OMG... THE WORLD'S BEST ECONOMY CLASS | Singapore Airlines 787-10 and A350 Review

the best economy class flights of my life I'm in Jakarta hit me up below if you're one of my Indonesian fans it's been so fun just transiting here but I need to visit it seems like an incredible country and I'm so excited to fly sq to Singapore and then up to Tokyo gosh I'm talking so much I'm like what is my destination but yes this will be a very cool series because I'm also comparing the 787 – 10 and the e350 which will be like this will be it just every comparison to Airlines between plane types and I can't wait to take you along for the ride so I thought the outside of the terminal like before I guess the main security check in part it was just a bit confusing but now I'm through the last security to get to the gate and it's so beautiful there's like little Gardens outside let me show you this I'm so impressed I mean it's also it's also not so crowded here which is nice but check this out there a rest area you go in it looks like a little golf course I wish I could go out there like that would be the ultimate thing if you could go out there and hang out and they even have the gate number very very impressive Jakarta Singapore Airlines schedules a 55-minute turnaround time on this III 50 so like that the 300-seat jet you think you're going to turn around in 55 minutes that's part of dishes but if they can do it all right so let's have a look around the scene the legroom is quite ok but not really good so it's nice to have a soft seat in front there's also even like rest which is a great touch Singapore Airlines also has two storage pockets and an even smaller one which is so great for keeping organized plus the big literature pocket then we have the trainer oh my gosh this is amazing and then we have a USB for power USB for something else headphone jack a big big big entertainment system with the middle if I want to mention that the screens next door are also dimmed like on guitar but I'm very curious what is this link your device Wow oh my gosh this is crazy all right this is the dinner on Singapore Airlines on the one hour 20-minute flight from Jakarta Indonesia to Singapore here we have some noodles were pasta with tomato sauce n pinenuts orange juice water and some type of jello for dessert with coconut which looks delicious they're also wanna mention that there is so I want to talk a little bit about what made me so impressed by Singapore Airlines right off the bat before that what you're seeing now though is Singapore Airlines is in flight headset which unfortunately is a little lower quality than on Thai and Cathy but they do have three different size options of the earplugs which is quite a fancy touch other than that everything was so impressive from the second we boarded the flight attendant showed you to your seat in economy class and seriously this seat is the best economy seat I've had in my entire life Singapore Airlines also has an amazing entertainment systems one of the top three in the world along with guitar and Emirates why this yeah to show how far the Singapore flight attendants go to satisfy the passengers though I have to get this example and it just shows how much they care how much they pay attention and things that you really never ever see an economy class so before takeoff the flight attendant came and asked the passengers in a row in front of me saying sir would you like to move further back in the cabin it will be better for all of you because there's plenty of empty seats how nice is that just offering something like that instead of him having to take the initiative is great also they do to drink services on this 80 minute flight and they give you hot towels high-quality hot towels which has been so long since I saw so what you're seeing now is Singapore Chinese terminal 3 which is the main hub of Singapore Airlines now I've been to terminal 1 2 & 4 before but never terminal 3 and oh my gosh I now understand why this is the best airport in the world terminal 3 is absolutely insane you could spend a day several days here just perusing around going to the movie theater the butterfly garden the koi pond they have a pool they have so many amazing things to do it's truly mind-blowing some currently of one of many many anything amenities or things to do at Changi Airport this is the terminal 3 butterfly garden which of course would be even more beautiful during the day you have a view of the tarmac out there it's just there's a movie theater we're here so we're gonna head there next we see the lounges over there what else do we have quite unique showers koi pond rest area what else did I see that was so funny Oh powder Wow it's worth noting that all these amenities are free to Singapore Airlines passengers and even crazier if you've booked a paid ticket even in economy you can get free food vouchers to use at the terminal unfortunately since I was at I mean on a mileage ticket I couldn't but most people can get those vouchers I actually decided to leave the lounge just as the airport is so much nicer to be in the lounge was way overcrowded and to be honest the last like two economy weeks really sort of turning me off from it because like flying American Airlines transiting in JFK just isn't so fun but now I'm getting back to that first economy week experience where it's very interesting to see which is best and all the experiences are generally quite good so only one complaint I have about China Airport though which is that the vegetarian food options are very limited now off to Tokyo on Singapore Airlines is brand new a 787 – tennis my first time flying the longest version of the 787 as you can see the service on this flight was equally amazing the flight attendant led me to my seat and I have to say I think the 787 seat is actually generally nicer than the a350 although it was slightly less well padded the quality of the video screen as well on the entertainment system is insanely good full HD and seriously the best I have ever seen so I will say I think the power port is much better pleased on this aircraft let's look around in front of us we have a USB port just one on this aircraft contactless payments a little bit of storage here actually and again we have a mirror at the lake room is actually really really excellent it's so generous I think there's also more on here then on the a350 actually and then again just like the 8350 there are three pockets here which is just so so awesome and adjustable of screams but no individual air nozzles are so welcome aboard Singapore Airlines is brand new 787 dust and how cool to be on this aircraft the seat is actually fantastic the ambience is good although I did like the color scheme more on the a350 this feels very like cold and uninviting on this flight to Japan I had a three-year-old seated next to me and when I got on board I was like ooh this could be a challenge but it turned out to be more of a blessing because she took up literally no space and slept the entire flight so Singapore Airlines hands out high quality big paper menus in economy which is so cool and they give two hot towels on these long flights both around the meal services and off it's just amazing the quality of these towels is seriously business cost level despite our midnight departure we were served quite a nice meal after takeoff compare this to what I got on tie and this looks very impressive with at least half a tofu some great mushrooms and vegetables it was a perfect midnight snack Singapore Airlines also has amenity kits in economy class yay so you can request other amenities I asked for earplugs but what comes in the kit is a pair of socks and a toothbrush I don't know of any other airline that gives amenity kids to economy passengers on a flight this short and now here is breakfast again my vegetarian meal and wait for it this is the best economy-class meal I have had in my entire life vegan dim sum he said absolutely amazing it's frankly better than most business class meals I've had huge props to Singapore Airlines for this I was so impressed I was literally craving this meal after the flight that's how good it was that's some sort of sweet cake a barbeque bun and a Chinese pancake with mushrooms in it and some veggies so what can I say to conclude how incredible my flights were in Singapore Airlines economy class I have never in my life found an economy class product that is this close to perfect the seat seriously competes with extra legroom economy on US carriers or is even closer to Premium Economy on some airlines the service is impeccable truly business class level I asked for ear plugs when I boarded the flight and the flight attendant said they bring it to me after the meal when I was going to bed sure enough an hour later right when the meal was done they remembered to bring them talk about amazing the entertainment system was also fantastic the meal was fantastic everything was truly five-star so honestly I cannot recommend Singapore Airlines economy-class enough so as always thank you so much for watching guys I hope you find this video helpful for making future decisions also make sure to stay tuned for my three-fifty versus 787 video to see how the aircraft compare and until I see you all next time fly safe you

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  2. I am an Australia but I lived in Singapore from 2004-2010. I was a kid there but we always took Singapore Airlines flying back to Australia for holidays. Best airline by far, staff are so polite and in flight entertainment is great. I am back in Australia now and still take Singapore Airlines a lot. I need to go back before I finish school.

  3. Have you ever tried Japan Airlines economy class? They have very generous seat pitch in the economy class cabin plus excellent inflight services.

  4. You should try Vistara economy they are SIA baby and they have the best economy in domestic can't wait for them to start intl operations…all vegetarians give it alike !

  5. I remember when we travel from Singapore to Germany with young children. The flight attendants all were very helpful even offered me to take my baby so I could eat peacefully. I was flying on economy back then. I donโ€™t even get this kind gesture when we travel with KLM using business class from the Netherlands to Bangkok. After that I stopped using KLM or Lufthansa.

  6. Nonstop Dan Have You Ever Try Garuda Indonesia?
    But I Agree With you Singapore Is the Best Airline

  7. I'm a Singaporean and I always take Singapore airlines when I go to other countries and btw Singapore airlines is also known as sq and Singapore airlines is the best airline last time like no. 1 but now Qatar airways had taken over some while ago but Singapore airlines is still like no. 1 although it is not and terminal 3 used to be the best terminal until they built jewel. Jewel is known to be in terminal 1 now and you can call terminal 1,2,3 and 4, t1,2,3 and 4. T1,2,3 and 4 is the short form of terminal 1,2,3 and 4

  8. 1hr 20 minute flight and you get a meal?? Woah… ive been on an american airlines flight, from new york to seattle which was 6 hours long and we got one (1) cookie lmao

  9. Feel great but little bit upset when I see a B787 Economy Class with no leg rest

  10. Is it me or he sounds like a young version of that guy from Harry Potter… Ah yes late, great actor Alan Rickman..

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