1. "De Siste Hester i By" Means the Last Horses, not the Newst. It could be both, but the song is about working class horses losing their jobs to automation (and obviously not actually about horses at all), so the context is pretty clear.

    "Ridderslag" means "Accolade"; the ceremony in which someone is knighted. The party is our armor and Lenin's teachings our sword, you are preparing for battle, and need to carry your sword.

    "Sågar Kamerat" The best translation is maybe "The Situation, Comrade". The US is powerful and the Soviets can't be trusted. We're all probably going to die in this fight.

  2. Rød Ungdøm and Norwegian Labor Party is a joke which is why Norwegian Black Metal guitarist Euronymous of Mayhem left the organization because they didn’t follow the tenants of Stalin.

    The modern “Socialist Progressive” And Antifa are Counter Revolutionaries and are not Communists because they are nothing but Trotskyists and they are not compatible for a Communist society. Stalin, Khrushchev and Jinping combined are what Communists need to be.

    Scandinavian National Bolshevism is the future. As Russia said Communism is a Russian thing only for the Slavs. Scandinavian National Bolshevism will only be for the Nords. Strong walls, no migrants, strong military and still keeping the traditional Norse Culture alive as Russia kept their traditional culture alive.

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