1. Ach und ihr seid Kommunisten bzw Sozialisten hatte man in Jugoslawien Krieg gesehen ihr wart genauso schlimm wie Hitler nur das ihr das mit Moslems gemacht habt
    -> OUR BROT
    Ihr seid killer keine Sozialisten oder Kommunisten!
    Trotz bin ich ein unglaubwürdiger Moslem
    I Love Yugoslavia

  2. Kad srbin hrvatu kaze brate kad slovenci pice plate kad se crnogorci posla uhvate kad makedonci prime plate kad bosanci to sve shvate bice opet SFRJ brate

  3. The only way to defeat the Fascist Russia is called the SFR Yugoslavia. Come on Yugoslavia. Help Communist Russia gained power in Russia.

  4. Tito was a very nice man! and Milosevic and Tudjman took over ;c YUGOSLAVIA COME BACK TO ME!!!Zivio nama dragi tito! a nek Milosevic and Tudjman die in hell!

  5. Poseremo vam se na crvenu zvezdu, a titi pišamo u usta. "jugoslavija" hahahahahahahahahhaahha četnici i komunisti, zajedno ste bežali 😛

  6. Any normal not nationalistic person who lived in Yugoslavia knows it was a better time and better country

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