OpTic Fans Run OpTicJ Off All Social Media

my oh my welcome back everybody to more eSports news out there you know the one organization or the one I guess I should say community out there I don't want to piss off that would be off to gaming and that would be the green wall you guys continue to break the news out there probably my fourth or fifth video on the topic this one though all around optic Jay who is now surfacing well actually not servicing the opposite of that he is now running away seemingly from the backlash and all social medias that currently being his reddit account which I did not know was apparently a popular use of his alongside that his Twitter account and very recently his Instagram account have now all been deactivated – apparently avoid the backlash from you guys back at home now of course for obvious reasons there have been some there's been some uproar towards his direction but my point of this video is to ask you guys does Jay deserve all of the backlash he is getting I mean you even look at cwl events as well people who are taking pictures with Hector and this guy even visualized the F J mantra into into a picture which was great it's funny but it's also you guys are scary and with you guys being scary I'm not gonna say he does not deserve all the backlash he definitely deserves some of it because of him being you know formerly a really good friend of Hector and definitely one of the founding members of optic and to see where optic has become as he has become the president infant entertainment which was sold out to a morals gaming club who now owns the rights to infinite as well as optic you know it's easy to want to blame optic Jay especially the way that Hector talks about the issue when he said there's some decisions being made to buy you know once former friends and they have not talked in a long time obviously there is something awry you know a lot of minor details we will never know about but does he deserve all of it because you look at a person like crimson who's actually taking a YouTube this was actually a while back as well I believe a week or maybe two weeks ago he came forward and said that Jay is the middleman guys he is the president infinite but he is certainly not all to say in terms of decisions they did make and the mistakes that were made all along of course infinite you guys know the story once they actually owned optic they branched out into eSport after eSport after eSport and then eventually dropping team after team after teen and he does trying to explain that Jay is the middleman here guys he's also a bit of the fall man when it comes to blaming people or you know who to blow for this outer situation but here's what crimsix had to say about the situation but pretty much it was just it was just a really bad situation I remember trying to do like Ross or stuff thank God for Malik because most people under infinite did not work weekends and you know like Hector said in previous video eSports operates on a 24/7 basis almost you know something is really important and it's 4:00 a.m. and I'm calling Hector to you know this needs to happen immediately like he's gonna wake up and do it and infinite just did not do that so that it like stuff was like player wise player to organization communication was pretty terrible and honestly just the big middle finger to to infinite because I don't know oh man there there sir just it would not fit in a Twitter tweet that's for damn sure there's not enough characters for to describe how many times with myself but I honestly leave an infinite has been such a big sigh relief I'm not gonna say certain person but he wasn't entirely at fault so I I think he's receiving a lot of hate but he was at fault but there's so many he was like he was like the middle man guys that's what well that's what you guys don't understand he was like the he was like the yes no man but he just said yes to everything so and also one quick note as well when he first mentioned Malek that's actually a former infinite slash optic member himself he's now the VP of eSports over at Nate Schatz organization 100 thieves so if there's anything the question you know crimsix did give him benefit of the doubt but he also had a hand in decisions being made and he's now at 100 thieves so certainly a lot of personalities out there going different ways in terms of where they will end up after leaving optic gaming slash infant entertainment but with that being said more importantly it was crimsix saying that Jay yes maybe deserve it a little bit of what he had gotten so far but he is the middle man and when I say that there is no way he is a decision maker when it came time for infant when they were taking bids from Hector and Chris Chaney or taking bids from mortals there is no way he had all the say and expanding other teams out there or making a decision of who actually got the bid and so does he deserve some backlash yes does he deserve to be ran off all the platforms he belongs to I don't I don't think so but God dang the green wall continues to be strong and as always my name is Jake I will keep you guys posted I want to keep the optic topic still relevant as we consider the future of all the teams out there you know Gears of War have an announcement I believe sometime soon csgo is still looking for a new organization that being the former optic teams of those eSports and we're still waiting for updates from hector himself on what his future might be whether it's houston outlaws and a brand new organization whether it's all the names you guys came up with in our past video about optic you know Hector's optic I think there was also hectic gaming there was some great hub there's some great options in the comment section of our last video and thank you guys all for contributing to that comment section as well but I will keep you all posted as soon as anything happens I will be here breaking it down but as always hope you guys all enjoy it I will see you back here sometime very soon please don't hate me greenwall all right take care

  1. YESSSSSS HE DESERVES IT, wtf?????????????????!!!! He was a bum and h3cz let him be a part of optic. Fick that guy hes the a fucking bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. The issue is, he has never and wont ever (it seems)  come forward to give his side. I know he cant say everything for legal reasons. But to say nothing…is worse

  3. if i had money i would take a hit out of my own pocket to restore that brand back to its rightful place i mean we are talking to the OG culture of Esports

  4. absolutely deserved come back into the seen just before optic moves from Chicago to Dallas and then takes everything hector built and carelessly lost it Hector trusted a person who so blindly caused it to be stolen everyone of those decision making officials will burn in the lowest parts of hell.

  5. Stop calling him Optic J. He is not what Optic is and should no longer have that affiliation. Fuck him

  6. Fuck yes he deserves it all. He left OpTic to rot and then Hector allowed him back in the org. J was Infinite’s baby back bitch.

  7. Why has this guy not blown up or got a job casting for CWL or any game esports? He has talent and doesn’t read off a card or if he does he’s hella good at it! Keep the content coming Jake!
    From a fellow Jake!

  8. So responding to your crimsix old video defending J a bit. Crimsix has said “Eff J” so I think he found out more that J did indeed have made that drastic decision

  9. so many dumb comments J had no say and hecz is at fault should of never sold to infinite and he should of been more hands on and not put J as the middle man.

  10. This idiot deserves more than just the deactivation of his social media, blatantly backstabbed the very team he found to suck some dick for position and power. Doesn’t matter if he’s a “scapegoat” or not he should be fucked personally for destroying a legacy he help found

  11. He chose money over the culture. H3CZ knows all the details and even he hates J. That should say something. Lots of this is on him.

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