On The CNT-FAI and Anarchist Catalonia (A Las Barricadas)

hey guys thankee here and in this video I wanted to talk a little bit about the CNT fey and anarchist Catalonia it's a very interesting topic and I'm still reading and learning about the Spanish Civil War but the more I read and learn about both the Spanish Republic and the CNT Bay and the political structures and struggles between those two as well as their mutual struggle against nationalist Spain it's it's interesting to to study a CNT faith because it was a region in which an artistic principles were seemingly applied in practice it's a very important event but unfortunately it they sort of followed in the tradition of the Paris Commune that came before them and that unfortunately due to a lack of light from what I understand I mean keep keep in mind I'm still learning about all this this is strictly from what I understand currently it seemed that a a lack of unity with the left with the Republican faction in Spain really was sort of the death nail for the CNT Bay and for the Catalonian anarchist movement you know perhaps the anarchist should have said okay it's it's all well and good that we have an anarchist con mu here in Catalonia but for the sake of preserving this proletarian revolution we should join with the Republicans and then once we have taken power and established a republic of the proletariat then we can iron out the differences between Catalonian sovereignty and spent and and the rest of Spain proper so with all that said I think from the the the life and death of the CNT BAE we can glean a lot of information we can glean a lot of useful data that we can really apply to the modern day because a lot of people find themselves coming to the left from fields like liberalism or social democracy or you know even centralism and and they or centrism and they they find their way to anarchism and I feel like they only stop but they stop there they stop with anarchist theory they stop with the conclusions that the state is bad the state can serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever but to oppress the the common man and we should abolish the state as soon as possible and I think the works of Lenin addressed this issue best and that he argued at least to my understanding that the establishment of a a stateless anarchist society was not a true transition to communism because the transition to communism one required the development of Industry a highly developed proletarian class to the extent that you could produce a super abundance of the commodities needed in a society and so unless anarchist Catalonia was just churning out mountains and mountains of goods for its people to just take from the stock pile and and and they did so each according to their need they did not have true communism and to claim otherwise is to be counter to the theories of Marx and and thus is revisionism so we have to all that being said though there are still lessons to learn from anarchist thought there are so lessons to learn from an darkest fear even as I think anarchist Theory best represents how working-class can organize on a small non-centralized scale anarchist praxis can be instrumental at reinforcing and already existing proletarian revolution for example if you have if you are trying to establish a proletarian revolution and the urban centers well anarchist cells in the rural areas could unite them unite rural communities under a sort of loose decentralized coalition that upon achieving the proletarian revolution in the urban centers it would then be extremely easy just to push that revolution into the rural areas and ideally the anarchist would say very well let's let's go with unanimous agreement into this brave new socialist experiment but instead unfortunately the reason why so many people consider anarchist revisionists is because when situations like this have historically arisen such as the case of the CNT base they went they they not only fought against nationalists main but they also fought against the republicans to calm their fellow communist allies so it's kind of a shame to see the anarchist movement from what I have gleaned from my studies they seem to be fairly short-sighted you can achieve short-term gains but you can establish a cognate you can establish a horizontally organized society but can you establish a dictatorship of the proletariat and that's the real question and I don't think they can because they can't secure their holdings against the inevitable onslaught of capital only a strong centrally centrally organized Communist Party can lead through planning and through a democratic centralism and and and a series of economic plans to the period of industrial development and commodity super abundance that we need in order to achieve true communism as described in Marx's theory so let me know what you guys think the left and theory in the left is as diverse as the human race and so we should be willing to listen to all different factions and sides of the debate as long as they are not intentionally like obstructionist or reactionary or they are just arguing in bad faith so yes feedback appreciated and thank you for watching

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