Open Carrying While White vs. Open Carrying While Black – Klepper

– CJ Grisham is riding
a GT Timberline road bike
with Michelin off-road tires
with Trail Shield Technology
and packing a Blackjack
Firearms AR-15
with a 30-round magazine.He’s on a crusade.– I’m trying to say that not
everybody that’s got a gun is a threat to anybody. That this is what a good guy
with a gun looks like. I’ve had more people yell at me
and say bad things to me wearing a MAGA hat
than I have wearing a rifle. – With a MAGA hat,
you’re wearing a logo that’s connected
with an ideology. That, that’s a fucking threat. – [chuckles]
Yeah. I–it’s weird how
some people feel that way.– This is a show
about activists,
and as uncomfortable
I am around guns,
some of America’s
most effective activists
are the ones fighting
to expand gun rights.
And they aren’t doing it
with poster board.
– I’m always trying to get rid of the shock factor
of seeing a gun. Think people
have been conditioned, “Oh, gosh,
there’s a guy with a gun. I’m gonna call 911. – That’s a good condition.
– Well, is it? When I see somebody
going to church I don’t call the police
and say, “Hey, they’re exercising
their first amendment rights.” – Yeah, well, people aren’t
getting killed with churches around the country. – Well, some people are getting
killed in churches. – Yeah, with guns.
– [giggles]– CJ is the founder
of Open Carry Texas,
a group that wants
to normalize the sight
of people carrying guns
into Chipotle
and loosen Texas gun laws.They’ve been effective.
In 2016,
OCT successfully lobbied
the state to legalize
licensed open carry
of handguns.
– Are we done?
all: No.[tense music]– And their gun introduction
tour isn’t done yet.
– Do y’all mind if I come in
and get a drink? I’ve got a–I’ve got a rifle,
but I’m not a threat. I just wanna get a drink.
I’m on a bike ride. – Oh, no, by law you can.
I’ve got a license. – Yeah. – Okay, you sure?
– Yep. – The cameras can’t come in,
but the AR can. You never know.
Cameras can come in and shoot this place up.
– [laughs] – Is that… Feel at all weird? – Feels a little stra–? – [laughs] – Do you guys have
any protection back there? – Oh, you do?
– Good. That makes me feel better.
– [laughs] – No, it’s good.
I mean, for you. It makes me feel better
for y’all. – Am I the only one here
without a gun on me? – Probably. – Okay, that’s good to know.anchor woman:
Open Carry Texas supporters
wish for constitutional carry,
where all legal gun owners
can carry without a license.– “Consitutional carry”
means that if you can legally
buy a gun, you can carry it
into a Smashburger
or an office supply store.– Everything’s good here
in Staples, so carry on.– Without
an additional license.
And today, CJ and 30
of his OCT buddies
are headed to a parade
in Gonzales, Texas,
to spread the word.
– Hey, what’s going on, Jord?
– This is the big day, huh?
– This is it. – What is the goal of this
event here today? – What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna be walking along the parade route
and handing out flyers, telling people why they should
support constitutional carry, and I think we’re gonna
have a lot of support.– Because this is Texas, where
the state bird is a revolver,
OCT isn’t even the only
activist group
open carrying today.Two hundred
and fifty miles north,
a second,
totally unrelated group
is using guns to draw
attention to their cause.
My friend Kobe Labee
is embedding with them.
We’re curious how
the experience of this group
that open carries
may differ from this group
that open carries.
[foreboding guitar music]
So wait, wha–what do you know
right now going into this? – I mean, I–hardly anything,
right? So I know I’m meeting this
group called Guerrilla Mainframe.
I know that they’re a groupof black activists
and that they open carry
to protest police brutality, and I know that
we’re in the South, which has never had a problem
with black guys with guns. – I think you’re gonna be
totally fine. I wouldn’t worry at all.
– Okay.
You have the–
you have the confidence that only a white man
with security can have.[ominous music]– It’s true, I doubted police
and people in Texas
would bat an eye at dozens
of mostly white guys
packing heat.Now, it was time to pitchunrestricted assault rifle
access to a young girl
and her beloved llama.– Whoo! This is, uh, just some
information about, uh, gun rights that we’re fighting
for next year. Would you like one?
Take care, y’all, God bless. We think if you can legally own
and posses a firearm, you should be able to carry it
without a license.– I was surprised by how many
people supported CJ.
But some of his soldiers felt
a little green.
– What are you carrying? – I don’t know
the specific number. I know it’s an AR.
I believe it’s an AR-15. – It’s an AR-15.
Do you like open and carry? – Uh, yes.
– Why is that? – It’s just like, if we don’t
have any open carry… If we don’t get
to have our guns, then what happens is that
there’s gonna be– jus–just gonna be chaos. Like, we’re not gonna be able
to protect ourselves. – How much practice
do you have on that thing? – I don’t have practice
right now. I’m just open and carrying it. I feel responsible
for protecting others ’cause I’m the one that could
provide protection with a gun. – That’s a lot of
responsibility for you. You’re thirteen.
– Yeah.– Is that good for you guys?A 13-year-old
carrying an AR-15? – He’s probably a better shot
than I am. Well, that’s not true. Not many people are better
shots than I am. – Yeah, in your time. I think you’re stuck
in the past. [laughs]
– My–my–my–my…– CJ had the support
of Civil War veterans,
but the under-150 demographic
had some doubts.
What did you think when you
saw him coming up with a…? – Oh, well, he was telling us
that it wasn’t loaded, so that was a good thing.
– I think he says he– is–is the gun loaded?
– No, he said it–what? – No, my–my gun’s
got ammo in it. We carry it
like the police carry it. – But you’re not the police.
– But you’re not–yeah. – Well, that’s just it.
There’s really no distinction between the police
and the citizenship other than their general
training and permits to do so. – Training, though,
is one thing. Why keep it loaded right now? – Because if somebody…
Uh, Islamic terrorists, whatnot, crazy guy–
– Islamic terrorists? What’s your expectation? Do you fear
that’s gonna happen right now? – No. – And to be fair,
you’re passing this out because you want more rights,
’cause you feel you’re not– – I want a greater restoration
of rights. – You don’t have enough?
You’re walking around a parade around like John Wick,
and you’re like, I want more.But maybe SEAL Team Kenny
had a point.
Gonzales was a soft target,
and as we all know,
Isis has long had it in
for Lou’s Canoes.
[electric guitar music]– Meanwhile in Dallas…I was about to meet
Rakem Balogun
in Guerrilla Mainframe,a group of African-American
While they run a number
of wellness programs
in their working class
they are most famous
for staging
militant armed protests
against police brutality.
Because black men are three
times more likely to be killed
by police, they rightly feel
a disproportionate threat
from police violence,which is why I was trying
to download a will.
There’s like three will apps.
This is incredible. So, we think Guerrilla
Mainframe is gonna come from down here, and there’s
a police car there that just was lurking
and then did a U-turn and is sitting right where
I think they’re gonna pop out. all: [chanting] Our streets.
– Whose streets? all: Our streets.
– Whose streets? all: Our streets.
– I think this might be them.

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    Guns for sport/ control hunting and home protection :YES
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    is that so hard to understand ? word !

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