3

  14. That makes so much sense. The world can be so horrible. I'm glad they have you to protect them, Jade.
    You're so so strong, as a system, to be doing what you're doing on YouTube and you're helping so many people. And I'm really glad that you're keeping yourself safe too. That's number one, like you said in your video for new systems.
    Be safe and well. And thank you. ❤️

  15. I can totally understand why they are kept away from the camera, etc. I've just been curious about how many you are aware of….is that stepping out of bounds? I really don't know…please let me know if it is

  16. @dissociadid
    Thanks for sharing! I'm glad your littles have a family looking out for them. 🙂 I'm curious, how do the members of your system feel about littles fronting? Do you only allow them to when you are either alone (physically) or with someone you trust? Can a little insist on fronting or can the other alters prevent them from doing so? Wishing you all love and light,
    Anna (Colorado, USA)

  17. I know you made this video a while ago so I’m not sure if you’ll see this or not but I did have a general question about littles. If you don’t feel comfortable answering, that’s totally fine by me.

    I was curious about whether or not littles are fully aware of DID and what it means. I can imagine it would be a difficult concept for a child to grasp.

  18. I have three little kids. And I totally agree! I do not have DiD but I am a mom ❤️ I’ve had childhood trauma and I would never want to make another child feel the same. DiD or not. Thank you Jade for explaining. Littles I hope you are having a wonderful day/evening.

  19. Honestly when she was talking about the littles who held trauma my blood ran cold. That’s awful, I wish I could just comfort them. I’m so glad you are protective of them <3.

  20. Jade scares me but like in a good way? She’s just trying her best to keep everyone safe and I have a lot of respect for her holding that hard position

  21. I have a question: Does a little always stays forever in the same state of mind (like forever a six-years-old) or can they "grow up" mentally ?

  22. I feel like my wife who lives with D.I.D is a mix of the 2. She's trying so hard to be happy and care free (but that might just be she feels safe with me) but I have held on to my wife's little alter while she cried over her mommy not loving her. It broke my heart. It was that night I knew the "jokes" we were making about her having multiple personalities were real. My wife doesn't cry but her little does. This little is barely able to speak so think holding a little brother or sister who is maybe 2 asking you "why doesn't my mommy love me"

  23. I have a few littles and when Jane took over like that with such power and protectiveness towards your all's littles it actually made me feel so safe and actually made me tear up a bit. Me and the others try our hardest to keep our littles safe as well. X much love ^^

  24. Jade speaks on a level that alll parents should be on. Children, ALL CHILDREN, deserve to be kept safe. From predators, from the Internet, from anybody with ill thoughts. And that is something NOBODY should question.

  25. You are so beautiful, and I love the way jade talks! I dont know why it's just so different from all the others, maybe it has to do with the hair and makeup. But I completely agree and respect your decision about your littles! You guys are so awesome! Love watching your videos!

  26. Anyone else somehow make the association “she has different color hair and eyeshadow, this must be an indication that this is one of the alters”

  27. Chloe: let me explain this inthe kindest way we can…
    Jade: just gonna say this once, so listen to me clearly…
    Like i should be. Nobody should try to mess with kids. And she made it loud and clear. Good for all of you! Thanks for the video.

  28. I think you are all doing the right thing in trying to protect them from all the evil out there most of us cannot even imagine, especially those with trauma experiences already. As much as I like Chloe, Jade's direct style of speaking was probably the best way of delivering the message so clearly

  29. I wish I was more surprised to hear that predators will target child alters in people with DID, but considering how the internet is and how some people in the world are, I’m actually not. By all means, you should all do what you need to for your safety and mental wellbeing. Thank you for educating us as you all do!

  30. Jade the gatekeeper, what a perfect name for her. I love how she came out when Chloe was talking about the littles..like Gandalf, "you shall not pass"! . By the way love your make up and hair.

  31. Could you tell me what makeup you used for your eyeshadow and lips? I'm sorry if it's a bit off the main topic 🙂

  32. Okay I’m so sorry this is a serious and important topic that I’m trying to get educated on, bUT THEIR MAKEUP IM SORRY ITS SO GOOD EVREYONE IS GETTING DISTRACTED

  33. I have a very strong respect for Jade. The way she talks reminds me of a politician. Very forward and to the point, it’s very easy to listen and be persuaded by her. The look and body language she gives is very serious, but not in an angry way. She is calm, but stern. It is clear that she has very strong opinions on protecting the littles, and I respect that. A lot.

  34. I actually really appreciate that Jade acknowledges the danger that predators can pose go those who are vulnerable, from children within a system or children who aren't. Especially in public access like internet and YouTube. It is good, responsible and appropriate keep children, their feelings, bodies and personal information shielded from public mass-surveillance like online videos. I agree on the naive part for a lot of folks, but it also is a reminder that adults can be risk-aware with vulnerable persons in their system or non.

    Jane's ability to convey that principle is honestly something I really respect. She isn't scary. She's speaking from a point of strength and wisdom. It may have come with a price, but she says what she means and there is no confusion there.

  35. As someone who regresses under stress, thank you so much for looking out for your Littles. Thank you so much for being protective of them. I know it's different from regression, but it's so important that they're kept safe. I'm so happy you're working together to protect them.

    I'm sorry if this is stepping too close to the red line. I was abused as a kid, and it just makes me happy that someone is doing a better job of protecting them than my parents did me (though they tried their best).

  36. An interesting channel, but in my opinion it rather daring to come out to the public, because this personality disorder is not a small thing. And yes, there are enough perverts and pedophiles just waiting to find another chance. not to mention the trolls and idiots who just make stupid comments out of stupidity . They can trigger you too. Including all the disrespect that prevails in the network, which can also trigger you. The same disrespect that you had to take in your childhood, and causes your dissociation and all your personalys.

  37. Jade what you say should heare a lot of people because what you say about our littles, is the same for every child in the Internet!

  38. Hi. I am new to your channel and so far I am loving everything you have taught me. I am going to be a nurse soon and I love learning about how to treat and talk to people with different disorders/ illnesses/ etc.
    I plan to watch some of your older videos to continue learning. Thank you all so much

  39. Shoot, kids are some of the worst little shits on the internet with their little bad asses. Playing those grown peoples video games and sneaking and watching stuff they shouldn’t. I drive elementary school kids on a school bus. Pint sized heathens scare me, and I’m 6’3” almost 400 lbs.

  40. I'm kind of new to this channel and while I understand "Chloe " is the host, I feel like she is actually an alter. Just the one who is at front more often. Am I way of base here? And by the way, Jade? You slightly scare me-but in a good way. Mad respect to you as a protector. I like you.

  41. I appreciate the protection u guys give the littles, and Jade u are right not everyone understands the dangers for kids on the Internet, so yes keep doing what u can to keep them safe🌹

  42. I have a question: So Jade talks about a save childhood for the littles. But do they even grow up and will be teens on some point or do they stay littles forever?

  43. does a person have to have experienced a traumatic experience to have or be a little?
    that could have been phrased better, i hope you understand what i'm trying to ask.

  44. I'm a newer recruit here… But Jade… I'd like to hear a response from you, if that is okay . I understand if you don't want to though….

    I do not have DID myself, but I highly respect all of you for your strength to continue going despite the turmoil you have experienced as a collective. Strength to protect when they aren't able to do so themselves, and the will to see it through.

    While your presentation does give a warning to all those against the system , it is conforting to see how far you are willing to go to protect those you care about. I appreciate this side of you, Jade.
    This is why I believe you are a great gatekeeper. Not just because you help protect memories and the alters, but you are the gatekeeper of the soul. Everything about you screams passion and love, even if the world doesnt give it to the system in return, which you and every alter out there truly deserve.

    I understand in a prior video you saw us as a threat. Considering all the predators, pedophiles, and those targeting Littles specifically I understand your hesitancy. But please be assured there are many who care and would love nothing more than to safeguard and protect them alongside you… The best way we can. I know this is likely not good enough, but I'm willing to prove how much I care… if that is possible.

    I'm sorry if I didn't say enough… Or if I came off as awkward. I truly am. I don't know hat to say as I have never talked to a alter. I want to say so much more, want to show how much I care about your system and it's Littles. But a subscription is all I can do for now.

    Have a nice day. Please continue to do your job , and I'll support you the best way I can currently show you: Subscription and Likes.

  45. I have a question how does your relationships work? Wether with your family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends anything like that?

  46. When it comes to children (or littles), first comes safety, second comes happiness. That is never up for debate. I'm a teacher, and I'm not even biologically related to the children I teach, but I would do anything to protect them if necessary, I cannot even imagine how strong that feeling is for you all.

    On another note, I haven't watched very many of DissociaDid's videos but I've recently been flicking through, and I swear I can see your face change in the middle of your disassociation when Jade begins fronting (I hope I'm saying that right). Like even before Jade starts talking (where she sounds very different) you can see from her face.

  47. Woah that was poweRFUL
    K lemme just say that I have complete and total respect for you guys
    Also, I have a question, are littles capable of aging?

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