On Communism, Trotskyism and Marxism in the USSR (Valeriy Pyakin 2019.05.20)

Presenter: Next question
comes from Konstantin, who thanks you for answering questions
about the situation in Germany, for comparing how the USSR and the Anglo-Saxons
treated German culture and identity: “German viewers were pleased
with the discussion of issues that interests many people in Germany. However, as Konstantin writes, on his channel
in the comments there was the following, maybe provocative, question: “Well,
the USSR did not destroy German identity. But why did Russian tanks suppress
the uprising of the German people in 1953? Who controlled the Stasi, which
tormented and tortured German citizens? Why did they shoot at citizens who tried
to cross the border and get out of the GDR? Moreover, they forced Germans
to learn Russian language”.” Valery Pyakin: Well, this is a stereotype stamped
on the Stasi – about tormenting and torturing. How else can one defame something? It is necessary to introduce
some idea as similar to… It is the same as they are trying
to present the USSR nowadays. “Stalin is equal to Hitler.” In order to lay the responsibility for
initiating war on the Soviet Union, to be able to occupy the Soviet Union and
divide its natural resources between themselves. With the Stasi,
it is “tormented and tortured”. By the way, in general,
it should be mentioned, that there are many historical
myths circulating in society. This is one of them. However,
what is the essence of this problem? The Russian World (Russia) did not
suppress the identity of the Germans. What was happening then? We must understand that we do not
live in a sterile environment, where chemically pure elements interact
with other chemically pure elements – we live within complex
socio-political structures. In particular, the Soviet Union was
not under the control of the Bolsheviks – it was under the control of a complex
alliance between the Bolsheviks and other political currents heavily
represented by the Trotskyists, in particular. Khrushchev was, by the way,
a true Trotskyist. At a certain moment he had some personal
discrepancies with Trotsky and detached from him, but the Trotskyist methods of management
did not disappear, they were always present. So, when I said that Stalin understood
that Marxism should not be brought to Europe, I meant that at first it was necessary
to get rid of this same Marxism, to start building normal communism
and then move it on to Europe… As for Europe, it was
attracted precisely by this. The fact that the Soviet Union, despite
the opposition of the Trotskyists who organized the so-called Stalinist repressions
against the entire population, was getting ahead. By the fact that, despite internal
resistance and sabotage in all spheres, the Soviet Union was able to achieve
results in terms of constructing communism – these were attractive aspects. However, when the two statehoods — that
of the Soviet Union and another state — came into contact with each other, they contacted with their functioning
statehood mechanism in totality. What was carried out as the suppression
of communism construction in the Soviet Union was manifested in the ruling nomenclature
activity in relation to the republics as well. Also, the construction
of all people’s democracies was carried out on the ideological
basis of Marxism, it was a variety of communism that
was based primarily on Marx’s views. Accordingly, these very perversions
could not but touch the policy carried out by the Russian
world toward peoples. Yes, in general, it looks like this. However, there were separate processes,
sometimes very significant ones, manifesting in relation to various peoples. Therefore, it is natural that the mechanisms used to suppress resistance to groups
in power within the country (for example, we had the shooting
of a demonstration in Novocherkassk – soldiers did not want to shoot
and they did not shoot at people, but there were some dead)… Therefore, to say that Russian tanks
dispersed the demonstration, well… In addition, how did this
demonstration itself come about? Do you understand that if there had
not been any organized event carried out with the employment
of state mechanisms, that the same ones afterward
had suppressed the upsurge, nothing at all would have happened? Indeed, in Novocherkassk, in
principle, there was no rebellion. Whereas, in Germany there was – well, not
a rebellion, but people organized unrest, which was generally organized with
participation of the government of the GDR. Such are the facts.
One can’t avoid it. Afterwards the state machine suppressed
the very same event that it had organized. Trotskyism and Marxism were
penetrating all spheres, and therefore there were both positive
grounds for constructing a normal Russian world (and pursue a policy of communism construction),
and various governance processes that were carried out by Trotskyist
and Marxist governance systems in both the Soviet Union and
the people democracy countries. It was like that.
One must understand it. Then they will not put
blame on the Soviet Union: “It is guilty for this,
it is guilty for that”. What about the Soviet Union itself: was it
perfect, did everything go normally there? Was the Soviet Union free of
suppressing the Russian world and hindering the communism construction? The way they have been fighting
against the Russian world through the policy of anti-Russian chauvinism,
when any Russian feature was persuaded and eradicated using administrative resources
of the state bodies – does not it count? One must understand which
processes dominated, which processes were included
into these bigger processes. The big process was the process of constructing
the Russian world and communism, an equal society. But inside this process there was
resistance by all possible means on the part of both external Trotskyists and all
kinds of internal forces guided by Trotskyists. Resistance occurred from all people
supporting other types of cultures, which somehow did not coincide with the
policy of the Russian world and communism. Say, a culture of slavery preserved in a certain
society will manifest itself this way or another – as it manifested itself, for example,
in the tragedy of the Chechen people. How did it manifest itself? Master Hitler promised,
that after his victory, Chechens would have as many Russian slaves as
they wish: “you should only serve Master Hitler”. Here you are. The same non-uprooted element
of slavery-based society manifested itself to the full
later on, already in the 1990s. Without this understanding, one
can expect claims: “You promised…” We did not promise anything. We say:
“We are going this way. Do you want to join us? – You are welcome. If so, sorry,
the costs of this path are for sharing.” It is not like,
“You promised a specific result, and here we are confronting some
resistance. This resistance is your fault”. Who said that?
We are not going to conquer anyone. We simply propose you to join us on our
way – the way of preserving all nations, all cultures, cultural identities
development, living as one Russian world – allowing all nations to develop
without fighting against each other. However, we do not say that you
should not make any efforts for that. “Each one enters the kingdom
of God with his own effort.” One must make their own effort and
contribute it to the common goal. In this respect, one must objectively
understand all the processes that took place in the Soviet Union, how these processes influenced the
governing of the entire socialist community and how these processes
in the socialist community influenced the processes of governance
in Russia (the Soviet Union). Everything is interconnected.

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