OnPoint Community Credit Union | “Taylor & Russell” Film (2017)

The concept of taking care of something,
you have to nurture all those things are important to you. My husband and I
have been together about four years. We’ve always approached our relationship
as a team. It’s really about supporting one another. I do lots of photography, nature
shots mostly. Sometimes it’s nice just to remove yourself and focus on detail.
Jiu-jitsu is a huge part of my life. One of the biggest things about is the
community, the people that you meet. You make lots of friends. Community means
give-and-take. I think it’s so important to support local businesses. We were drawn to OnPoint because we are a part of that and we want to give the back into the community.
OnPoint is local. I started off opening up a checking account and I got a loan
with them, a credit card and it’s just grown from there.
Community is people. Community is engagement. Community is an extension of
your family. Take care of each other and that’s kind of the secret to all of it.


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