Ominous Outlook for Autos & the Economy (w/ Danielle DiMartino-Booth & Daniel Ruiz)

  1. And now… FCA begs the French for a buyout! So the answer is a big wave of M&A coming. Will Apple buy Tesla??

  2. LOL. how the public is dependent on overpaying taxes all year as their means to achieve savings. and when they have less of a year-end refund, they have no means to enact spending. it is funny because people will always perceive government as an "outsized necessity" as they feel that the government either (a) is giving them money every year, or (b) dependent on the "perceived generosity" of the government to save for them at 0 service cost, as a service. …. PLEASE WORLD GIVE ME 10s OF TRILLIONS AND I WILL INVEST AND KEEP THE INTEREST AND PAY YOU BACK EVERY YEAR, HOLDING YOUR MONEY FOR YOU.

  3. Instead of Water – you guys should trade that out for some Tequila – that would be one hell of an interview. seriously give it a try –

  4. I went to buy a replacement truck Ford F-350 dully, replacement cost was $64.500 holy s**t that is a lot of money at 4.9% compounding interest decided to keep my old truck and refresh it way cheaper

  5. old cars can be fixed, some cannot.
    prices for new or replacement parts is another factor.
    I still want to buy old trucks, because they are simpler to fix and to maintain. the Only other car im really looking at buying is a chevy bolt.
    DPF and diesel exhaust fluid is horrible for newer trucks, and makes the long term so bad for owning these trucks because they are so ingrained into the electronic systems that are on them.
    Volkswagen made diesel passenger cars, now after that scandal things might not be so good for that company.
    Im all for electric vehicles but the amount of petroleum going into mining the ore to find the materials for the batteries is just as dirty. The batteries only go for 200-300 miles anyways, and so charging them is also a hassle. A new car battery system is 2-3,000 for a honda…

  6. New Vehicle prices have just gotten out of control. She said the avg p/u costs over $47K?!?!?!? HELLO, p/u's have traditionally been for working people (farmers, builders, etc). So now they're buying used, beater p/u's while the wealthy buy them new. It's out of whack.

    If Hyundai ever decided to build a reasonably priced, 4X4 HD pick-up for the working man (not a $50K yuppie hauler), THEY would clean up!

  7. Feels like everything is coming in at once : huge debt, brexit, trade war, plummeting demand, store closures, housing bubble about to burst, Europe getting really numb, Europe with interest rates at zero hence no leeway to reboost their economy. And I am probably missing a few. It’s going to make a very loud noise when it starts to give.

  8. Very good analysis. In australia our economy is slowing &,our property prices are falling. Its scary as we have arguably the highest household debt levels in the world. Car sales are falling. Yet our stock market is strong.

    In both australia & the united states the stock market should start to slow as both economies are slowing

  9. Everybody wants a big ol' truck. It's crazy; F150's are so big today you can hardly find a parking space big enough. $40-50K ? Good grief. Oh yeah, and my 2014 SUV is worth much more than the Blue Book value. I rented out my SUV and bought a 1 yr old Dodge Caravan for 20K.

  10. It takes 22 hours from start to finish to build a car in Germany–without being directly touched by a human unless a flaw or blemish occurs. Place a specific German order and the CHINESE KUKA robots make a specific car so quickly in places all over Germany. Inventories are a thing of the past except in northamerica. Why is this happening? Why now?

  11. Executive salaries and payouts to investors need to be lowered in order to increase the wages of the workers so they can actually spend money to spur the economy forward. The rich will sink this boat if they keep hoarding their wealth and demanding greater and greater returns.

  12. the cost to manufacture a f-150, end of assembly line cost … under $7,000 retail near and average of $62,000. of course auto makers find usa more profitable … they can do the gouge with these dopey obey consume obey consume consumer brain dead americans. This is a lootocracy top to bottom.

  13. Also no one is actually dating or in a stable relationship n arent getting married so why do they even need cars?

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