1. Simply GREAT. Just imagine for a moment if this entire world is governed by this spiritual GENIUS.

  2. so true we are even taught in time of depressive sad moments of loss 'just compare yourself to the poor who are starving' and true suddenly we are so happy we are not 'them' . How disgusting is this teaching instead of facing reality we compare and are relieved, never attempting to change the society and our sufferings. An eye opener.

  3. Osho you're a monster because you just swallowed all the religions .. finished all religions in this world. How nice if we have no religions. No race colours, no poverty, no jealousy, no crime, no past and then what will happen to this world……….

  4. This is tough to imagine that he has spoken all these 5 decades back. Even now, it seems ahead of its time. His words: lucid, ever-contemporary, naked, brutal and still soothing, clear and confusing, easy to listen to and tough to execute. What a personality!

  5. OSHO is not just a spiritual genius, he is also one of the most educated men that had ever lived, with more than 150.000 books read in his lifetime.

  6. شكرا لكم على الفيديو… عندي ملاحظة بسيطة… من الأفضل ترجمة Jealousy بالحسد وليس بالغيرة.

  7. So much love Osho, how do we thank you. The only way I know is by loving you, bcos that's what you taught us. Osho.

  8. Many many thanks for uploading. Osho is the only person I can hear to clear my internal dispute.

  9. He meditates too much the whole day with his eyes closed that he doesn't need to blinking
    for some hours of talking time

  10. Why can't you get out of this vicious circle? … Because there is somebody below you, and that brings you tremendous satisfaction

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